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This is not a joke; we are dead serious about it. To tell you the truth, when i initially read the story, I assumed it was from a parody news website, but then we found out that it was actually a piece from Reuters.

The goal that Joe Biden has for the month of June is to try to persuade the American people that the economy is in fact in excellent shape and that everything is going along swimmingly.

I want to emphasize that this is not a joke; the following comes from Reuters:

Through June, the official said, the White House plans to emphasize the historic levels of job creation and low unemployment rate seen through Biden’s first 17 months in office, his pledge to respect the Fed’s independence and coming efforts to “put more money in the pockets of working families.”

Biden will speak on the jobs numbers on Friday, and Cabinet members including Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo and economic advisers Jared Bernstein and Heather Boushey plan dozens of television spots and other in-person events.

The prospects for Biden’s Democratic Party to maintain control of Congress in the Nov. 8 election may hinge on how successfully he can craft a positive economic narrative around what has become an increasingly sour mood.

I kid you not, this is an actual quote from the report:

On the surface, working families have been doing well.

Joe is going to brag about how amazing the economy is despite the fact that the price of gas is through the roof, food prices are high, and we are in the middle of a crisis of infant formula.

What a doofus.

Even though the national average price of a gallon of gas has reached $4.71, the Biden regime wants people to believe that everything is OK.

Things were excellent before the Biden regime, and the US economy was at its strongest under Trump’s leadership. But now we have a president who was literally ordered by mail and is destroying our country.


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  • Slow Joe has brought us to the Great Tribulation. We must make it through to the Messianic Age beyond.

    • I didn’t believe that my brother was really receiving money part time on-line.. their sister’s roommate has been doing this less than nine months and recently repaid the mortgage on their mini mansion and about themselves a Land Rover Defender.
      I went here…………

  • Brain dead will mumble and fumble through a bunch of lies after all that’s what he’s been doing his entire life, LIE.

  • The senile sock puppet often prefaces his remarks with “this is no joke.” Probably because he, HIMSELF, is such a joke that he feels compelled to issue that disclaimer!

  • “….put more money in the pockets of working families.”

    They flooded the border with incoming illegals which, in turn, puts a tremendous new economic burden upon an a system that has already long been burdened from astronomical taxes.

    So, I cannot figure out how these idiots are figuring that by bringing more and more hungry stomachs into the country will somehow put more money into the pockets of working families.

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  • Restart Keystone pipeline, since oil is what moves everything it would reduce inflation, make people work from businesses not at home watching TV

    Finishing building Southern Wall keep diseased and non vaccinated out of America – you are just bringing in people who’s Heath is poor not vaccinated for Covid19 and have sicknesses we cured decades ago Stop using our money to bring sicknesses to America

    Remove Mexico from USMCA treaty let them take care of illegals

    The Left & BLM are promoting violence, do you really think those who want to shoot people will give their weapons to you No way neither will those who fear what happened in riots and shootings for years, you cut police what did you expect

    We don’t have citizen paid bodyguards like politicians who work 100 days per year paid for what?



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