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Joe Biden is a public embarrassment every time he steps to a podium. As well, his befuddled policies have crippled the American economy. Biden has allowed our country to be overwhelmed by illegal migrants.

He has failed at everything he has done. But now his ineffective leadership has put the world on the doorstep of a catastrophe. Joe Biden’s destructive energy policies helped to trigger Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Beyond handing weapons to an army of mostly civilians that will still be over-matched, Biden refuses to do the one thing that would help the situation the most. Beholden to his Green New Deal climate quacks, Biden refuses to open America’s wealth of energy supplies.

By encouraging America to retake its rightful place as the world’s leading producer of oil and gas, Biden could essentially strangle Vladimir Putin financially. Russia’s economy is not just heavily supported by the energy industry; it will collapse without it.

We’re not talking about day-to-day inconveniences created by a bunch of half-hearted sanctions. A total assault on Russia’s energy profits would essentially bankrupt the country and starve it financially. Many experts predict this would take only a few short months, if not weeks.

But Joe Biden won’t do it because he’s afraid of alienating the radical liberal left within his party. Biden has no spine. He needs to grow one fast, before the world becomes embroiled in a global conflict. There are many things the United States could be doing to help.

Nevertheless, Joe Biden has failed to lead the world when the world needs a leader the most. Even on the exercising of sanctions on Russia, Biden’s ineptitude had the U.S. playing catch up to our European allies.

The valiant President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, came to America to plead with the United States for more help. Nothing like this has happened since Winston Churchill arrived on U.S. soil in the early 1940s.

Zelenskyy pleaded with all members of the United States Congress to come to his beleaguered country’s aid. In a riveting speech on Capitol Hill, Zelenskyy begged the U.S. for more help. He challenged Joe Biden. Zelenskyy made a call for Biden to stand for American values.

In a powerful message to Congress, Zelenskyy said, “You are the leader of the nation. I wish you to be the leader of the world.” But that is the problem. Joe Biden isn’t competent enough to be the leader of the United States, or any country.

He is a failing puppet president. But now a feeble old man is being asked to rise to a challenge that he is unable to meet, and will not be able to meet. As pitiful as it sounds, President Zelenskyy would do well to look elsewhere for a leader with the courage to stand up to Vladimir Putin.

The problem is that the United States of America may be the only power in the free world strong enough to step forward. But Joe Biden is more than just a look-a-like for Jeff Dunham’s feckless old-man mannequin named “Walter”.

Joe Biden is a puppet. He’s a fabrication of the radical liberal left. All they wanted was a puppet leader who would follow orders and do as he was told. However, they got more than they bargained for. A ruthless dictator has called their bluff.

The world is in chaos, and we have a backboneless clown trying to prevent World War III. Maybe Biden should have been watching a real president, all the while taking notes. But guarantee it, “Uncle Joe” will give away our money but do nothing that really helps Ukraine.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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