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There are a few points that I’ve been emphasizing all throughout my articles.

First off, President Trump was undoubtedly one of our nation’s greatest presidents. Even though he did a lot of good for this country, I think it’s unfortunate that the Democrats loathed him and actively opposed him because if it weren’t for them, he could have accomplished much more.

Instead of waiting until we lost the House to try to accomplish things like secure funding for the border wall, I believe Republicans should have been more prudent about what they did while we held a majority in Congress.

Second, as I’ve already said, I don’t believe President Trump will be the Republican nominee in 2024. He had a decent chance, but now, I believe his support has dwindled, and I no longer believe he would be the best option. If President Trump were the nominee, I believe it’s possible that we would lose the election.

I hate that this is the case, but let me explain one big reason why. I think that with the FBI finding classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, this was the nail in the coffin. The majority of Americans do not like this and do not believe that he should have taken these documents to Mar-a-Lago.

But there are some other signs as well that our beloved president is losing support. We’ve all seen the rallies that President Trump holds. He can fill stadiums like no other. But the crowds are growing thinner now.

On top of that, polls are showing that he is now at his lowest approval rating since leaving office. An NBC poll found that a mere 34% of people who were surveyed views him positively while 54% viewed him negatively.

I hate to say it, but I am not sure we’ll see President Trump win again.

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Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • First let me explain something to you. This is NOT truth. Americans KNOW this has all been put together by media and by planning to destroy this nations best. Cheating, lying, planting things that are not true, to further push evil on America. Democrats are 100% evil and we all know what must be done to evil to stop it. I know the “crowd” you showed was too big for Biden and not truthful for President Trump. So stop the foolishness .

  • What are you smoking, Daniel? Presidential historians have already labeled Trump as the third-worst POTUS in our country’s history. I’m fairly certain Trump will ultimately secure the number one worst ranking, since no other POTUS has committed treason against our nation. Just sayin’.

    • Poor little J.O.
      I guess you haven’t been reading anything besides G.Q. Fagazine. Take your stumbling, bumbling Hitler wannabe and get some sleep. PERMANTLY!

    • Please provide us with your source that proves President Trump committed treason against our nation. I have not heard or seen anything that proves this. I will be waiting.

      Wake up fool. Biden is the worst president in my lifetime of 80 years. Before this, it was Jimmy Carter, but Biden now takes the position. If you like Biden’s communist policies, please move to China or Venezuela. Either one would be glad to have you.

    • Back under your rock please, John!

      The worst president was jimmy carter! Then we were blessed with that chicago muslim O’vommit!

      Trump doesn’t even come close to the worst President!

      Did you enjoy paying less than $2 per gallon for fuel?? Less for your groceries?? Trump was responsible for that! Now, you have High Fuel prices all over the country, High Food Costs! And you want to blame Trump for that??

      YUP, back under your ROCK please!

      • Jeff… you’re spot on with one quibble… Woodrow Wilson was the worst President in history. Woodie was the first “progressive” President… and he illicitly declared the 16th (income tax) and 17th (popular election of Senators) amendments to be “ratified” when they were not. Some ratifications included changes to the wording, but those cannot be counted because the ratification process is not open to altering a proposed amendment… yet his administration allowed such changes, implying they would be incorporated).

        Senators represent State governments and should be selected as originally prescribed… by the State Legislatures (even Governors have no say). The People have their branch of Congress in the House. No reason for People to elect Senators to represent their State government.

    • Your “Just sayin'” amounts to an admission of imbecility. You cannot cite a single act of “treason”, yet you prattle the DNC talking point.

      The majority of people are much smarter than Democrats.

      A President has the ultimate authority to declassify anything he believes should not be classified. When a President removes documents to a private, non-secure location, those documents become declassified automatically.

      When a non-President (who thinks she IS President) uses a private non-secure email server to traffic in highly sensitive classified documents, she is committing high treason against the USA.

      Trump’s popularity grows every time Democrats pull their dirty tricks (e.g., the irresponsible Mar-a-Lago raid).

    • Hardly.
      Facts show Mr. Trump was one of the best.
      You simply do not know the difference between evil and goodness. Check out your heart someday.

  • Who is dumb enough to think Trump is losing support? I mean even the Democrats here are going to vote for him! The people are not dumb enough to vote Democrat after the screwing Democrats gave them! Granted there are plenty of dumb Americans! But they are not crazy and insane. That would be like buy your own cliff to jump off!

  • Likely taken long before the rally had started. A friend of mine was there and said it was massive. I’d believe a friend long before I would any media outlet. Nice try

  • Democrats claim the poles are changing? That mean they will try to steal again! But this time there will be no asking if we can check! I am sure they know that and it would be their butt!

  • That could mean the people are just done talking and may just go to action! Not a good position for Democrats! When the people got fed up last time we had a civil war! And they could end up wearing a voting machine where the sun don’t shine! Then they will wonder how it happened to them!

  • This article is a true Falsehood! More Left Propaganda doing your best to turn the tide! Think this BS about him taking classified docs to MarALogo is such crap that it makes me want to puke! I Do Not Believe that Americans are Stupid Like You Dems think they are! Your article is a Vile Piece of Shit! ????

  • You are wrong it has nothing to do with not supporting Trump, the EVIL DEMS are stealing all of our income and one day soon they are going to find out what is going to happen to them. God is watching them and isn’t pleased. They have sold their souls to the devil.

  • I would love the Trump DeSantis ticket. The one mistake Trump made while in office, was trusting the wrong people. Many were proven to be RINOS. I call them Trojan Horses. They pretended to be Republicans but once elected they sided with the Democrats on bills that made things worse for the American people. As a native New Yorker myself, Trumps rhetoric that bothered some overly sensitive folks never bothered me. His tweets were merely a way of speaking out to the American people. They criticized him for not being a “career politician.” Time people realized that our government is a business. Deals are made constantly. Trump brokered a peace treaty for Israel something no other POTUS could do. Trump stood with our allies unlike the POTUS we now have in office is too afraid to stand up. The Democrats have greatly raised the debt of our country for all you liberals who accused Trump of doing that when he was in office who were so worried about leaving our children with this debt. It’s far worse now. Let’s go into how Biden lies to the American people, and he actually thinks we are stupid enough to believe those lies. Look at his view about the crisis at our border. He’s done nothing to resolve it nor has that waste of breath Harris. Look at the price you’re paying for gas and food. Interest rates are going up. Inflation is at a 40 year high and yet Biden says we’re all doing better but “we just don’t know how to be happy.” Wake up and let’s take our country back.

    • You made way too much sense backed up by historical factual accomplishments. Democrat’s will bring us all down and then when it’s past the point of no return (one more stolen election will do it) the’ll blame us for not stopping it.

  • Bulls***.!! I don’t see President Trump losing any support, who actually believes the Communist Democrats and Rinos and the most corrupt law enforcement (FBI) are legitimate and truthful on what they have done to one single President in History.!
    Are they considering that they let Hitlery, and Biden’s corruption and Treason of the United States were legal.?
    What about Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s dealings with China.? Are they saying Americans are ok with that.?
    What about that Communist divider and Anti-American, Anti-Police Barack Hussein Obama, and all the treasonous acts against America.?
    I just don’t think Americans are that stupid, well maybe only the ones who are indoctrinated and listen to MSNBC AND CNN.!

  • I voted for Donald Trump twice. I believe the best job for him would be Speaker of The House. If the Republicans take control of the House, they should install Trump as the Speaker. From what I’ve seen with Nancy Pelosi, she has more power than the President. Just think, if Trump is Speaker of the House, Biden and Harris are both toast! After that, next in line for President is the Speaker of the House when Biden and Harris are impeached. A Speaker of the House does not have to be elected by their district. According to the Constitution, anyone can be the Speaker of the House.
    I know, Republicans are not that smart to appoint Trump as the Speaker.

  • The FBI did not “find classified documents at Mar-a-Lago”… as you claim.

    The very act of the President removing classified documents to an unclassified setting amounts to the declassification of the information. This is true even if in the case where the classified material is revealed unintentionally (as when Biden publicly blabbed things about a classified operation).

    When Trump left office, any documents he took for his own use (e.g., that contained proof of wrongdoing by those working against him when he was in office) were automatically declassified. Whether or not they retained original classification covers is irrelevant. He may have left covers on to identify the original classification.

    The President has absolute authority to declassify information as head of the Executive Branch where original classification is created. There is no process to review a President’s decision to declassify.

    Trump was President when the documents were removed to Mar-a-Lago.

    Therefore. the documents have been declassified ever since their removal during the final days of Trump’s first term.

    Such articles based on lack of knowledge do nothing to help this nation.

    If Trump wants to be President, he will run.

    If he chooses to run, he will win.

  • Unless I have missed something, I haven’t seen anyone prove that any of the documents taken in the Mar-a-Lago raid, have actually been proven to be classified documents!
    I have lost a lot of respect for your writing Daniel, because you seem to have lost your bearings on what is and what isn’t.

  • Daniel How much were you paid by DemocRATS to write that crap? And you think you can fool Trump Supporters and others like me who will vote for Republicans first time. TRUMP 2024 Daniel You want to lay bet with me?

  • President Trump losing support ? That would be another liberal party, media and freak JOKE. The liberals just don’t understand that it’s not just President Trump but what he stands for and his steadfast honesty and integrity. If he runs again, he will win. The last election was a farce and they will not happen again.



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