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Gen. James Jones (Ret.), who served early in the Obama administration, praised the peace deals President Trump was able to negotiate from Israel and the United Arab Emirates. But even though he advised both Barack Obama and Joe Biden, he was against their policy of appeasement. They were the latter-day Ted Wheeler and Jenny Durkan.

Go along to get along appeasers has lent credibility to a very un-credible regime. Gen Jones believes the only way to deal with a country like Iran is to isolate them, but then to stand back as the Iranian people rise up and throw the regime out.

Jones was speaking to an opposition group to the current Iranian government. He was generous in his praise for the peace deal and especially for Trump’s role in the peace process. He has praised Trump’s policies in the past and believes you have to deal with Iran from a position of strength.

Jones said:

“I believe that the world community is increasingly willing to isolate evil regimes through sanctions and condemnation.”

“If you just witnessed the current agreements executed in Washington, that certainly would send shock waves through Tehran, because obviously the circle of countries that are in direct opposition to what Iran sends.”

“The world community is uniting, but we still must do more. I believe that there should be more isolation of the leaders of those countries, especially the Iranian leaders internationally.”

In January, Gen Jones praised President Trump for taking out Major Gen. Qassem Soleimani, calling it the right thing to do. He must have hated the misconceived deal the Obama/Biden administration and John Kerry signed with Iran. The deal was so bad that Obama/Biden did not have the guts to send it to the Senate.

Gen Jones called the assassination of Major Gen. Qassem Soleimani a game-changer and he urged Trump not to let up. Keep the pressure on the regime until the people rise up and depose the current government.

He was not so kind to the appeasers who only wanted to calm the waves, not to reach a real solution to the world’s leading exporter of terrorism.

Iran supplies terrorists throughout the Middle East and Africa with the means to make war against the governments of those countries. The Arab countries are just waking up to the fact that Iran must be stopped.

They now seem to realize that Israel has never been a threat to their survival and that Iran is and always will be a threat. They also know that in case of conflict with Iran, Israel would be a good partner to have on their side. The agreement between Israel and the UAE paved the way for the normalization of relations with Bahrain.

Four countries in the Arab league are putting embassies in Jerusalem as well. More will likely happen between now and election day, but will it make any difference? The Democratic party has turned into a very anti-Israel group. They are led by Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

From Breitbart News

In 2019, Jones praised the Trump’s economic sanctions on the Islamic regime.

“The politics of appeasement don’t appeal to me. The economic sanctions and the international community should just isolate them until the Iranian people do what I think they’re going to do,” he said at the Skybridge Alternatives conference in December, according to The National.

“Then we have a plan to help the Iranian people recover. I think the sanctions are working and I do think the Trump administration on that score has done a good job,” Jones said in Abu Dhabi.

If we are ever to have peace in the Middle East, Iran has to be tamed. We are in this position because of the peace at any cost of the Obama/Biden administration. Freedom comes with a cost but peace should not.

It is now clear why Gen Jones did not last long in an Obama/Biden administration. He was too honest for that regime and they could not allow that, but it would have been the right thing to do.

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