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The liberal left pleads for the sympathetic, compassionate treatment of all, especially those misunderstood criminals. They boast of a kinder, more inclusive ideology. Democrats insist that those with different opinions are being rigid and unyielding.

However, a new poll tells a far different story. Seems registered Democrats, especially those from younger generations, are exceedingly less tolerant of differing political beliefs than either Republicans or independents.

Many of these self-proclaimed supporters of inclusiveness won’t even be friends with someone who holds a mildly different political stance. The self-righteous progressives will decline a date with almost anyone espousing to a conservative viewpoint.

They’re even cautiously wary of the more moderate members within their own party. When it comes to supporting their local communities, many liberal Democrats refuse to do business with any Republican-owned businesses.

The percentage of the college-age Democrats who say they would never date a Republican is over 70 percent. While the numbers fall slightly for holding friendships or frequenting conservative businesses, it’s still nothing even remotely resembling “inclusive”.

This seems to be a typical trend among liberal Democrats. They’re fine, as long as everyone parrots what they believe. Everyone should be included, as long as everyone agrees with all their self-entitled ideologues.

Barely five percent of Republicans said they wouldn’t be friends with a Democrat. The reverse number for liberals is nearly eight times higher. While nearly a third of the polled Republicans seemed rather reluctant to date a Democrat, that number was double in reverse.

So, it seems the self-proclaimed party of inclusiveness is anything but. They’re the exact opposite of what they say they believe. This poll speaks volumes. On one hand, it shows that Democrats have problems practicing what they preach. It also clearly proves they’re hypocrites.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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