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Democrats want to seize our firearms. Even if some of them claim they don’t, they actually do. Anything a Democrat says shouldn’t be trusted.

They argue that they support common sense gun laws, but doing so would entail restricting access to guns to the military and law enforcement.

Furthermore, they argue that no one should have a semi-automatic rifle with a 30-round magazine. According to folks like Joe Biden and Gavin Newsom, they are only “weapons of war.” Well, I disagree, and sometimes you have a conflict on your own soil.

This just happened to a veteran homeowner in Georgia when he actually got into a shootout with burglars in his own driveway.

The man wanted to protect his wife when he saw that there were three burglars on his Ring camera. He went out there with no shirt and some flip flops and his rifle.

“My first thought was to protect my house and protect my property. I just wanted to get the intruders away,” Whitfield Smith said.

“As I keep looking at the Ring camera I noticed a young man running from the neighbor’s yard across my yard and into the street to meet up with two other gentlemen,” Smith said.

“He sprints up my driveway. I can see from the camera he’s hunched down wearing a grey hoodie, and he has a firearm in his hand. He tries to get into the BMW in the driveway. The door’s locked,” Smith added.

“I grab my rifle and I head outside,” Smith said.

The burglars fired off approximately 12 rounds toward the homeowner. Now if the Democrats get their way, the homeowner would have had only 6 bullets and probably a handgun that would require pulling the hammer back each time, while the criminals still would have had their likely illegal guns and can pour 12 rounds and then reload. Sometimes, for self-defense, you need more than just 6 rounds. Thankfully, this man was well ready.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • I’m surprised this supposed “war veteran” survived the war. Watch the video – he shot his own car at least 5-6 times. He never even came close to hitting one of the perps. I sure wouldn’t want this idiot in my neighborhood. A seasoned vet would have used the vehicle as cover and aimed and took out at least one per and maybe even disabled their car.

      And what kind of idiot leaves a gun in a vehicle overnight? If this guy was white he’d be brought up on a number of charges – failure to properly secure a firearm, shooting at fleeing perps that are “no longer considered a threat”, discharging a firearm in city limits …

  • The liberal commie Democrats could care less if ones home gets burglarized, they could car less about Chicago. If Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe and the liberal commie Democrats cared about Chicago, they would have already done something about it. They could care less about mass shootings. The liberal commie Democrats get off on mass shootings. They really aren’t interested in gun control, what they really want is gun confiscation. They want all the guns, not just the AR-15. That’s what Communists and Socialists do, seize all the guns. The AR-15 isn’t an assault rifle, that phrase was coined by the Democrats, just like McCarthyism, only McCarthy turned out to be right. The military wouldn’t be caught dead using an AR-15. While the AR-15 is a formidable weapon for one’s protection and against crime, It is also a formidable weapon for a repeat of 1776. Which is why the liberal commie Democrats want the guns. Mass shootings are the excuse for seizing the guns. The only thing standing in the way of transforming America to Obama’s Marxist/Communist America are the guns. Once they get the guns, they government id going to decide what liberties and freedoms one is entitle to, not some piece of paper called the U.S. Constitution.

    • Hence my believe that many of these “mass shootings” are being arranged or triggered by the lying Dems. It is just TOO convenient how many of these things happen EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. they are on one of their big gun-grabbing tears. I also wonder if the police milling around in the hallway at the school in Uvalde while kids were being slaughtered and screaming for help were not told to “stand down” in order to maximize the body count by some conniving Demmunist official hiding somewhere in the woodwork!

      • My feelings exactly. As they say, “With friends like these……….”
        I also found the perp’s statement to be quite interesting. He remarked, “It’s time to die,” before he started shooting. Makes me wonder. A failure of this scale and magnitude, should make the world wonder.

  • The officer who called him crazy should lose his job. Notice no mention of how long it took said officer to respond.

    • Well, you know what they say–when seconds count, the police respond in minutes. Truth is, their job is not so much to prevent crime as it is to investigate it afterward.

  • Years ago deep in SC woods hunting squirrels someone tried to take me out. I wish I had an AR-15 then! The fight lasted a few minutes and ended with the SOB running deeper into the woods. Good thing because I had used all 21 rounds in my .22 and emptied my shotgun by then! Why did it happen? Someone suggested it might have been a moonshiner shooting at me. Can never have enough ammo or firepower when the SHTF!

  • Well I Agree 100% that Democrats should not even be allowed to talk about guns of any type! None of these brainwashed idiots has a clue of what they are talking about and all failed to ever serve in the military! They are the county parasite! They think everything should be given to them! They think killing babies is just all right! How much more perverted can they get??? Oh lets not forget about them thinking child sex is okay! And all I ask is the right to rid the country of them for the exact same reason they want to kill babies ! Didn’t our farmers say they were short on fertilizer? Well we all know what the Democrat is full of. I see it as a win win for America! SAVE A BABY AND GET RID OF THE CRAP!

  • Not too funny the criminal demo party wants to take your right to defense, it will not work in their favor as too many patriots are ready to push back !



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