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New York City was once one of the most beautiful cities in the country. It was a desirable place to visit. Even I loved going to the city because it really is something amazing to see.

But today, thanks largely to Mayor Bill de Blasio, the city is in shambles. He’s done nothing but make the city worse and caused crime to skyrocket.

He’ll be out of office soon, but then they’ll just replace him with another useless Democrat and then they’ll have a turn at screwing the city up some more.

You really can’t expect much out of Democrats these days. They’re not the same as they used to be about 20-30 years ago. At least back then they still gave a crap about this country and wanted everyone to get along. Today, that’s not the case at all.

We are the most divided that we’ve been in nearly 100 years, and why? When you look at every area that we’re divided on, it’s because of the Democrats.

The two big areas currently are black and white relations which is being fueled by the media, the Democrat politicians, and racist black people (that’s not a claim that all black people are racist, I’m singling out the racist ones). We’re literally seeing segregation once again in our country and unbelievably, it’s being pushed by black people. They’re actually encouraging it.

The other area where we are seeing segregation is between the vaccinated and the non-vaccinated. Some places like New York City have put in place strict mandates such as requiring restaurants to demand proof of vaccination in order to eat at their establishment.

They’re learning that this is a stupid move and they’re learning the hard way. But by God, I guess if that’s what it takes to get some sense, then so be it.

Predictably because of this policy, business at restaurants in the city are down between 40-60%.

Well, no crap! That’s because they’ve alienated so many people!

According to the Epoch Times,

New York City restaurateurs are complaining that their business has been slashed severely by the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, which requires people 12 and older to show vaccination proof for indoor dining, indoor fitness, and indoor entertainment.

Pre-pandemic, O’Donoghue’s Pub and Restaurant was a successful business that has been open for 10 years in Times Square, Manhattan.

Fergal Burke, the owner of O’Donoghue’s noticed that his business has seen “a massive drop,” since the vaccine mandate came into effect.

“We don’t have the money here to survive without the help of our landlord, [who] has been very supportive and has been giving us breaks on the rent, but without our landlord, we would not be in business,” Burke told The Epoch Times.

He said that he needed to hire another person to be at the door checking for vaccination proof, which increased his expenses.

Comparing the clientele from pre-mandate to when it kicked in about two weeks ago, “Our business is definitely down 50, I’m going to say 60 percent,” Burke said with a somewhat downhearted tone. “There’s just not people coming into the restaurant, they have the fear of being asked for vaccines.”

Burke and his staff have had to refuse a lot of customers for not having the passes.


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