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It’s truly aggravating when someone complaining about a problem is actually the problem. What’s even more irritating is when these same individuals blame everyone else for the problems they’re causing. For decades, America has struggled with racism. It most certainly existed, and at some level, it still exists today.

But if you listen to the radical progressive left, racism in America is raging. White supremacy is running rampant throughout our society. Every white American has race phobia. Millions of Caucasian Americans hear these claims or read stories about “systemic racism” and ask themselves, “Where”?

Racism isn’t happening in their neighborhoods. Racism doesn’t even enter their minds unless they hear some far-left parrot spewing the same tired racial narrative. America has battled for many years to heal its racial wounds. We’ve been remarkably successful. Ethnic diversity comes with different cultures and different ways of living. It’s human nature.

But Americans of all colors and creeds predominately live in racial harmony. Racism in America is a fictional narrative pushed by the same people who insist racism is systemically rooted in our culture. It’s not. These self-absorbed elites must drive a wedge between people of different skin colors. They want a society filled with hatred and fear, just like them.

The only way they can push their sick agenda is to target the largest portion of the U.S. population, white Americans. It’s the foundation of critical race theory. Americans of one color are terrible people today because a few other people of the same skin color made some mistakes in the past.

It’s a senseless theory. But to make it work, these people must insist that all the other people of color are oppressed victims. They’re not. Many of them know it. Those who are ignorant of the scheme are those who have been dubbed by the left-leaning mainstream media. With the parrots in the media telling the country we’re all irretrievably racist, it wouldn’t enter people’s minds.

But the radicals have a strategy. That’s why critical race theory was and is still being pushed in many of our schools. If the radical left can brainwash children into believing that everything in life depends on the color of their skin, they will have instilled a sense of racial fear in generations to come. It’s a revolting idea, but it’s happening in schools all across the nation.

Despite many Republican-led states pushing back against critical race theory, deep blue lawmakers are using school systems to foster racial division. At one elementary school in the state of Washington, school administrators have approved a new student club. Centennial Elementary School in Olympia is where the club is being created.

In an email from the school principal, she informs parents that “we have a 5th grade BIPOC student group that meets weekly during their lunchtime.” But the notice from school principal Shannon Ritter clearly bans white children from participating. This is old-style segregation.

The same radical progressives that scream racism are helping to build racial walls in our children. Parents in the Centennial School District are outraged. One parent said, “My son came home and said that they came into the classes, and they were promoting this and talked it up to the students. But then he found out that since he was white, he wasn’t able to participate.”

But this incident is not isolated to one school. In Democrat-dominated school districts across the country, these same types of brainwashing policies are being used to divide our children. But isn’t it rather ironic that those who scream the loudest about a perceived problem are the ones who are causing the problem? There’s a word to describe that. It’s “hypocrite!”


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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      • Exactly; but you’re telling that to a moron who thinks somebody visiting this site gives a flying bleep at all about the BS this idiot spews! Just helps many more people to realize how many sick demented idiots are running loose and not locked up in the insane asylum where they belong!

        I just laugh in their faces and piss on their graves!

        Ya know the old adage give them enough rope and they hang themselves; doing the job fine of self elimination, end of problem!

    • They on the left will find out because they are raising it to produce their own demise and its coming Big Time!

      The backlash will be epic and proportional!

  • This would be the perfect time to form yet another club. One that has one rule and one rule only to become a member and every student is or can be eligible. They can not be racist. However if they are in the black only, a racist club,…they can not join. Any black student that is not in that club can participate as well as all other students of any other race or religion or gender. They certainly could not be called racist because they will not allow it. It’s time to turn this BS on its head and expose the real racist behavior.

  • Here is a prime example of Whites being “their own worst enemy”:
    One can easily tell that most Whites have been brainwashed by the incessant drumbeat of “racism” and “discrimination” being totally a fault of “white-run society”.
    A good example of “Whites being their own worst enemy” is the (White) opposition to the “safe spaces” movement being advocated by “people of color”, mostly blacks.
    When proposals were made at various “institutions of higher learning” to allow certain facilities (living spaces and other meeting places) to restrict admission to only “people of color”, the outcry from Whites was deafening. Complaints were made by well-meaning but misguided Whites that this would promote “discrimination” and “exclusion”…to which I say: “so what?” and “what’s wrong with that?”
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with any racial and ethnic group voluntarily segregating themselves, as long as this policy is allowed “across the board” (including the right of us Whites to do so as well).
    Whites are missing an opportunity to restore true “freedom of association” not only for blacks, but for ourselves as well. If “people of color” can have their own exclusive facilities, so can us Whites.
    As long as the right to associate with those we are comfortable with is restored for all, I see no problem with it. In fact, I would appreciate being informed of places where I am not welcome.
    Black groups allowed for blacks only
    Hispanic groups allowed for hispanics only
    Asian groups allowed for asians only
    White groups for whites only–NOT ALLOWED as that would be “racist”.
    What’s wrong with that picture?
    Let’s restore true “freedom of association” for ALL–including Whites.

    • “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

      Noble Yes Dr. King, but…
      Many blacks have proved they have no character!

      • That is why throughout history some groups of people continually proved they were savages and happy being that way! Predominately civilized peoples mostly Whites or Europeans brought more culture and opportunity to various regions of the world making for a better standard of living for all; But there have always been malcontents and they still try to wreak havoc upon the good; it’s just that “primitive stupid behavior” rearing its ugly head that some just won’t shake off in order to move forward into the light out of their cavern of darkness!

        Don’t get me wrong, many of those primitives are more than glad to take the modern implementations and conveniences produced by their cultural betters of the world; but then again all they can do is use and abuse it all not wanting to contribute in like fashion; they are heathens! Look how many people these days are going backward with all the body piercings and tats covering every square inch of their bodies! Stupid is as stupid does!

  • Checking the statistics on “”;
    In 2021 the US population was made up 41,685,901 non-hispanic blacks…..
    In 2021 the US population was ALSO made up of 192,392,642 non-hispanic whites.

    (BTW, for the record; I’m NOT white!)

    I ask; WHY and HOW is the minority RULING the MAJORITY????
    “feelings” ??

    Because If that’s the real case then something that has been suggested in the past now has corroborating evidence that needs to be heard… because now we have what was in the past called INSANITY running the entire country…. “Insane Asylums” need to be immediately constructed and all those in need of help placed in them.
    Anyone who thinks there are “more than 2 genders” cannot have graduated high school… or they are certifiably insane.
    Those that are certifiably insane need to housed and cared for away from the general pubic so the majority of people can prosper, and those mentally challenged can be cared for and possibly helped.
    Jus Sayin………………………………………….

    • That would go a long L-O-N-G way to eliminate the leftist democRATS from society!

      That would not be just a good thing-but a GREAT thing!

    • Yes Aubrey, I believe we speak the same language and have the same honest common sense thinking that has always been human kinds best ace in the hole within some populations, but that has been tossed for what you said here; “INSANITY running the entire country…. “Insane Asylums” need to be immediately constructed and all those in need of help placed in them.” Absolutely and that would actually be the most humane thing we can do as a society for the betterment of all, rather than allowing this deterioration of society that is presently in full force!
      I said in other comments here and elsewhere that this is the root issue of how so much “Insanity” has been allowed to fester and propagate, to where now it’s even being raised up on a pedestal; in a sense worshiped by some and that is hell on earth!!!
      This will be the fall of humanity completely if not Stopped!

      Back in the early American society and in Europe Insane Asylums at times where down on every street or around the corner to house the barbaric and totally out to lunch; to separate them from typical hardworking decent folks!
      We have the opposite in society at this time and it is totally destructive to the good! I’m considered white and you say you’re considered black but skin color doesn’t even come into question where we are concerned, as I see it plainly that we are fully in agreement on the important issues! We have no racism or prejudice because we are sane and choose to see clearly what the fundamental truth is, period!
      Bless you for saying it so well!

  • So have the white kids start a “whites only” group. I bet THAT wouldn’t be approved!

    Any takers? The whites only group would be accused of being racist while the above “no whites” wouldn’t be! Double standard much?

    Racism is racism no matter what the left says!

  • America fought racism for 10 years and when it finally won, it turned out that racism just changed color. White racism has turned into black racism. But what does the state of Washington have to do with it? After all, it never had a single slave.

  • Then why can’t we Black kids? The blacks want everything their way. Lord help us if the whites had a club where blacks were banned . The blacks would be rioting in the street.

  • ENOUGH! Deport all blacks, muslims and illegal aliens.

    The extreme black on everyone else crime rate and the genocidal islamic ideology are in ‘Antithetical, unequivocal diametrical opposition’ to maintaining a peaceful, civilized and Christian country.

    Deport them all ASAP!

    • True and they are supporting Evil so let’s admit that up front that there are those groups that seek to destroy us and our nation under God!
      Enforce the US Constitution for cripes sake straight across the board and justice with real teeth dispensed!

      • Agreed, & equally applied to all. That’s what equality is. it’s not about numbers & outcomes, but opportunities & treatment.

      • That would be a great idea, but the standards of Justice have splintered in our nation, Justice is now given out depending on political considerations and wealth considerations, my guess is there are four standards but there could be even more, you would have to ask the judges meeting out their personal forms of justice!

  • More Communist Racial HATE Dividing. Any $$ Funds to This School Should be Terminated. All Races Pay Taxes that Go To Schools.

    • Oh you are correct there are those groups and nations who are actively within our country fomenting violence and division to bring ruin! This evil Biden administration along with the corrupt to the hilt govt. agencies have allowed more of them in by the millions from all over the planet; so this will only get much worse unless corrective action is taken very soon to reserve it all!
      Soros and Satan are laughing as they so far appear to be getting their wish; which Soros stated back in 1979, his life goal; to destroy America and its people which he hates! Yet that kind of evil is allowed?

  • This rhetoric by the demented radial left is nothing more than an attack upon good from evil which will hinder them from ever be satisfied or to actually understand just how insane and wicked they are!
    They must be stopped and one way or another they are overdue for the justice that will reject their insane self-loathing hateful prejudice filled racism/stupidity, and either put them in their appropriate place in the society mosaic if they can buck up and shut up, or lock them away in the insane asylums and prisons where they actually belong!
    A society cannot function with this kind of evil lurking in the background always looking to start a political forest fire!

    • Of course and we know that Obama and the whole Marxist cabal are in lockstep to ram all this BS and hate Americans agenda down our throats!
      All the while they ripped off America for millions and are all filthy rich for doing diddlysquat!

        • Clinton , Obama and others made sure they appointed plenty of left wing radicals within our government to perpetuate these anti-American ideas which is all destroy from within; the commie mantra! Why did we have to fight a Vietnam War and invest so heavily throughout Southeast Asia? To stop the spread of the commies and the battle is still going on surreptitiously and in the open like this here! More divide and conquer!

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  • This is not the only place this happens! Remember we have the all Black caucus in DC where whites can’t vote! How is that not racist? So the colored want to bring back segregation??????? Yep the Democrats brainwashed them all into thinking that way! Like Joe Biden said soon he will have them all back in chains and it will be with them begging to be put back that way! And they are all so stupid and gullible they will wonder and blame everybody else for what they did to themselves! When we go back to 100% segregation that they asked for where are they going to work? Buy food? Live? Go to school? And the prisons will be filled with them again! And the Democrats that gave them the KKK and JIM CROW LAWS! will be blaming somebody else for what they did! As now the blacks are cheering that the Democrats are screwing them! You just can’t fix stupid and gullible !

  • That’s all fine and dandy as long as it goes both ways. If not than how Are the powers that be abolishing racism? If you want racism to stop then stop placing everyone in color categories.

  • The vast majority of white people don’t care if a school club wants to be for non-whites only, so get over yourselves.

  • but the problem is the leftist morons do not care how stupid or moronic their ideas are. they don’t care if they are hypocrites. it doesn’t faze them one bit as long as they their way. if i were some white students in those schools i would start white only clubs

  • well, well, well…….I want to form a WHITES ONLY club in this elementary school. WHAT? What do you mean I can not do that? Why not? OH, cause it’s RACIST? That’s just wrong to tell me I can not form an all white club. I am so glad I got out of Washington state. It is because of crap like this that keeps us all from uniting. If WE ALL were to unite……..our govt. would tremble in fear. WE need to END BS stuff like this and teach kids how to get along and not to make mistakes like in the past .

  • HYPOCRITE is an excellent word to describe devildemocommiecrats and other satanic leftists!!!!! They LIE to create racial division so they can rule over all of us!!!!!!!!!!

    • Divide and conquer; YES!

      Mao in China did it and Hitler as well!!! When will people wake up and realize the governments are not for the people anymore; if they ever were in the first place!
      Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and that is the way it’s always been folks; and is now!

  • AND, this just keeps the crap going. Every time you turn on the tv it is poor blacks this and poor blacks that – the first time in AMERICAN history that the big ball game was headed out by two BLACK quarterbacks, not just really good quarterbacks but “BLACK” ones. The halftime performance was – you got it – all BLACK and it goes on and on. The more you push this seperatist junk the more you spread new hatreds. I was not born an AFRICAN AMERICAN and neither was ANY of the black folks that were/are born in America — we are ALL just AMERICANS. I am nothing but a poor white man born to a poor white family and I am old and have NOTHING to show for a lifetime of honest back breaking work and yet I AM TO BLAME for all of the problems of the black community and I hate every one of them, and all of that is total BS. If you want to be treated equally then start acting equally and stop DEMANDING reperations from people that did not have a d… thing to do with slavery 200 years ago.

    • Exactly and I love hearing Dr. Ben Carson talk because he speaks Truth and says it like it is! He grew up in the Bronx, NY and around plenty of guys who got into crime and drugs but he said no and pushed himself, to be a better person! Or like Denzel Washington the same kind of story and I met him working on a film, finding him to be a for real, hardworking, good and decent human being, so none of us should buy into this BS propaganda that is being pushed to disrupt and keep the masses off balance and at each other’s throats while the puppeteers rake in the harvest for themselves; those gluttonous pigs! They want more and more Power; read up on what Soros really is, (worked with the Nazis during WWII as a Jew hater and informant), and so many others like him as to what they’re really all about, from their beginnings to now!

      Reparations are a bogus total jackass LIE! Any groups of people can trace their history back through the ages and point to their absolute oppression at one time or another by one group or another; so should we all do some “Roots” analysis and everyone start blaming anyone they can in the past ages, then sue each other for some freebies? All people should shut the heck up and make their own lives what they want it to be; by one’s own efforts and sacrifices not handouts or stealing from others!

  • Why not create a Whites only club? Oh I forget that would be racist. Actually I wonder why any white kids would want to join this group in the first place, I think this is just a pathetic attempt to make the children of color feel like they are special and White kids are bad. ?????

  • This is racism, pure and simple. It cannot be sanctioned; not legally or morally.

    Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of a color-blind society is being spit upon by the “woke” Leftist mob mentality who has had no use for the moral principles of the late civil rights leader for sometime, now.

    If White supremacy is wrong, and it is, then Black supremacy is equally wrong!

  • The most racist people in America are and have always been Marist democrats, they only see people’s skin color and never see people as individuals! So explain to me why we make student’s suffer by having Marxist democrats shoveling their racist agenda in their schools? Fire them all and pass a law that only retired layman and women can be teachers!

    • Marxist’s are one of the most hateful, bigoted, hypocritical and demented groups of people anywhere on the planet; truly evil spawned from Satan! Check it all out and prove me wrong! Karl Marx worshiped Satan and told and caused his two daughters to commit suicide! Satan does exist and Marxist communism is totally EVIL!
      Now is doing its best to ruin and destroy America folks so wake up!

  • This needs to be Turned Around. It should read No Minorities need not Apply.
    IT’S , because the WOKE People think they are BETTER than White s , Latino s ,
    Asian s, Black s or any other sick Color is WRONG. But the Only One s Racist here are the Ones that have Their heads were the S D S ! Lol !



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