I feel like I’ve started to pick up on a pattern when it comes to Democrats and being in trouble with the law.

If you think back to when people like Bill Cosby and Harvey Epstein got in trouble, they started getting sicker all of a sudden. It may be coincidence, it may be a tactic to try to get off lightly, or it might be the effects of a guilty conscience on the body.

This is something that we’re actually seeing of Hillary Clinton right now as well. However, this isn’t the first occurrence of Hillary having medical issues.¬†

If you think back, you may recall that all throughout her presidential campaign, we saw random videos where something just seemed off.

There were even some videos where it looked as though Hillary was on the verge of passing out.

There is now some new “evidence” that Hillary Clinton was in a much worse state during her last presidential bid can we even be able to see.

According to new testimony that was uncovered earlier this week it’s being stated that Hillary Clinton was actually carted around in a wheelchair for the majority of her 2016 presidential campaign. I’m inclined to believe this because this fits perfectly with what we were seeing during that time.

We even saw what appeared to be certain individuals who are around her basically is handlers make sure that she stayed on her feet and that one individual even seem to be carrying a diazepam pen that was used to control seizures because it was also reported that Hillary was having seizures and it even appeared that she had one in a certain video that was released during a rally.

Just take a look at this video down below. Hillary Clinton was in such poor condition that she seemed to have just fainted prior to getting into her vehicle and had to actually be picked up and placed into the vehicle like a sack of potatoes.


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