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Next week could be very big for the good guys as it could lead to Biden losing 27 electoral votes. If he were to also lose Pennsylvania, Michigan, or Wisconsin, Biden would no longer have enough electoral votes to be president.

Next Friday at 1:00 PM, the preliminary audit results will be delivered to the Arizona state Senate. The results are said to be devastating. If they decertify the vote, Biden loses 11 electoral votes.

In Georgia, a judge will decide where the state goes from here with the audit. There are in excess of 43,000 votes without the legally required chain of custody documents necessary for those votes to count.

The judge will need to rule on whether a forensic audit is needed and if he is honest, he will order it to be done. That is another 16 electoral votes, and Biden would lose.

The smallest of the previous three states mentioned, Wisconsin is worth 10 electoral votes and that would bring Biden’s total to 269 electoral votes, one shy of the required number for election.


But, do not believe the stories about President Trump being reinstated to the presidency because there is no mechanism that would allow that. The likely outcome would be a new election with Pelosi as acting president until the results are in.

But, there is also the matter of Trump’s right to serve two four-year terms. It gets very tricky and I have no idea how the Supreme Court would sort this mess out. Unless they would change the regular presidential election to reflect a four-year term of the person elected, would only serve out the remaining time of Biden’s presidency.

That would prevent Trump from serving a full four-year term after completing the previous term, unless he would not take office on or after January 20th, 2022, in which case he would end up serving 10 years as president.

From The Gateway Pundit

Tonight the President of the United States, Donald Trump, sent a letter to Georgia’s corrupt Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger requesting he invalidate 43,000 ballots included in the 2020 Election which are missing the legally required chain of custody documentation.  This information likely comes from an ongoing case in Georgia that will go to court next week.

We also know that Arizona is scheduling releasing results of their audit next Friday and we have been told the amount of fraud in that state will be significant.  We already know that per a review of passionate citizens that a canvassing shows that over 300,000 ballots in Arizona were counted in error.  The crooks in Arizona didn’t like this exercise as well.

Based on these two events – it is likely both Arizona and Georgia will have enough evidence of fraudulent counts of ballots in the 2020 Election to flip these states to the Donald Trump column – NEXT WEEK.  


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