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Earlier this week, the US Embassy in Russia warned Americans who are currently in Russia to leave the country immediately.

U.S. citizens should not travel to Russia and those residing or travelling in Russia should depart Russia immediately while limited commercial travel options remain. The Department of State provides information on commercial travel on the Information for U.S. Citizens in Russia – Travel Options Out of Russia page on This site also provides information on requirements for entering neighboring countries, procedures for travel on expired U.S. passports in some circumstances, and visa requirements for families with American and Russian citizen family members.

The question becomes…why? Why are they wanting them to leave immediately? Well, according to the rest of the statement, it’s because Russia has further mobilized its armed forces in the invasion of Ukraine.

But I wonder if there is something more to this than meets the eye.

Something else massive happened this week regarding Russia. A series of explosions destroyed the Nord Stream Pipelines that ran under the Baltic Sea. The mainstream media has been reporting that these are just leaks in the pipelines, but these leaks coincided with seismic activity according to the Swedish Natinoal Seismic Network.

The question then becomes, “who did it?”

Some of the suspects are Germany, Great Britain, France, Russia, China, or the United States.

It’s not suspected to have been China or France because of where it occurred. This would have raised some major red flags if there were any military forces in that area from either of those countries.

Germany had no reason to do it because they need the energy even though it’s been a hassle dealing with Russia over this.

Great Britain would likely not have been the culprit either because their economy is already hurting and they would also need the resources that the Nord Stream 2 would provide.

Could Russia have sabotaged their own pipeline? Well, that’s unlikely as well because they stand to make a lot of money from it. However, they would certainly like to inflict more pain on some countries, because you see, whoever blew up the pipeline didn’t blow up the entire pipeline, only a specific portion of it. So, it’s possible, but we still have to consider the United States.

Why would the United States do this? Well, after Russa stopped supplying Europe with natural gas, the US became the number one exporter. So, this is a good thing for us because we stand to make money from the explosions.

Also, guess who is involved in natural gas…yep, the Biden Crime Family. Hunter Biden was on the board of Ukraine’s largest natural gas company.

Oh yeah…and there’s this:

It looks very suspicious and it makes me wonder if this isn’t part of the reason why the US Embassy ordered Americans to leave Russia for fear of retaliation.

Photo Credit: YouTube/Nobody Special Finance


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    • As some would say, follow the Rubles, err, Dollars.

      That said, I don’t believe the US would risk it because if the Europeans found out we did it’d force some into the Russian orbit and others to stop supporting our efforts to help Ukraine.

      From Russia’s point of view, it’d be an act of war. While they wouldn’t resort to nuclear retaliation, they could make matters VERY difficult for us in the Arctic Basin and in the S. China Sea.

      So it’d be like cutting off our noses to spite ourselves, totally irrational. But then I wonder if we have rational adults running the Biden Regime.

      • Oh WE did it all right. Just like WE did 9/11 and WE did the Beirut bombing & the MURRAH bldg in OK City and WE did the Bay of Tonkin and WE did the assassinations of JFK, RFK& MLK, Jr.. The 5 eyes were involved for sure-oh, & Israel’s IDF. Yup. Our CIA/FBI is DEFINITELY involved!! EVERY SINGLE MASS SHOOTING, the FBI/CIA is behind. ABSOLUTELY SERIOUS!?

  • I really don’t think the White House sock puppet is smart enough to think of this by himself and if he did he couldn’t figure out who to call to make it happen, but the commissars that pull his strings certainly could. – If you can steal an election in what was the best country in the world blowing an underwater pipeline is child’s play. …. Besides, they have a track record of hating pipelines don’t they?

  • Putin is just sneaky enough to have done it so he could blame some other Nation for it and call for retaliation. Especially with the UN calling for revocation of Russia’s voting and veto powers!

    • Dems, and the MSM have difficulty coming to grips with the fact that Putin isis a hard core, old school communist, and as cuddly as a rattlesnake. Every time he does something violent and destructive, they tinge their reporting as though maybe he’ll just stop and be nice at some point. Putin may well have done it to ensure European countries face the fact that the interrupted or halted flow will have a serious impact on them. They already know Biden will not come to the rescue with oil and gas.

  • The USA has done it before!

    Reagan Approved Plan to Sabotage Soviets
    By David E. Hoffman February 27, 2004

    In January 1982, President Ronald Reagan approved a CIA plan to sabotage the economy of the Soviet Union through covert transfers of technology that contained hidden malfunctions, including software that later triggered a huge explosion in a Siberian natural gas pipeline, according to a new memoir by a Reagan White House official.

    • As I recall it was pipeline software technology that the Russians were stealing and a small error was added to the program, just for them. Kind of like a blue dye packet for bank robbers or a glitter bomb for package thieves.

  • It is possible Biden may have ordered his crew of bunglers to sabotage the pipeline. Just look at Biden’s “success” in Afghanistan. Years ago, even Obama said people should never underestimate Joe’s capacity to “f” things up. But from a broader perspective, it is more likely that a old school, hardcore communist like Putin would facilitate the sabotage. He can blame it on the West, while NATO countires consider the effect the interrupted flow has on their economies. European countries know Biden will not come to their rescue by sending them oil or gas.
    People have gushed that the NATO resources would instantly detect a foreign submarine in the Baltic. That is certainly true in the case of manned submarines, but, a small preprogrammed unmanned vehicle could slip by. People do not realize a small shaped charge (5-10 pounds) can do a significant amount of damage underwater. In an explosion, air compresses, but water does not. It helps confine the blast area and shock wave.



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