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The core principles of U.S. Military training are vital to our nation’s national security. A compromised military will be unable to protect American citizens. Instilling these hardline principles into our fighting men and women has long been our military’s standard.

We train our soldiers to be successful on the battlefield. It’s critical to helping them preserve their own lives and the lives of others. A military unit must function as a team. If one segment of that team fails, it puts the entire team at risk. Lives will be lost.

This is a key reason why U.S. soldiers go through such rigorous training regimens. Officers aren’t hard on their soldiers to be mean. They’re tough because installing an unwavering level of discipline and focus is critical. Anything different weakens the unit.

A weak military unit will experience devastating tragedies. Soldiers must be trained to be resilient and tough-minded. These requirements are why the U.S. military has avoided enlisting men and women who suffer from emotional disorders that challenge their mental acuity.

A soldier who can’t remain sharp under pressure puts his or her life at risk and the lives of their platoon at risk as well. A military unit is like an unbreakable chain. However, one weak link in that chain can spell disaster. It’s that simple.

Under Joe Biden, virtually every branch of the United States military is pushing this radical left-wing progressive ideology. “Wokeness” is the problem. Woke culture is killing everything, including comedy. However, the erosion it’s causing in our military is not funny.

Americans who would normally sign up for military service refuse to be lectured about diversity and so-called “systemic racism.” It’s becoming increasingly difficult for the U.S. military to reach recruitment goals. In fact, it’s now virtually impossible.

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton wrote a column about these problems for FOX News. In his column, Cotton said, “Soon after Joe Biden became president, the Pentagon ordered an unprecedented military-wide stand down of service members to root out right-wing domestic extremists, wasting 5.8 million man-hours.”

Cotton went on to say, “The Pentagon then hired Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officers at salaries as high as $200,000. For the past two years, the Department of Defense rigidly enforced vaccine requirements, cutting off tens of thousands of service members from benefits, even when many have legitimate objections and are young, healthy adults.”

Many military experts do not believe the current U.S. military is prepared for a major global conflict. They insist that the Chinese Communist Party is building an army superior to that of the U.S. If a head-to-head war with China were to break out, many think the U.S. would lose.

In a world full of dangerous regimes who would do Americans harm, this is a recipe for disaster. Joe Biden couldn’t care less. It’s as if that’s what he and his staff of clowns wants. The U.S. military is struggling to recruit new soldiers.

This is a concern that must be addressed. However, compromising the requirements essential to developing strong soldiers is a horrible solution. One weak link in this chain will spell disaster. People will die. It’s a stupid “woke” policy.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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