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Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is getting a little taste of what she deserves after violating the law. Pelosi was forced to pay a fine of $7,500 to Jorge Rojas, an Illinois resident, who filed a lawsuit alleging that Pelosi’s political campaign sent him 21 text messages in violation of the do-not-call laws, asking for donations. Rojas had initially demanded $31,500 in damages, $1,500 per violation, but later withdrew the lawsuit in February after receiving the agreed settlement.

The text messages sent by Pelosi during her fundraising campaign ahead of the 2022 elections contained unusual claims, according to the lawsuit filed by Rojas. Some of the messages included that “Republicans were fleeing the Senate,” in reference to the retirement of three Republican senators that year, that Democrats had a “one-in-a-lifetime chance” to hold the House, Senate, and White House; and that Marco Rubio was in danger of losing his Senate seat in Florida.

Despite being one of the most successful fundraisers for the Democratic party, Pelosi has often been criticized for her frequent and untimely appeals for donations. Immediately after the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, Pelosi sent out a nationwide fundraising appeal, drawing the ire of activists.

While politicians are generally exempt from the limitations of the Do Not Call Registry, political campaigns can be held liable for sending pre-recorded calls or text messages to voters who have registered with the registry. As a result, lawsuits against political campaigns concerning illegal text messages or robocalls have become more common in recent times.

Pelosi has remained silent in her official duties as a House representative of late, but expressed strong opinions regarding the indictment of President Trump by the corrupt Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for alleged financial fraud. The former Speaker stated that “No one is above the law, and everyone has the right to a trial to prove innocence. Hopefully, the former President will peacefully respect the system, which grants him that right.”


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  • It was a CIVIL lawsuit so she was not and could not have been found ”guilty.” And her campaign fund will pay that pittance.

  • Fact is that Pelosi has no more control over what the DNC does, any more than Trump having a say about what the RNC does.
    Exactly why they hire persons to run the campaigns. Both Pelosi and Trump are so called politicians not strategists that run campaigns.

    • DJT is NOT A POLITICIAN! – He is A BUSINESSMAN! And a TRUE ‘AMERICAN PATRIOT’! – Who will SAVE OUR NATION = ONCE AGAIN! Because of the RADICAL leftist / liberal/ khazarian nazi mafia! Has destroyed Our Nations ECONOMY – INFRASTRUCTURE- U.S. DOLLAR- Reputation As THE WORLD LEADER! The CRIMINALS Running our Nation AGENDA> Want TOTAL CONTROL & POWER over the MASSES!– Our Nation was Handed Over to NEFARIOUS SICK CULTISTS= After President Grants ” ACT OF 1871″<- research it YOU WILL SE THE PROOF! This is WHEN "WE THE PEOPLE " lost our Great NATION to = Rothchild's World Central Bank / Vatican/ United Kingdom!

      • And We The People will Never Ever see the end of this. The DemoCrap’s don’t care about anything but Themselves and the Communist Party.

  • She’s fine (actually her campaign is fined, and is paid out of political contributions) $7,500, when she is worth $114 MILLION!! Oh the pain!! Bahahaha!! This is such a JOKE!!

  • Big deal, that isn’t even pocket change for her. The headlines made it sound like it was real money.

  • Nancy Pelosi needs to retire, she’s an old drunk hag that has no more brain cells left to destroy.

  • Pelosi got that backwards it’s Innocent till proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, the prosecution has to prove him guilty not Trump proving his innocent, no wonder this country is so screwed up a leading member of congress doesn’t know the constitution.

    • She ! PIGGLOSI probably hasn’t ever read the CONSTITUTION alone look at it. She’s like this She doesn’t know the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A HOLE in the Ground and her A $ S !!

    • If ONLY she “has to pay the price!” She should be buying that pricey ice cream from behind bars.

  • $7,500 pay out? That is not even peanuts compared to the FORTUNE this criminal enabled through “insider trading” of stocks! They shudda made her donate one of those $25,000 fridges to the poor sap.

    These wonks go into government office as representing “We The Serfs,” and perhaps enter those offices at least only somewhat more “well off” financially than those they pretend to represent. When they have been in those offices for decades, enriching themselves on the taxpayer’s dime, they have become ‘multimillionaires,’ while making an annual six figure salary under $200K! “The American People Are NOT Stupid,” in what way?

  • Oh oh, Paul Pelosi will now have to cut back on his homosexual prostitute solicitations. But then again, he tries not to pay his male prostitutes, which led to his recent hammering. Nancy better start hanging on to some of her campaign funds to pay Paul’s male prostitutes.

  • Oh oh, Paul Pelosi will now have to cut back on his homosexual prostitute solicitations. But then again, he tries not to pay his male prostitutes, which led to his recent hammering. Nancy better start hanging on to some of her campaign funds to pay Paul’s male prostitutes.

  • This is funny. Do you know how much money people are still contributing to Trump who claims to be a millionaire? People are still supporting a guy who flew his own plane to his formal arrest. The man is a grifter! So excited to see the rape trial begin today. What a scumbag!

  • pelosi has stolen hundreds of millions from We the People!!!!! This “fine” is less than peanuts to her!!!!!!!!!!



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