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WOW! For Joe Biden, things are definitely starting to turn for the worse. In light of the fact that the old kook can hardly function on his own, many Democrats now recognize that they have made a serious mistake in electing Joe Biden as president.

According to polls, the majority of Americans—including Democrats—do not want Biden to run for office again in 2024. In fact, two Democrats currently serving in Congress have publicly said that they oppose his candidacy.

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) and Rep. Angie Craig’s (D-MN) public calls for a replacement of the president make them the most high profile federally-elected Democrats to voice opposition to another Biden term, Axios reported Tuesday evening.

“I think the country would be well served by a new generation of compelling, well-prepared, dynamic Democrats who step up,” Phillips said on a local radio show last week.

Asked if he would support Biden in 2024, he responded, “No.”

“I think Dean Phillips and I are in lockstep and alignment with that, and I’m going to do everything in my power as a member of Congress to make sure that we have a new generation of leadership,” Craig told MinnPost on Tuesday.

More people are against Joe Biden running again than they are of President Trump running again. As much as I love President Trump, I’ve started wondering if we elected someone else who is less controversial, whether or not things would calm down a little bit.

During President Trump’s time in office, people were so brainwashed by the hatred that the Democrats in Congress expressed that they couldn’t even think straight and that’s when a lot of the liberal violence started to pick up. Then, under Joe Biden, the economy is terrible and so people are still committing crimes because they’re trying to get by in life as well as still being brainwashed by the rhetoric from the left.

So, even though I wouldn’t want someone like Mike Pence as president, I just wonder what it would do to the country as a whole. Would it unify? Would it divide further? Is there any coming back from where we’ve fallen now?

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Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • When a candidate has an (R) trailing their name, it doesn’t matter who that person is. They are to always be treated with extreme prejudice.
    This is not my mindset. Simply, what I have observed for more than two passing scores of political activities during my own lifetime.

    There will always be some select groups of people who have been brainwashed since the cradle stage to go after the windpipes of Christian, conservative, Republican or sexually straight political candidates/politicians.
    Those people had to have been brainwashed by such an influx of infiltrators that knew exactly what areas to target for such an operation to succeed.

    So the question becomes: Do you believe all of this is still just Alex Jones conspiracy theories because eventually, honest elections conducted will right this ship?

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  • Biden should be removed, Ya’ think.! What took the Dumb-ass-crats so long to figure that out.? While their at it remove the cackling know nothing idiot HARRIS and the drunk insider trading B**** Piglosi. I’m totally sick of all those Communist Democrats.

    • Believing that demonrats will remove the top 3 in line for president is just a wet dream. Democrats do not want Nutty Nancy or the dumb bitch Harris so we are stuck with the puppet in chief Bimbo Biden. We can limit the damage by voting in America First Candidates in November. Then we also need to fight every single thing he does in court. Then we will be able to save the country and put President Trump back in to fix everything that Bimbo Biden has destroyed.

      • The pence stench of “traitor”also proves his hypocritical religious ties are lies ! The stench of joe’s deceitful, illegal 3rd term with bo and rice has now ruined U.S. Security and destroyed Freedom, Rights, Liberty and National Security !These acts of “stupid is as stupid does”, proves dems and rinos do not belong in U.S. Government or even in U.S.A. ! All dems & rinos are treason laden enemies within U.S.A. to remove !

  • It would not matter what republican would be president. The thing is most people would not have survived what they did to President Trump. We need President Trump to come back and get this country turned around quickly. Only President Trump has what it takes to do what needs to be done while being attacked 24/7 Then we will need someone else that is strong enough to keep it going in the right direction. Who that may be I don’t know maybe uncle Ron if the great state of Florida will let him go. We may have someone else rise up like President Donald J Trump did in 2015. We will have to wait and see but we must put President Trump in in the 2024 election.

  • Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe won’t be the POTUS in 2024. If this incompetent corrupt old fart politician with one foot in the grave runs, Corrupt Quid Pro is going to find himself in a primary. America has had enough of Corrupt Quid Pro’s incompetence. America can’t afford another year of Corrupt Quid Pro, let alone this imbecile becoming POTUS in 2024. Not going to happen Joe. Corrupt Quid Pro is too stupid to realize, Corrupt Quid Pro could get gas down to .50 cents a gallon and the voters are still not going to vote for Corrupt Quid Pro and the liberal commie Democrats. Corrupt Quid Pro should take all the credit he didn’t honestly earn. America is in a bind. Corrupt Quid Pro caused all these problems in the first place, from the Southern Border, massive inflation, defunding the police, killing big oil, so why does this complete a–h–e thinks he deserves a 2nd term?

  • Did you know that the Mike Pence you see today is not Joe Pence. The real Joe Pence was executed several years ago for crimes against humanity and Pedophilia? Yes, you read that right. Research it. It is out there.

  • The damocraps have declared war on America and American citizens by going woke (go broke). They are responsible for stealing the election and this mess of an economy.
    Biden is a liar, thief, and a wanabe dictator pos, old school politician who has NEVER worked a day in his life but knows how to RAISE taxes on the poor. You have gone too far left (socialist/communist) for Americans to want to vote for. You did this to your selves. I propose that we the people dismantle the democratic party for good.

    • You have a point…unproved, but a lot of us have known that from early in Biden’s presidency. Obama and his spouse have divided this country to the point of no return if the democrats get back in. With the FBI, DOJ and the Media on their side it is a distinct possibility, We are so screwed. GOD HELP US!


  • Pence is a RINO. I wouldn’t give him a thought for the office, he can go back to wence he came. He threw My President under the bus with his vote to impeach, in done with him and all the Rinos like him.. TRUMP 2024!!! He’s already been elected!!

  • ’bout time some Demoncrat’s wake up and realize following stupid Joe will lead to destruction of the Demoncrats chances for a generation. Stupid Joe has already done irreparable damage to the couy Idiot Joe has seriously diminished the USA reputation and ability to influence and change international issues and conflicts

  • No, Daniel, it wouldn’t and neverndid matter WHO the republican or conservative was…..these communist fascist clowns would always do all they could to railroad and committ voter fraud against him. If you noticed over the years, all the republican RINO’s they loved, McCain, Romney, etc., because they were on the dems side, were quickly hated when they ran for any office.

  • The democrats have totally destroyed our country and now they are sorry for putting Biden in office . Cry me a river morons. The democratic party has failed our country for many years and most are nothing but crooks.



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