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If you’re old enough to remember when the U.S. was in the middle of another gas crisis, you’ll certainly remember one bizarre political campaign. Joe Walsh, the famous Eagles’ guitarist, tried to run for president. While he was still two years too young, his nifty slogan got some attention.

Walsh’s “Free Gas for Everyone” campaign slogan would certainly resonate in today’s world. Although Walsh’s campaign boast was terribly bizarre, it was still pretty strange. The strangest political candidate in recent memory attempted to run for president as well.

Jonathon Sharkey filed with the Federal Election Commission to run as an independent in both 2004 and 2008. He’d made runs in various states for the U.S. Congress. But it was Sharkey’s rather extraordinary party affiliation that got the attention. Sharkey’s nickname was “The Impaler.”

If you haven’t experienced Francis Ford Coppola’s version of Bram Stoker’s classic Dracula tale, you might miss the reference. Sharkey insisted that he was a Luciferian, a vampire, a professional boxer and a wrestler. He had used the name of Rocky “Hurricane” Flash.

Sharkey founded the Vampires, Witches, and Pagans Party in 2005 and ran under the name “Jonathon the Impaler Sharkey.” Sharkey probably takes honors as the most bizarre candidate. But some otherwise normal political candidates have used a few outlandish campaign ads.

President Johnson’s infamous “Daisy Ad” was a shock and awe type of move. Some say it changed the landscape for political campaign ads. With the way Joe Biden’s running his mouth today, it might not be too farfetched to see something similar.

An Iowan candidate for the U.S. Senate said he’d “Blow Your Balls Off” in his campaign ad. During the Cold War, Ronald Reagan hit a home run with his “Bear in the Woods” 1984 presidential campaign commercial. It was a subtle show of stoic confidence by the former president.

But a recent campaign ad by a so-called “liberal-independent” (that’s a true oxymoron) may have trumped them all. Jerry Nadler is about as disgusting a candidate as one might imagine. But there’s a candidate running against Nadler that could be worse; far worse.

Mike Itkis is a self-proclaimed “liberal independent,” whatever that is. Maybe that’s sort of the same as Joe Biden, the radical progressive socialist who says he’s a moderate. Nonetheless, Itkis released a new campaign commercial entitled, “Bucket List Bonanza.”

Now, Itkis’s bucket list doesn’t include a bunch of things he’s proposing to do for New Yorkers, no, sir. The Itkis ambitions involve a adult video. His “Bucket List Bonanza” ad was filmed with an adult film star, Nicole Sage.

Over the summer, they went on a popular adult video website to showcase his “sex positive” campaign. The candidate feels America needs to “legalize sex work.” Well, sure he does.

Itkis told City & State New York that “The fact that I actually did it was a huge learning experience, and it actually influenced items on my platform.” We bet it was a “huge learning experience.” As a “Big Apple” congressional candidate, a little freakishness shouldn’t surprise anyone.

This is the same candidate who supports optional child support payments. Itkis thinks “men should not be required to support biological children without prior agreement.” Now there’s a new twist on a sexually-charged prenuptial agreement.

But in the radically liberal New York 12th District, the freakish and weird usually have an edge. Nadler has ridden the coattails of the bizarre. One would think that Republican candidate Mike Zumbluskas would have a solid chance of winning.

However, this is New York. The 12th District is also a redrawn district. Nadler knocked off a fellow New York liberal in the Democrat Party Primary. Zumbluskas was unopposed in the canceled Republican primary. Itkis is, well, apparently going to rely on his own “merits.”

Nadler’s opponent in the primary, Carolyn Maloney, mentioned him as “half dead.” We suppose, at least he wasn’t fully n@ked. After a slugfest in the Democrat primary, the general election has been rather docile in comparison. If you’ve seen Jerry Nadler, that wouldn’t be a pleasant sight.

However, that was until Mike Itkis decided to “spice things up a bit.” We wonder how an adult film star will fare for votes with New York City parents? It is New York, so who knows? If by some long shot Itkis wins, maybe he’ll walk down the aisle to the 1962 Dave Rose Orchestra hit song “The Stripper.”


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Typical Sodom & Gomorrah, politics, in real life! :O{{{

    Demoncrats, are vile, evil, immoral, & they spell doom for this Republic, by their very warped, & twisted politics! [ ie: Abortion, lawlessness, rampant crime, & open borders}…Human trafficking, child abuse….all these things never before so huge a problem, as under *Demoncrat Rain of “Domestic” terror}

    **If their ‘Electorate”, don’t care about morals…..what chance does America HAVE, BEING RUN BY THEM? ? { “OMG!}…This republic is in dire straits!

  • The biggest problem is New Yorkers will actually vote for that puke, just look at what they voted for in the past, Jerry No nadds Naddler, Alexandria Acosio Kotex, every mayor except Rudy Guliani ( The best mayor).
    They are competing with the idiot voters of Commifornia.
    it just gets worse and America is going down the toilet.

  • Oh oh, if Braindead Idiot Biden finds out about this, he will insist that he star in a porno Democrat campaign movie ad of his own. However, girls over the age of 12 need not apply to be his porn ad co-star.

  • DemoCraps are IMMORAL DEPRAVED DISGUSTING IGNORANT NASTY VILE POS EXCUSE FOR HUMANS. The DumbCrap Party should be abolished & outlawed , so should the Repuklican Party !!!

  • 🤣
    This guy in a “adult” video is like Shaq in a biography of Willie Shoemaker, or Lurch singing the National anthem at the Super Bowl, or Traitor Joe Biden reciting Shakespeare (I’d pay to see that!!)!



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