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It is still beyond belief that so many people have been arrested, imprisoned, and sentenced in connection to what took place on January 6, 2021 for simply going inside the Capitol building. Those who did do damage and stole stuff, I agree, should be prosecuted. But those who were there to protest and were seemingly permitted entry by the Capitol police should not be going through this.

To comment on this situation, Gary McBride said: “Those black gates in the video are as weak and flimsy as a cheap dog fence you can purchase on Amazon…If you look carefully, you can see Ray Epps in the video below seemingly motion with his hands to people around him to pull the fence up, not push. Somehow, he knew that these kinds of fences can easily LIFT out of holes in ground without much effort required! This can be verified if one takes some time to carefully watch how Epp’s hand gestures correspond with what occurs next”.

What’s perhaps even more puzzling than Ray Epps’ knowledge on short-term fencing solutions is why exactly Ray Epps himself isn’t being targeted by law enforcement agents when other members of his group are being prosecuted? Is he being protected by someone or something else? And why is it so difficult for attorneys involved in these cases to say his name aloud?

McBride concluded his thoughts on with: “The 14,000 hours of video must be released to society as they are now our only hope at watchdogging government agents since mainstream media has abandoned its duty.” He continued: “In order for us ordinary citizens to ensure proper justice is served, we need access to all available evidence pertaining each case so we can conduct our own investigations into January 6th’s events; until then I will continue doing all I can do help those wrongfully accused”.

Take a look at this video for yourselves:

How is Ray Epps just not of interest to the police and federal agencies that are investigating this? It makes no sense at all unless he was in on it.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • “Nothing in government happens by accident.” FDR It was all a big government SET UP. Attention Patriots! – Never ever break any laws or you will pay an awsome price.

  • Democrats & crooked DOJ went of their way to protect the MAGA hat-wearing Ray Epps.  He’s been protected when others have been prosecuted for lesser offenses.  Epps was asked about a text exchange with his nephew. On Jan 6, 2021, Ray Epps responded to his nephew’s text: “I was in the front with a few others.  I also orchestrated it”  On Jan 5, he said ” Tomorrow, we go into the Capitol!” On Jan 5, Trump supporters around him began to shout: “Fed, Fed, Fed!” John Sullivan, another fake Trump supporter who was never charged for being inside the Capitol, was standing next to Epps when he made the remarks about going into the Capitol.  In a Jan 6 video by “Mike,” Epps is saying “We need to go into the Capitol” while Trump supporters were saying “No, no, no!  Fed, Fed, Fed” and Epps kept saying “Yes, yes, yes”  Epps said “As soon as the President is done speaking, we’re going into the Capitol” – Epps hired attorneys who were ex-FBI men and then was removed from the FBI’s Most Wanted List.  The FBI admitted to watching conservative groups & placing informants within the chapters.  Epps was a member for a short time before he sold out to the FBI – DOJ admitted 5 FBI informants were placed inside the constitutional watchdog group, Oath Keepers.  Epps is an FBI informant.  “MEET FBI ASSET RAY EPPS, JANUARY 6TH CAPITOL RIOT INSTIGATOR” – YouTube – 6/1/21 – 

  • Because ray epps is a government plant! There should be lots of people dangling over this issue and I am NOT talking about the people who breached the Capital. They were VERY WRONG to do that, but this whole hot mess is due to upper echelon (dirt bags) in the nations daycare. It is overrun with ignorance and evil.

  • You can no longer trust our government. They are just as bad a Russia, N. Korean, China or any other dictatorship. Government paid billions to Pfizer and then forced lots of Americans to take this useless vaccine. Just how many politicians own stock in this crooked corrupt pharmaceutical company?
    Check why our so-called government had JFK killed. Why did Nixon resign from office? How long did Bob Woodword work at the Washington Post and what did he do before that? You really need to check that out. How many of the burglars who broke into Watergate hotel worked for the CIA? Our so-called government has been crooked and corrupt for many MANY years. How long before the killed JFK who knows.

  • Where’s the video showing that Epps breached the Capitol Building itself? Is there any? It certainly seems he was an agent provocateur likely working for Pelosi, the FBI, or the CIA.

  • “Why is Ray Epps of no interest to the police and federal agencies who are investigating this case?” – Because a thorough investigation of the investigators is required, which will answer this question.

  • This video is not all that new, I saw it very soon after the protests!!!!! epps is a plant paid by devildemocommiecrats and therefore untouchable!!!!!!!!!!



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