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Have you seen “The Watcher” series on Netflix yet? I watched it recently because I’m a lover of scary shows and movies and thought that it would be good. It was interesting to say the least, especially since it’s based on a true story.

The new owners of the New Jersey home that was featured in the Netflix documentary series “The Watcher” have had 58 visits from police since buying the home from the Broaddus family in 2019.

In May 2014, the Broadduses bought the home for $1.35 million after it had been on the market for years. The family only lived there for a short time before they began receiving letters from someone who called themselves “The Watcher.”

The letters were creepy and detailed, leading the family to believe that someone was watching them and their children. The family eventually abandoned the home and sued the previous owner, claiming he failed to disclose that the home was “the subject of someone’s obsession.”

According to the New York Post,

Andrew and Allison Carr purchased the home at a significant discount for $959,000 from Derek and Maria Broaddus, records show.

Once the Broadduses said goodbye to their dream-turned-nightmare house, following a series of menacing and threatening letters from someone who signed their name as “The Watcher,” many wondered if the newest owners would deal with the same chilling fate.

In October 2021, Westfield Police told The Post there have not been any threatening communications since the new owners took over the home.

However, newly revealed police records exclusively obtained by The Post show several instances when police visited the home, including two incidents concerning burglaries from the home’s basement.

Does this sound familiar?

The first call came just days after they moved in, when they reported that someone had tried to break into their car. Other calls included reports of suspicious people loitering near the property and cars driving by slowly.

In one instance, police were called after the homeowners found a dead deer on their property. It’s unclear if any of these incidents are connected to “The Watcher” or if they are simply unrelated crimes that occur in any neighborhood.

While it’s uncertain if any of these incidents are connected to “The Watcher,” it’s clear that the new owners are not taking any chances. If you’re considering buying a home with a dark past, be sure to do your research first!


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