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Teachers unions are ridiculous. I’ve never been a fan of the ability to get tenure in that you’re basically immune to being fired from your job, at least not without the school district suffering from some severe repercussions.

Maybe Elon Musk needs to buy out all of the teacher’s unions as the amount that they’re worth and turn around and sell them for what they think that they’re worth. He’d be a trillionaire already!

But the New Jersey Teacher’s Union has been taking things to such an extreme level that it only serves to demonstrate why I’m so against public schools.

The NJ Teacher’s Union is upset because parents attend school board meetings and voice their complaints about the trash that the libraries at their children’s schools are stocked with. Keeping groomers out of their daughter’s bloomers should be the goal of any decent parent, particularly if they want them to be normal human beings in life.

What’s more important, knowing how to calculate everything in a household budget, or how many distinct pronoun combinations there are? Well, if you ask the NJ Teacher’s Union, they’ll say the latter, and they want to silence parents from being able to say otherwise.

At this point, the ad shows black-and-white photos of parents protesting at school board meetings, with two news headlines: an article from entitled “Some NJ schools under siege,” about parents attempting to remove books with explicit sexual and LGBTQ content from school curricula; and another from entitled “Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Introduced By NJ State Senator,” about a parents’ rights bill introduced in the state legislature in May. “People who only want to fight to score political points should take that somewhere else,” the ad concludes.

According to The Daily Wire,

Republican State Senator Ed Durr, who authored the Parents’ Rights bill mentioned in the ad, blasted the NJEA as “out of touch” to the concerns of parents about sexual content in schools.

“Despite what the NJEA says, parents are not extremists for expressing concerns about curriculum mandates or wanting to have a voice in their children’s education,” Durr said in a statement Tuesday. “It’s another example of the NJEA being out of touch with parents and totally tone deaf to their concerns that sensitive topics such as sex education and gender identity are not appropriate for young kids. Frankly, the NJEA is taking an extreme position by attacking parents instead of listening to them.”

The school system does not exist for the benefit of the teachers. They exist to benefit the kids, or at least, that’s what they’re supposed to do. Teaching them liberal propaganda so that Democrats can win future elections instead of teaching them how to function as human beings is just morally wrong.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • No they are not they just want to know what their children are being taught in school and it certainly shouldn’t be sex crt or anything to do with gender or transgender that is not teaching that is confusing to little children and they don’t even care so but out

    • Number One..
      Did you expect ANYONE to make sense of that ramble?
      And second–and most importantly — teachers opinions don’t overrule the right of the parents…EVER!!!
      those are not the educational systems children….those are paid professionals who need to hold accountable to their bosses….remind me– who pays teachers??….that’s right – the community school board – who gets their money directly from the community taxes— SUPPLEMENTED by federal dollars….by the communities discretion

      • Sorry Jack. The left thinks and acts differently than God’s mandate in the family. the neighborhood taking care of kids in the 50’s is a whole different thing than Hillary’s “it takes a village” where the left takes the kid away from thier parents ideologies and gives them commie ideology and has them “spy” on Mom and Dad’s life decisions

  • Time to turn over public schools to the parents. Every parent has the right to pick what school they want and should be allowed to deduct any taxes taken on local/state returns to allow them to afford private school if that’s their choice.
    Also, if public schools are to remain, then GET RID OF THIS COMMIE UNION.
    Also, place cameras and mics in every classroom.

  • How ’bout every parent who is boiling mad at this, stop sending your kids to school until the SS teacher’s union is dissolved?

  • I thought School Boards were elected by the parents of the school . If this is wrong it should darn well should be ! The Board elected by parents must answer to the parents. Just like the elected government officials SHOULD DO ! ( in the real world Ha Ha !

  • School boards are not immortal! They can be taken down with severe consequences! Neither are any members permanent on these boards. The same applies to members of the Teachers Union! They can and should be removed if they refuse to acknowledge and understand they work for the Parents of children! Unions do not make legislation or laws pertaining to parents rights over their children! Only the government can do that!

  • Sarcasm: Good for the Teachers Union headed by Bolshevik Weingarten. Maybe when the law abiding citizens have had enough, and their backs are pushed against the wall and there is no where else for the government to push, and the masses hit rock bottom, there will be a repeat of 1776.

  • Why are government employee allowed to unionize? In fact government employees should not be allowed to vote. Who do you think grows the government; wants ever growing taxes; and more and more government controls?

  • I thought school boards were elected. Start buying bill board ads with names and pictures and what these people are pushing. MUST GO ON ATTACK. Then let them try to defend their position. Parents! Somebody needs to step up and run for office,….it’s rarely a full time job. Had a good friend that did that very thing for his kids and that county became one of the best in the state.



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