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Never in the 233-year history of the United States of America has there ever been a spectacle so absurdly biased as the January 6 commission. The Nancy Pelosi-orchestrated commission is a total sham. The entire premise behind January 6 is a sham.

Democrats have leveraged a protest gone awry into a full-blown persecution of conservative Americans. As the commission prepares to close the book on its “made-for-TV” fabrication, the truth about what happened is becoming clearer.

As Republicans prepare to take back control of Capitol Hill, investigations into what really happened that fateful day will finally take place. Until then, this scam commission tries to push its single goal, slander and defame President Donald Trump.

But in their efforts to discredit the popular former president, they may have sealed their own fates. The foundations of the commission’s arguments, arguments that deny any right to rebuttal, are that President Trump is responsible for the violence.

He was not. There is evidence of President Trump encouraging his supporters to disperse peacefully. But for some strange reason, the situation erupted. The commission has ignored evidence that federal agents actually helped to incite violence.

But there clearly could have never been any violence at all. President Trump knew in advance that millions of Americans were angry. Voters watched as Democrats stole the presidential election from President Trump. They were rightfully mad.

With the level of anger in the air, President Trump wanted to take steps to ensure the protesters remained peaceful. His plan would have totally prevented protest infiltrators from inciting violence. He offered Nancy Pelosi the services of the National Guard.

Nancy Pelosi had the sole right to accept or refuse this help. She knew exactly what she was doing. Nancy Pelosi and her liberal co-conspirators didn’t want to prevent the protests from turning violent. In fact, they had strategically placed operatives to make sure it happened.

Why would Pelosi and the Democrats need to lie about this? What motivation could Democrats have for preventing the National Guard from securing the Capitol? The presence of troops would have essentially guaranteed that the violence would never have happened.

Why did the upper leadership of the Democrat Party want violence? By offering thousands of National Guard troops, President Trump clearly did not want violence. Knowing this fact says everything about the Democrats’ insistence that President Trump is somehow responsible.

The President of the United States offered the necessary preventive measures against any potential violence. Nancy Pelosi flat out rejected his offer. It was refused because violence was the plan all along. That’s why Nancy Pelosi refused the help. She is directly responsible.

She and her radical liberals didn’t want to hinder the violence. They wanted to create a spectacle that they could use as a weapon against President Trump. But voters have a weapon as well. Patriotic Americans must use the weapon of their vote.

We are in a fight to save our great nation. If we do not take back our country through our democratic right to elect our leaders, Americans will be forced to fight a far more dangerous type of battle to save democracy. There is no room for error. Every vote must count.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • January 6th was not the first time the democrats and their leftist allies incited violence and blamed the president. They did it in Charlottesville, inspiring a 50 year political hack to run for president, the RNC ceremonies at the whitehouse and many of Trump’s campaign rallies. They had already practiced the exact same thing for years.

    • The “White Supremacists” in Charlottesville, were flown in from Ukraine, by Andrew McCabe, on the FBI Plane, and returned, the same way. AVOV Battalion Nazis. That was probably, to pay back to HRC, the $800,000, that was paid to McCabe`s wife for her “Campaign” Was laundered through Terry McCauliffe

    • We can only hope she/they will all be exposed finally. It doesn’t do any good if only half the country believes in Donald Trump. This information has to be seen by the whole country, so President Trump is vindicated, and the protestors are as well. It is vital the Democrats are revealed for their lies and defamation, how far they went to “frame” the president, so he would never run again for the presidency or any other office. The 2020 election was an elaborate formed plot to steal the presidency, which they accomplished, to the massive harm they’ve caused the country. We are on the brink of economic collapse and the possibility of another world war. These anti-American members of Congress are traitors to the people, the Constitution and their oaths, as well as the foreign actor they paid to accomplish the phony dossier.
      From corrupting and weaponizing our intelligence agencies to tap the phones during the campaign, to the final insult of invading his home and privacy, and taking documents that were legally taken and put into a locked room, as proscribed. The world has watched and our enemies are rejoicing.

  • Pelosi should share the same cell as Hillary, “The Wiper/Smasher”/ Perhaps they can trade long tales until they need to be transferred to another cell because it got higher and higher in their cell. Two of the most evil women in the history of the United States.

    • Personally, I do NOT want them in cells, nor any of their co-conspiritors; they should all be stood in front of a firing squad – – that IS the penalty for treason and always has been. The other option is hanging, but lead poisoning is far more positive a result.

      • NO! Load them on a “Prison Ship” take it out to the Continental shelf, Lock it down, and scuttle it, with them in it

        • Bowser also rejected NG troops for DC that day, making it plain the left was, as usual, in lockstep about their agenda.

          • Mayor Bowser and Nancy Piglosi certainly share in the blame for rejecting Trump’s pre Jan 6 offer of 10,000 to 20,000 National Guardsmen. Twitter is also to blame for taking down DJT’s Jan 6 tweet. Nancy also rejected Republican members to the Jan 6 commission; AND, only allowed biased testimony … for example, not questioning Secret Service members who were ACTUALLY in the POTUS limo that day.

      • I prefer the rope which can be adjusted so that there is no drop to break a neck, just let the floor drop and the noose tightens around their neck while they dangle fully aware of what his happening as they slowly die of suffocation at the end of a rope swinging in the wind. Both of these ugly arced women are crazier than as a hoot owl,

  • Old Democrat PLAYBOOK…..Set them up and make it appear that the opposition was responsible for the crime we fabricated and encouraged. Similar to what Putin does in Ukraine….

  • Pelosi has had so many lies as well as other congressmen have and nothing ever happens to them. The only thing the Democrats want to do is put Trump in jail. Meanwhile the homeless situation is worse, people are going broke with high prices on everything and the only thing these politicians worry about is Trump and giving more of our tax money to Ukraine, forgiving student loans that our taxes paid for ( I had to pay for mine) and money for the illegals, With open borders . and etc. etc. There should be term limits on these people .


  • The reality is simple: We waited too long! Our forefathers gave us te remedy clearly outlined in the Constitution. The Democratic process has been ruined by traitors and it is time to take THEM to task! Because of the Democrats hijacking of our system, simply voting is no longer our remedy. We have seen this in the 2020 election. If anyone thinks voting will change things back, they are foolish!

    • I am gravely concerned for the state of our great union. Hillary Clinton posted a fund-raising video recently, I have this video in which she states, and I quote,

      “Right-wing extremists already have a plan to literally steal the next presidential election. And they’re not making a secret of it. The right-wing controlled supreme court may be poised to rule on giving state legislatures, yes you heard me that correctly, state legislatures the power to overturn presidential elections. Just think, if that happens the 2024 presidential election, could be decided, not by the popular vote, or even the anachronistic electoral college, but by state legislatures, many of them republican controlled. But there is also good news in the face of this very real threat to democracy. Indivisible has launched ‘Crush the coop’ to make sure we are ready to defend democracy in 2024. They’ve put together a list of critical races in six key states, and how you can get involved. Will you support ‘Crush the coop’ by donating to Indivisible and state legislature candidates? Each of these races is highly competitive and your dollars could very well decide the winners, and the winner of the next presidential election. This could not be more important or more urgent.”

      • Do you realize what the “anachronistic electoral college” was set up to do? It was set up to prevent the large cities like LA, Chicago, New York and Atlanta from running the country by only allowing a specific number of votes from each representative State. Illinois is a State run by Chicago and has to support the corruption in the Loony Cartoon Mayor run city. LA is a sprawling complex of intricate cesspool like individuals with bundles of cash to buy almost anything. New York, well that is such a ball of rubber bands it cannot be described. Do you really want to allow those major cities to make all the laws, levy all the taxes, impose their rule upon those that choose NOT to live within their confines?

    • It’s been in our faces since’10, at least, with the Dienoldt machines, then the Dominion machines, ballot harvesting, illegal voting, etc, KNOWN, & virtually nothing done about it… A flunky here or there tossed under the bus, but nothing substantial!

  • That Nazi Pig, Pelosi, PLANNED this all, with assistance from her Gestapo/FBI, Capitol Police, and her “Sleeper Agents” in the Republican Party. Cheney, Kinzinger, McConnell, McCarthy, Murkowski, Romney, and other pieces of FILTH, yet to be uncovered. The also have the “Mockingbird Media”/MSM/ Democrat Propagandists, to push the LIES required by The Nazi Party/Democrats

  • Nutty Nancy has told so many lies that she thinks they’re true. Pathetic Pelosi only helps her rich partners in crime, she has done nothing for our country’s citizens. Go take a long, long nap after eating your expensive ice cream. You are the Worst Speaker ever!

    • Don’t forget all her illegal insider trading that gained her a whopping $220,000,000. 00 profit over just the last decade. That should all be confisgated and put in the General fund after she is convicted which I hope comes soon.

  • This never should have happened!
    Traitors need to be held accountable!
    The murder in cold blood of our sister will be brought to justest!

  • If the republican congress does nothing about the Democrats fake comity! They will do it again and the republicans will be gone the next election as the people won’t keep spineless idiots around that do nothing! Those in the FBI that kept evidence secret need to be prosecuted and jailed! Same with the leaders of the corrupt media need to lose their license! And face huge fines! At the very least there had better be some jail time And a few impeachments for the boarder alone! Maybe make them pay for illegals with their money!

  • Vote ALL Republican in Nov. so a Republican House and Senate can start a REAL investigation about boozer Pelosi and her hand in the jan.6th gig .

  • The legacy of Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi has been cemented by three major events, all related. First is the absolute disrespect for America in ripping up the State of the Union address in 2020. Second was the falsely contrived and obviously not-to-be-successful impeachments. Third was the completely biased political show called the J6 committee which had at no time any direction toward actually gleaning information, only putting on a political show. These stupid political tricks have contributed to likely huge Republican gains in the 2022 election and the end of Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi as Speaker of the House. No more Mafia running the US!

  • It will be the same as 2020 & our votes will not count. It will take ……………….. to stop the rotten DEMON’s….

    The plan has been to stop any Republican votes in the future of our country, so the Demon’s can continue to destroy America.

  • You all do realize that there will most likely be no midterm elections. The DOJ and the FBI are very good at keeping evidence secret and only bringing it out in the open when it serves no purpose, is too old to use or is needed for their purposes. In this case the October suprise is election tampering caused by infiltration of our election system by the Chinese government. The FBI and the DOJ have known about this for years. In fact my have used chi a to get Democrats elected. This is what the Democrats needed to cancel the midterms or to invalidate the election…

  • All True. But one day they will still stand before the Lord and give answer. They are not above that. Sorry to say, here on earth they are above that, because we do nothing about it. And at the same time, Trump was President, and he had all the authority to do what was necessary to put the National Guard in place. Pelosi was not the president, Trump was. Having said all this. We need to get rid of the evil!!! Vote them out, unless they steal it again.

    • sorry you have that wrong,,, seperation of powers does not give the President the right or power to impose the national guard on congress,,, in other words only the speaker is allowed to say how the capital is defended,,, not the President!!! so the president can suggest the capital be defended by the national guard but ONLY the speaker who is responsible for the capitals security can say OK BRING IN THE NATIONAL GUARD,,,,SEPERATION OF POWERS MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE PRESIDENT TO IMPOSE ALL HIS POWER ON THE CAPITAL,,,, UNLESS HE DECLARES NATIONAL EMERGENCY OR MARTIAL LAW !!!

  • If the Republicans take office, I only hope along with millions of other people, that they have the courage to fire all the people involved who sought to slander and persecute the president. From bureaucrats to elected officials. If the government isn’t purged of these traitors, they will rise again, because they will never stop their infiltration with the desire for more power and bring down this country. George Soros and his cohorts, should seriously have their citizenship voided and deported anywhere else in the world. Big Tech should also be addressed and dealt with for their cooperation in trying to destroy Donald Trump.

  • why don’t anyone investigate how the money being spent trying to get Trump out of the way is used. the fbi spent 1 millon for one to find anything to use against Trump. who’s money was used for that. they must really want Trump gone in order to spend that kind of money. no one seems to care cause no one is looking into this. that money would help fix things in the country but was used for the corruption of the democrat party for control. there’s the real corruption .

  • Every American should read this and know the truth before our elections. And if there is complete evidence of this, Nancy Pelosi should arrested and everyone on the committee especially Liz Cheney and made an example of what happens when things like this is done.

  • Pelosi is totally to blame for the jan 6 sham. She is the agressor against American, not 45. feds incited by this EVIL woman to disturb the peacefull crowd.! She wanted this to happen. She planned it all along.!

  • I see some similarities between the commission and the Joseph Mccarthy Committee on Unamerican Activities. in the ’50’s. Except the communist’s are the ones running this committee

  • This is so unnerving that the Speaker of the House in this country would do such an unforgivable act. She should be on trial, and this should be at least a 20 year imprisonment charge. Evil has surely taken over the democratic party, and they have to be held accountable now.

  • The Republicans must throughly examine the Shooting of an Unarmed White Female Veteran that was KILLED by a BLACK Capitol Cop for No Apparent Reason. Looks like a HATE CRIME?
    I believe another White woman was killed by these so-called Police Officers also! WTF?
    This whole J6 Protest looks a lot like the kind of event the NAZIs Staged to falsely accuse their enemies of crimes they did NOT Commit! Heads need to Roll!

  • Answers Surface As To Why Democrats Lied About Trump’s National Guard Offer… NO, speculation as To why Democrats lied. I hate it when sites put out these titles to get hits as if they really have answers. I agree with the speculation of this article but that is all it is, speculation. Don’t title something like it is finally the news we’ve been waiting for all along.

  • For those who believe the truth behind the Jan 6 demonstration will eventually come out I would like to remind you of the Fast and Furious debacle, the Benghasi ambush, the Rusian Colusion, the Ruby Ridge Shame, Seth Rich’s execution and JFK’s assination. The only things the deep state have not corrupted are the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the SCOTUS, all three of which they are desperately trying to destroy.

  • When and if they Republicans do take the House and Senate, I would assume that a whole new “Honest” January 6th commission will take over an the real truth will be exposed and show who actually planned and executed the Violent actions. It will show who was involved and who refused to stop it for political reasons. All fingers right now point at Nancy Pelosi due to her refusal to and over her communications, directing her staff not to divulge anything, creating a “false flag” highly bias and directed commission of individuals who have been corrupted Democratic Politicians for decades to harass witnesses, charge them with stupid stuff, imprison people for exercising their Constitutional Rights, and of course lets not forget the people who were at the January 6th event who ended up in Prison, being beat, denied medical care and medicine, kept in solitary confinement, refused legal consul, and much more that our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our Magna Carta spells out very clearly. Nancy Pelosi has directed the treatment of these people to be worse than that of a murder, an international spy, or drug king pin would ever receive. In other words, Nancy Pelosi has directed the people under her to act like a Mob such as Al Capone or Teflon Don had feeling she is immune from prosecution. I have news for her, her time is about up and may only be days longer, and after that there will be a new Sheriff in Town, and its not Trump, which will burn her arce for her crimes against the Constitution, Crimes against Humanity, lying under oath, Corruption, Abuse of Power, and much more.

  • “Like any ideology based upon a lie, it fails to sustain in a confrontation with hard reality.” “Socialism is a philosophy of Failure, the creed of Ignorance and the gospel of Envy, it’s inherent virtue is the equal sharing of Misery.” Winston Churchill.

  • It still amazes me as to how such abuse of power and acknowledged hatred for President Donald Trump and his supporters can exist without legal challenge. Changes must be made to end all abuse of power. Until that happens, We, the People will be subjected to the whims of a corrupt, tyrannical or oppressive government without Constitutional protection.

    All news must be fact based and provable. Accusations made publicly by a member of Congress (as has happened for the last six years) must be fact based and provable.

  • Bowser also rejected NG troops for DC that day, making it plain the left was, as usual, in lockstep about their agenda.

  • Nancy Pelosi & Schumer have had from the beginning a hateful attitude towards President Trump. Their first meeting in the WH showed it all, total disrespect for the new President.
    As Trump’s Presidency progressed these two actors did all in their power to sabotage his Presidency, I guess they worked under the order of the FBI!
    Nancy and Schumer should pay for their crime against this Nation by working against a legally elected President as well as their outrage against the Conservative Justices which they reused to protect from the mad crowd that they supported.

  • The Democrats been telling the same lie since 1949! But they always seem to find a new batch of suckers ready to swallow any turd they are tossed! And so it is with this bunch! And even after proven all the thing the Democrats did! They won’t believe it! So if they are not punished with real jail time they will just do it again! And the government involved in the drug trafficking’s! Ned to be shot! No jail just shot to let the rest not caught it can and will happen to them! And they were just doing their job is no excuse for the millions they killed with their drugs!

  • We already knew that Pelosi, Bowser, FBI,. CP etc. were involved. They contacted Antifa to dress like DT supporters and cause violence. NOW, get the prisoners released and let the lawsuits fly!!!!

  • Thank you for this very informative article. It is written very clearly and honestly and I wish every American will read it and understand the truth of what happened and exactly who is responsible for what happened and that it was not President Trump. I agree I heard him say very clearly “ go peacefully”.




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