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New Jersey Democrat Governor Phil Murphy signed seven new gun laws that would impose tougher gun regulations for law-abiding gun owners who did nothing to deserve it.

Democrats don’t understand “shall not be infringed.” Maybe most Democrats need to look up the word “infringed,” but it’s straightforward language in the Second Amendment that says the government can’t infringe on a person’s right to keep and bear arms. A gun registry and an ammo registry are practically the same thing. When the Nazis were elected to power, they disarmed the German people using a firearms registration that the Weimar Republic had established.

Bill A1302 requires manufacturers and wholesale dealers to report ammunition sales in New Jersey to the state.

While Democrats in power release criminals from jail through so-called bail reform programs and many Democrat district attorneys don’t prosecute many criminals, they make it tougher for Americans to defend themselves against the same criminals, which is just frustrating.

The new law requires ammunition sellers to create an electronic recordkeeping system.

“The handgun ammunition record shall be in electronic form and shall contain the date of the transaction; the type, caliber, or gauge of the ammunition; the quantity of ammunition sold; the name and address of the purchaser; and any other information the superintendent shall deem necessary,” the bill reads.

Murphy’s 7 problematic laws include prohibiting 50-caliber weapons (if you own one, you may be a criminal in New Jersey), harsher limits on “ghost guns,” (another infringement since the Second Amendment doesn’t specify you must buy a gun from a company), mandatory firearm training, and making it easier to sue gun manufacturers.

Liberals believe gun makers can’t be sued, when in reality gunmakers are frequently sued. If a faulty gun they manufactured hurts someone, they’ll be sued. But politicians want to allow citizens to sue gun manufacturers if criminals use their guns. The Supreme Court will overrule this because, despite the craziness of Democrat legislators, gun makers don’t make guns for criminals.

Murphy referred to the new infringements as “common sense” laws that “live up to our Jersey values.” Who is he to determine law-abiding gun owners’ values? Democrats rarely do what voters want.

“We know we can take on the epidemic of gun violence and win,” Murphy said at the bill signing in Metuchen, the outlet reported. “We know we can put in place strong and safety gun-safety laws that are consistent with the Second Amendment and still protect our communities.”

Why do Democrats blame the gun, not the criminal? Because they’re mostly their constituents? I seem to recall an incident in which a man killed his brother with a rock, and he was the one blamed for the killing, not the rock.

Consider the Democrats’ illogic. They want to blame guns but offer no measures to stop criminals. That could affect their election. America has 300 million guns. That’s a lot of guns criminals might buy privately, steal, or lose. Murphy’s new law won’t prohibit any of these scenarios, and criminals will still get guns.  People who misuse guns are the problem, but I would love to hear any progressive Democrat blaming the shooter instead of the gun and mean it.

I find it terrible that Democrats all around the country compete to be the worst they can be to American citizens. It’s like they all want to top one other by hurting the people who elected them. Now they’re breaking the law for elite stardom. Murphy is just the latest.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • #7 of the Georgia Guildstones says: “Avoid petty laws and useless officials” – meaning exactly what WEF’s Klaus said “We don’t need politicians.” So Murphy has a shorter future than we have. But for now, he serves his global masters in complete ignorance.

  • But don’t you understand it dosn’t matter if all the gun laws in the world do or don’t stop heinous acts. What counts is the democrats are doing something to make it look like they care and to make gun owners mostly republicans fall in line. These blue states do this because its about power to bend the people to there will

  • Now more of these idiots from NJ and NY will be moving to PA and start f***ing up this state like they did their own.

  • IF Violations of their Oath of Office carried a 30 to LIFE prison sentence, politicians and bureaucrats (INCLUDING JUDGES) would be a wee bit more diligent in the performance of their duties.

      • What violation of Oath? now Biden is a different matter he has violated his oath from day one as a traitorous terrorist and wannabe dictator

      • What oath did he violate Juliet Alpha? Stop believing the useless and lying media. He got us out of the global warming scam called the Paris Accord, he signed bills to bring work and businesses back to America, he secured our borders and country, he strengthened our economy, he nominated 3 common sense conservatives to the SC, employment went up, gas and food prices were stable etc. Now what we have is 180 degrees opposite, a criminal puppet with dementia effing up everything.

        • ok, 3 days later and you still haven’t received your answer, so i’ll take a shot at it. louis might be referring to when President Trump got the bump-stock ban rolling. at that time he even went so far as to say that if a person hadn’t committed a crime yet, but implied that they would, that person should be arrested (if i remember correctly). i think he even was pushing for red flag laws (but my mind is a little fuzzy on that one). anyway, i’m not a “Trump-hater”, but he seriously let us down on that issue.

      • you know Louis… you Trump Haters keep saying that and then act insulted when asked, “What oath(s) did Trump break as President? Not one of you can answer with anything more than acting indignant and repeating the already exposed fake news media propaganda. You all sound like Joe… “Putin did it!”

  • First, the Nazis placed their fire arm restrictions in 1938, at least 5 years after taking control of Germany.

    Second, the laws, in some respects, were more permissive of fire arm ownership as compared to the laws in effect prior to the Nazis taking control of Germany.

    Third, the Nazis didn’t take over Germany, start World War II, and kill 6 million Jews and many others as a result of the the fire arm laws.

    You are entitled to your opinion, but not your own facts. I could be much vocal, but must remain civil.

    • Fact is they did take over Germany first with lies then by murder. And to insure the people could not rise up against them the NAZI’S confiscated all of the firearms. As far as the rest of your stupidity the NAZIs started preparing for the next war before they took over and had already started persecuting the Jews as they needed a scapegoat to blame the state president the country on.

    • I am German, what your saying about the Nazis/WWII is BS, don’t try to tell me anything so WRONG about my own country – SCHEISSEKOPF……

      • If Germany is your country go the F$&*back there , I rememberWw2 my older brothers fought their for the USA. Like it so much feel free to leave ,my allegiance is to my Flag and country . I served in Korea and my country is the USA.

    • Lewis Lewis Lewis… it is amazing how the corrupted Leftists twist the facts so they can be rewritten to support their perverted (false) outlooks… – Main article: Disarmament of the German Jews:
      In early 1930s Germany, few citizens owned or were entitled to own firearms,[2] the Weimar Republic having strict gun control laws.[8] When the Nazi party gained power, some aspects of gun regulation were loosened, such as allowing firearm ownership for Nazi party members and the military.[5]: 672  The laws were tightened in other ways. Nazi laws systematically disarmed so-called “unreliable” persons, especially Jews while relaxing restrictions for “ordinary” German citizens.[5]: 670, 676  The policies were later expanded to include the confiscation of arms in occupied countries.[9]: 533, 536 
      You took the facts and twisted them to make yourself look intelligent… when in reality… you are as stupid as they come.

  • If Murphy and the rest of the liberal commie Democrats are looking to engage in a 2nd American Revolution, they can be obliged.

    • I wonder if these idiots bought huge life insurance policies! So they can get in the history books as world class stupid!

  • What I don’t understand is if the Constitution says that our right to bear arms shall not be infringed, why are anti-second amendment politicians so blindly obeyed? Does anyone have the guts to tell those pols “NO!”? Must unconstitutional (illegal) laws be obeyed? Why? Doesn’t that make us all criminals?

  • GUNS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM!! It’s hearts without GOD, homes without DISCIPLINE, schools without PRAYER, and courts without JUSTICE!! The Supreme Court must OVERTURN THE BAN ON SCHOOL PRAYER!!

  • Another useless brainwashed Democrat that thinks you don’t need protection! As this retard never gave up his fully armed guards protecting him did he? He doesn’t realize you don’t need a gun to blow him up! Or run his dumb butt over with a cement truck! Or even burn him at the stake! Democrats were never very smart! When they get their civil war they will wonder why the people are trying to get them! YEP THEY ARE THAT STUPID!

    • You may think democrats are stupid but they sure took over the country while the gutless GOP for decades did nothing to stop them. Now they are all saying donate, donate and help us take back the country that we allowed to be taken over to begin with. With all the crap Biden is doing how many republicans do you hear saying anything about it. If it was a republican doing this 100% of the democrats would be screaming at the top of their lungs.

  • “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” Watch the full length You tube “Innocents betrayed” to see what happens to the citizens of a country who allow their government to disarm them. We have a God Given Right to Protect Ourselves and our family that includes owning guns and ammo for our defense.

  • All we need to do is keep being good citizens and this corrupt government we have had for far to long cannot take any of our rights from us. See they don’t have the ability to take from us what was given by GOD ALMIGHTY. These demonrats are pure evil. Just look at them but look at all of them you will see they are truly possessed by demons. The evil has finally come out of darkness for the whole world to see. Fear not for most of us have GOD on are side. And they have nothing but broken dreams. They will not destroy America they are trying but they will not succeed. So just keep the faith and ask GOD ALMIGHTY to destroy all the wicked. He will We are living in the last book of the Bible those who have an ear listen,and those that can see look. Their time is short as is the devil himself they are scared but all of us Christian’s we really have nothing to worry about enjoy the simple things the things given to us by GOD.

  • Murphy, being the vindictive prick he is, is striking back at the pro 2A voters who made him sweat out this just past election which he was “supposed” to have won handily. Does this remind you of another recent “election(?)” ?

  • Their hero, Barry O, pardoned and commuted sentences for many criminals with gun-related crimes. Soros stooges Boudin and Gascon and others regularly let gun-charged criminals out without posting bail.

  • So this moron goes against the constitution which he sworn to uphold. As far as suing gun manufacturers, I ve owned gun my whole life. They are locked in a safe. Never once did I see any of my guns open said safe, leave the house, go out and shoot someone, then return to the safe. It takes a human to fire a weapon. So I guess we can sue car manufacturers since cars kill people everyday. Atv manufacturers people die on those! Bicycle manufacturers people die on those! Boat manufacturers! See a pattern.

  • And the Communist Democrats have been calling Patriot, Trump supporters Nazis and Brown shirts for years now, while they use Hitlers play book to destroy America ! Have We The People had enough of this Communist BS YET ? Or do we take action before it’s too late?

    • They call others what they are themselves….. nothing new…..and calling it PC = political correctness…..just hope something is going to happen BEFORE it is too late…….

  • Where are the ball-less republicans. They should have filed a law suit before the ink dried.

  • Things like that are why I got out of there as fast as I could. Car insurance was crazy because of the crime rate and just owning a weapon without a permit was illegal! A high crime rate, High Taxes and cost of living seems to be part of their “values”.

  • NJ Gov. Murphy is playing to his political base, pretending that unconstitutional laws will somehow make guns disappear. No law will make guns disappear, especially not imaginary garbage from a lying political weasel.

  • At some point the people will no longer put up with these brainwashed retards! They will just get rid of them as soon as they open their ignorant mouth! And they will all be screaming WELL WHAT ABOUT THE LAW?????? The very thing they have been ignoring for decades! Why spend a fortune on a corrupt or rigged court when it is far cheaper to just deport the idiots? They surely don’t like America or it’s values! So let’s help them make the right decision and toss them out to a commie country more to their liking! Instead of allowing them to destroy America! If they get their civil war they won’t get to leave and have nothing to leave with! Won’t be the first time America has gotten rid of the parasites!

  • It seems to me that these poliwhores have forgotten to ask the average gun owner their opinion. As I recall they passed a number of unConstitutional gun laws in the northeast and in the PROC (Peoples Republic of California) over the past number of years and the compliance rate was about 5%. I’m sure these will also get about a 5% compliance. American gun owners keep their firearms for a specific reason! Besides hunting, self protection of their families is probably the greatest reason. Rebelling against an opressive government was seldom considered when I was a kid in the 50s and 60s. NOW it is getting the attention it deserves, what with the demoncraptic party pushing “disarming” the police and not punishing criminals. Obiteme can sign all the UN resolutions he wants, but until he consults the AMERICAN CITIZENS and gets their opinions it will be a waste of time. In fact it will insure that LAWS are ignored when it comes to our protection, which is apparently the LEFTs intent.
    Leftists just remember, when this country falls apart through your efforts, YOU will be no more safe than the rest of US.

  • In 1938, the Nazis issued the Waffengesetz (Weapons Law), which replaced the Law on Firearms and Ammunition of 12 Apr 1928. This law substantially ameliorated many of the provisions in the 1928 Law (E.g., long guns were exempted from the requirement for a purchase permit; the legal age for gun ownership as lowered from 20 to 18 years; the period of validity for a permit to carry a weapon (Waffenschein) was extended from one to three years; provisions restricting the amount of ammunition or the number of firearms a person could own were abolished). In all, no new restrictions were added, and many pre-existing restrictions were relaxed or eliminated. The Nazis could relax these laws because they were not afraid of the German People. Of course, The People who pushed for the restrictive 1928 Law did fear the German People. The reason Americans are wrong about these laws was because the Waffengesetz applied only to German citizens. Just as America’s Founding Fathers restricted US citizenship to “free white persons” (until 1867) the National Socialists defined citizenship in ethnic terms. As amazing as this might seem to today’s Americans, a situation where Jews are prohibited from owning firearms does not equal the disarming of the entire population.

    Historically, as a recuperating soldier and hopeful art student, Hitler personally witnessed the Communist Revo in Munich in April-May of 1919. As the Reds occupied the center of the city, the Germans pulled back, reorganizing for the take-out beginning on 1 May. Before the Reds were finally crushed on 8 May, almost a thousand people had been killed, including ten civilians held hostage by the Reds in the Luitpold Gymnasium. The march on Munich involved police, military, the Freikorps (demobbed soldiers), and a number of German civilians who stepped forward when the mayor requested volunteers (why the Nazis didn’t fear the populace). Unfortunately, of the three Soviet commissars who led the Revo (Levien, Levine, and Axelrod), only Eugen Levine was captured, tried, found guilty, and executed on 6 June 1919. Good work, guys!

    • Hitler was an elitist communist, not a marxist. He and Stalin were close friends and he helped kill off the Bolsheviks that demanded land reform. He sold all old military equipment to Stalin and began to upgrade Germany’s military. Trotsky as well may have died at hitler’s demands to Franco, a nazi. His elitism was strongly appealing to Stalin, Mao, FDR, the Kennedy klan and many wealthy socialists across Europe. IK Labour Party adopted nazism and when Kennedy was ambassador, he joined them.

  • How liberals think: In sane with rage, a maddened gun grabbed a man and killed a dozen people. Why is it these shootings never occur until dems want to talk gun control? After listening to a dem talk, when done, just close your eyes and see them throw the salute and shriek sieg heil to the all mighty jackass.

  • All this moron did was to paint targets on the backs of every law-abiding citizen in New Jersey. Newsflash, Murph: criminals don’t abide by your laws. You’re just an idiot to think otherwise.

  • Murphy is just carrying out the grand design of the America hating democrat party. The long range plans of the dems is for this country to become a one party country. That way they could have complete control and dictate to We the People.

  • These liberal asshole Govs are sick in the head . The peo
    Ple of NJ should impeach that dumb bunny I would not live in a state like that . Shove it Murphy .NY NJ are the only ones we are hearing about more will follow this abuse of power . They don t abide by our constitution . God for bid we have a war and our country is invaded ,you can protect yourself and your famines wit rocks and bats . Get out of that state now ,protect your family ….

  • No, disarming the Jews started in 1933. I don’t believe your second paragraph one bit. You’re third point is utter nonsense. The disarming allowed the start of his malfeasances. Can you say strawman? Facts are conspicuously missing in your diatribe.

  • Time to remove this dumb F**k! Another idiot that believes that because he puts something on paper the criminal is going to abide by it…ROFLMAO. Moron!! The only people this curtails are the law abiding that would now have no means or fewer means to really defend themselves and protect their property from the criminal element. It amazes me how so many mental morons have been elected to govern when that do not know shyt from shinola! Have WE as citizens not done our homework before putting an X by the names of these losers or we just been too lazy to care?

  • Murphy is a Nazi so what’s the surprise. One more thing. I’m watching Cavuto the liberal twit who works for Fox and he is talking to a GOP Senator and when the GOP Senator states the retards of the left (Democrats) are spending Trillions tanking our economy nitwit Cavuto chimes in with the Trump admin was spending huge amounts also. When the subject is what the current admin is doing you do NOT make reference to the prior administration. Just like slo Joe goes to Delaware every Thursday and right away the skank who bad mouths Trump 24/7 says Trumps was at Mar a Logo all the time. BS! When the subject matter is about the current POTUS you do not refer to the prior. The socialist filth that is polluting the White House is destroying America. TRUMP was saving the USA! FACT! BTW this applies to the Republicans also.

  • And they called President Trump a Nazi of which he is not but the Democrat party and a lot of Rinos are leaning and are Nazis.



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