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Most Americans realize just how ignorant former FBI agent Peter Strozk truly is. First, the idiot didn’t even have enough sense to conceal hateful, politically charged text messages between himself and his lawyer lover. This should have been a sign of his total lack of common sense.

But when Strozk’s true “President Trump hating” feelings were revealed to the American public, everyone could see who Peter Strozk really was. He was a disgruntled, partisan hack, disguised as a federal law enforcement officer. He was a disgrace.

But to prove his total lack of brains, the disgraced former FBI agent made a guest appearance on “Marxist News,” aka: MSNBC. Strozk not only hates President Trump and every patriotic American who supports him, he hates America.

Fellow Marxist, Nicolle Wallace, was asking Strozk and fellow America hater, crooked attorney Andrew Weissmann, questions. The underlying topic involved feelings about the upcoming midterm elections. However, in perfect liberal leftist form, the parrots couldn’t stick to the subjects that matter.

Instead of discussing important issues such as inflation, the crisis at the U.S. southern border, or rampant crime in U.S. cities, these clowns jumped right to January 6. January 6 is something that most Americans couldn’t care less about.

Most understand it wasn’t anything close to the way Democrats have described it as being. It was a massive protest that turned chaotic. However, how the chaos started is highly debatable. But that didn’t stop Strozk from using January 6 to bludgeon conservatives.

In fact, this idiot had the nerve to compare the chaos of January 6, 2021, to the horrific terror attacks on September 11, 2001. Is this man serious? Actually, Strozk went beyond simply comparing the two vastly different events. He said January 6 was worse.

Wallace started the ball rolling by calling January 6, “the deadliest attack on the U.S. capital in history.” She proved beyond a reasonable doubt what many have said for some time. Nicolle Wallace and most of the partisan hacks working at MSNBC are brain-dead.

These leftist parrots still insist that Hunter Biden’s laptop isn’t real. They also started to fuel division in America, claiming that a perceived Republican red wave in the November midterms will spark a second Civil War in the U.S. Talk about trying to stoke the flames of violence.

But everyone on the MSNBC panel with Strozk and Weissmann one-upped even themselves. They had the audacity to compare the deadliest terror assault on U.S. soil to a chaotic protest. The facts aren’t even close. On September 11, 2001, nearly 3,000 Americans lost their lives.

Five people died as a result of the January 6 riots. Most of those deaths were suspicious. One was a protestor who was shot by Capitol Police. No one will talk about the circumstances surrounding Ashli Babbitt’s death. Even former police officers believe Ashli Babbitt was murdered.

As tragic as Babbitt’s death was, she did not die because of radical terrorists. Now, let’s look at two more deaths that occurred on January 6. Kevin Greeson and Benjamin Phillips, both over 50 years old and both supporters of President Trump, died of natural causes from cardiovascular disease.

It seems the moment was too much for these two men’s hearts to handle. But they did not die violently at the hands of terrorists. Another death was an accident. Roseanne Boyland, a 34-year-old who wanted to be a substance abuse counselor, apparently died by accident.

Boyland’s cause of death was ruled acute amphetamine intoxication. That leaves one remaining death on January 6 unaccounted for. But, even after much delay, the cause of death was determined for Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick.

It may come as no surprise that Sicknick also died of natural causes. In fact, Sicknick died after the January 6 events were long over. The chief medical examiner, Francisco Diaz, said that an autopsy of Sicknick found no evidence that he suffered an allergic reaction to chemical irritants as alleged.

The autopsy revealed that Sicknick died from acute brainstem and cerebellar infarcts due to acute basilar artery thrombosis. Let’s do the math. That means four out of the five deaths on January 6 were due to natural causes. One death appears to have been a murder by Capitol Police.

If it seems like a huge reach to compare nearly 3,000 deaths to five, that’s because it is. By some estimates, even more people have died from 9/11-related illnesses than died on that fateful day. To suggest that January 6, 2021, even remotely compares to September 11, 2001, is insane.

It’s not only insane, it’s disgusting. It proves two things. One, Peter Strozk is an idiot. Second, it shows that the former FBI agent is an anti-American leftist thug. Any person who could denounce the deaths of thousands of Americans is a creep.

But we all knew that, right? A quick scan of Peter Strozk’s text message records will prove this fact. Peter Strozk belongs on MSNBC. He belongs on this hate-spewing, America-hating media trash pile along with all the other anti-American, Marxist thugs.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • the democrats should know its worse, they set this up. they even murdered a female vet and got away with it. why is the real question to ask

  • Strzok, I would love a few minutes on air or just person to person to further spend some time talking. With him reading each name of people that died on 9/11 as well as everyone that died later on.

  • It’s a shame our country means so little to the Democrat Party. Unfortunately, we are country so great that even her haters refuse to leave! This moron should have been hung as a traitor to the American people!! And, thank heavens, we are NOT a democracy.

  • Democrats have nothing left but to lie! They are trying to save their own butts! If the people get pissed enough. They will be the first the people go after! These losers that lied to the people for decades ! Now have to lie in hopes the people don’t come for them. To bad for them the peoples memory is better than theirs we remember who the liars were and still are! They had better pray they don’t start a civil war! Cause Biden would slam the bunker door and leave them. Just like he left the country! WE REMEMBER WHO SAID WHAT! AND WHO THE LIARS ARE!

  • And the saddest part of all of this, nearly all of the democrat party and 95 % of the FBI agents believe every word of what Petey boy says…. that is sick!

  • Strokz should NOT be,
    In intelligence,
    Because he has none,
    It makes NO sense.
    This is the biggest problem,
    with the F. B. I.,
    What they can’t figure out,
    They just blame and LIE!!!

  • The Death penalty should be enacted for every politician who is found to be Anti-American and corrupt.
    The FIREING SQUAD or the Gallows is what is needed in order to show America We The People will not tolerate any elected official both foreign or Domestic enemy of the United States.
    Do you hear me, Rashid Talibe, Illhan Omar, Alexandria Ocossio Cortez, BARACK Hussein Obama, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Peter Strokz, Etc.

  • Well in a way it is when you consider our own government meaning the democrats have lied and did what they have to the ppl who supposedly did what they said because of there hatred for Trump.

  • The left loved 9/11 because their allies in the domain of satan attacked the country liberals hate!!!!! On the other hand, Jan 6 was patriots standing up for the nation loved by conservatives!!!!! Loving America IS NOT allowed by liberals!!!!!!!!!!



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