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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may have been elected into Congress and won her election on two separate occasions, but ever since the last election she has just barely been holding on by the skin of her teeth.

There was concern as to whether or not she would even be the Democrat nominee for her own district. Then there was question as to whether or not she would even have a district.

Even now, she’s not well-liked in her own community, she just knows how to win elections the same way that other Democrats win elections…you know what I’m talking about. Hopefully, she’ll be voted out pretty soon though, because it’s long overdue.

Anyway, this last week, AOC made an appearance at the Town Hall in Queens, New York where she was met by a lot of angry voters.

At one point, the protesters started chanting, “AOC has got to go!” to which she just smiled and danced to the sound of their displeasure like Nero dancing while Rome burns to the ground.

How ridiculous of a person must you be to sit there and dance to people chanting that you need to be voted out of office? She treats it like it’s no big deal and smiles at the whole thing.

Oh, but it gets better. At one point, someone turns the lights off and then AOC has to go somewhere off to the side because she’s not allowed to be in a dark room with people. But what she does when she comes back just defines her character. She starts condescendingly talking to the group telling them to listen while the inflection of her voice changes to some sort of fake accent which any other day of the week Democrats would label as “culture appropriation”.

Then she got annihilated when it came to explaining herself and her decisions on funding the war in Ukraine which could possibly lead to World War III and nuclear war.

I hope she dances her butt out the door when she’s voted out of Congress.

Here is the full video of the town hall.


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