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Too many elected officials don’t go to Washington, D.C. to work for the people. These individuals simply want power. They want to feel important. The United States Senate has 100 of the most influential elected officials on earth. They are critical to our democracy.

Each U.S. state has two. As is the case with virtually any public office, there is a tendency for a U.S. senator to become self-absorbed in his or her own self-importance. It is a prestigious office. However, there are dedicated patriots who understand the true job of a United States senator.

That job is to work feverishly for their employer. Their employer is the American people, their voters. When a senator follows that single most important guideline, he or she will be successful. Those who maintain the highest levels of integrity and professionalism can expect long and fruitful careers.

If any single U.S. senator exemplifies these two critical attributes, it’s Louisiana Senator John Kennedy. Senator Kennedy is a one-of-a-kind gem. Not only is he a wise politician, but Senator Kennedy appreciates his place in the grand scheme of things.

He believes he is one man, a fellow U.S. citizen entrusted with an important job: representing the American people. Along the way, Senator Kennedy will poke fun at himself, the institution he represents, and especially the insanity he sees as an inherent part of Washington, D.C.

Senator Kennedy loves nothing more than to wax poetically about the radical shift he’s witnessed by the far-left in the Democrat Party. Make no mistake about it, Senator John Kennedy is a conservative, and a proud conservative. But he has and will continue to “reach across the aisle” in compromise.

However, John Kennedy, the man or the senator, will never compromise his values. Far too much of the radical progressive agenda opposes the core American values Senator Kennedy believes in. In a recent political ad, he uses a little humor to get across some very serious points.

Senator Kennedy believes in law and order, strong borders, and the power of parents in their children’s lives. He stands behind police, legal immigration, and a strong educational system that teaches American values.

What he doesn’t stand for are many of the ignorant policies of the radical left. In his new political ad, Senator Kennedy says as much. He stands, serious as always, beside a tank full of jellyfish. Senator Kennedy then begins to obliterate the radical progressive left’s woeful ideology.

He begins the ad by telling the American people, “The Left thinks that by defunding the police, we’re gonna stop crime.” He continues by saying, “The Left thinks that vetting at our southern border is racist.” These are two of the key points in the new Republican “Commitment to America.”

Senator Kennedy then says, “The Left thinks that government employees have a constitutional right to talk to five-year-olds about sexuality. I know, it’s frustrating to me too, to see our country, which was founded by geniuses, and being run by idiots.”

And then, in perfect John Kennedy tongue-in-check form, he nails the punch line. “But still, I’m an optimistic guy. I have hope for my liberal friends. Jellyfish have survived for 165 million years without a brain.” But the wise senator from the great state of Louisiana is not alone.

Americans have watched the radically liberal policies of the new Democrat Party for two years. Since “clueless Joe” Biden took office, Democrats have controlled all three branches of the U.S. federal government. They’ve done nothing but drive the country into the ground.

Stupid politicians make stupid policies. But smart voters get rid of stupid politicians before they can do more damage. Senator Kennedy is right on all his points. But most of all, he’s appealing to one bold statement. “Stupidity is Painful!” No one wants to be labeled as stupid.

Americans are tired of far-left policy driven pain: the pain of crime, the anguish over inflation, and the agony of fear. Voting for a Democrat in November may be the dumbest notion ever conceived. Some will fall victim to their ignorance. But like Senator Kennedy, Americans are smartening up.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • I guess we will see if anyone listens to this senator. I doubt it, the ignorant people won’t change and I am sad to say I don’t think they will until our country is totally destroyed. Just look at our corrupt FBI and DOJ.

  • HAAAA HA HA HAAA I absolutely love John Kennedy!
    He has more common sense than the ENTIRE DEMOCRATIC PARTY!
    He’s a true Patriot and isn’t afraid of telling it like it is, why? because unlike every other politician in congress he’s not corrupt trash and no one can blackmail him. If he was a little younger he would make one hell of a President.

    • Oh, I don’t know. I grew up blue collar Democrat and watch the party as it was morphed by liberals into the Demonrats of today. The thing is they’ve never been called on about their stupidity so they continued to escalate and raise the bar on stupid daily. It’s sad because being that stupid should really hurt just like a sharp stick in the eye.

      • You’re right. Dems rely on their low info faithful to do whatever mental gymnastics are required.
        I never got into political discussions at my office, because low info Dems cannot deal with facts. One example was Obamacare. They heard Obama say many times,”We will keep this promise to the American people: If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. If you like your health-care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health-care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what.” Dems in my office gushed about those promises, as well as the $2500 they were going to save in premiums.
        Once Obama signed it, it was as obvious as the Sunrise that he lied. They lost their doctors and healthcare plans. As their premiums skyrocketed, they knew who to blame. They acknowledged that It passed with all Democrat votes, so they “knew” that some way, some how, evil Republicans secretly deleted the promises about keeping their doctors and healthcare plans.

    • There are VERY STUPID People in Congress starting with PIGLOSI, SCHUMER, SCHIFF, CHENEY, WATER’S and the list Longer. Oops I forgot ROMNEY, DURBIN , FEINSTEIN, SHEILA JACKSON LEE ,CLINTON and the list keeps Growing and GROWING.

        • Lets all pray they don’t tell them to jump off a cliff! But the battle for which idiot gets to jump first would truly be EPIC! At least give us time to get out the lawn chairs and popcorn!

      • Bo, I think your naming the start of the deep state, you need to add to your list a kenyan born muslime that is still not a citizen of the United States, by his own paperwork, Impossible for him to be a citizen of the United States

    • Considering that half of the voters for the Idjit and the ? voted from 6 feet in the ground, as did cats and dogs of s#:#ocrats. That and ballot stuffing, stealing votes from people( farm family in Commiefornia during recall election), what would you expect from the leftist Loonies!

    • Got that right! It wasn’t people who voted for “little Joe”. It was illegally rigged machines that stole the election from Trump.

      • It is why Democrats are hell-bent on dumbing down students in school. Just look at SAT scores, Most all universities have to have a remedial courses just to bring students up to college level. Critical thinking is no longer Taught. However CRT, equity, social engineering, grooming, drag shows and a lot of crap that is totally useless making students think they must be dependent upon the govt.

  • John Kennedy is right on everything he said and anyone who votes Communist Democrat this November is just like a jellyfish, No Brain.!
    After the election is over this November, we’ll see just how many brainless stupid people we have in America, I’m sure most of the votes for Communist Democrats will be Illegals, and those who don’t want to work and want their handouts.

  • Straight forward common sense advice, is never wasted on those smart enough to pickup on the message. Stupid is painful but seldom cured, thats my message! My leftist friends and spouse still continue to vote for them, thinking in every election, they will do something profoundly different and meaningful. We are on the threshold of a nuclear WWIII, and the left is still focused on abortion! Their perception of world peace, hinges on the ability to destroy unborn fetus!

    • Yup! Albert Einstein: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

      These are the lost and damned people for sure, and many are absolutely damned to hell I must warn all who are paying attention! Especially these that push murdering innocent unborn human beings like its taking a dump! They are phucked!

      There will be no stay or pardon for many of these that took God’s gift and pissed on it for power or just to get their stubborn way; no matter how stupid or insane they are they must and will pay the price for eternity!

      By the way these are the same wicked left that screamed continually back in 2016 American could not elect Trump because he would start WWIII, I had many of them screaming at me personally! But Trump made more peace than several of his predecessors, and now look what we have, the group of loons that would make and take WWIII, as long as they can have on demand abortion up to full term; “Biden the king of murder” who appropriated in his first 100 days in office 468 $Billion exclusively for this purpose! This in itself tells you we are actually dealing with evil; even possession! Try to tell me Biden won’t be burning in hell forever!

      I’ll say this if any voter votes for demoncrats knowing all this now I truly believe God may very well judge them with the same measuring stick as Biden for guilt by association or aiding and abetting pure diabolical evil! I believe God has allowed things to get this bad for this reason, so the truly wicked will “present themselves for damnation;” CHOICE must be allowed, they’ve screamed that in the streets for decades; now they get the full-Monty!

      All the innocent that suffered through all this debauchery and horror, yes they were martyred; but immediately in a flash go right to God in heaven for the best of all good and holy things forever; God bless them!

  • If we had 100 Kennedys in the Senate I’d feel more optimistic about our future. But alas, we have too many Dems, far too many RINOs, and way too few true conservatives to give us much chance. The whole system has become fraudulent with the morons in Congress continually botching the issues, the hucksters at the Fed pretending that they know what interest rates should be, and the majority of the citizens themselves pretending to have any idea of what is going on. But I guess we can’t expect much with today’s dominant Washington “elite” that got its start in 1907 in J.P. Morgan’s drawing room where he appointed then-leading Senator Nelson Aldrich head of a group to make sure his “elites” never again lost control of Washington ‘s grip on the nation. Nelson was successful and, with the signature of President Wilson (Google: Woodrow Wilson and the FED), the “elite” formed what became the Federal Reserve and were on the way to U.S. dominance. They’ve had 115 years to groom and refine the U.S. to their standards and look at the mess we’re in!

    • True and people like David Rockefeller, Rothschild, Soros, Gates, the cabal of Freemasons, Schwab and the Illuminati have all joined forces to control the world; Biden has been a lapdog sucking up to them for his whole useless criminal career of political fraud. And of course we can be certain that behind all of these most heinous characters there has always been their daddy Satan!

  • Very amusing ad, but I would like to point out one mistake in this article, which would be the statement that “senators work for the people”. U.S. Senators represent the individual states not the people. Individuals should write or call their Congressional representative not the State`s Senators when faced with a problem or situation. Many years ago, people started contacting the Senators rather than their Reps. This should have never been allowed but then far too many Americans are ignorant of how the Federal government is supposed to function. This “dumbing down” of American children began under Woodrow Wilson and done intentionally so that people would submit without question.

  • If not forgetting, Senator Kennedy is ignoring that the majority of the American population is little more than cattle. Despite a few witty words, as pertinent as they are, they will do nothing to change the direction of the bovines. It’s terrible, but true.

    • True a majority of the American people are like herd animals or cows, but, they can stampede eventually when all hell breaks loose; and it will you can be sure of that! Then nobody will escape the catastrophe not even the crooked politicians!

  • The Democrats are still waiting for the rich to pay for everything! Their standard lie since 1949! And they always seem to find a new batch of idiots to swallow that lie! Then they want to tell you how smart they think they are!

    • You are absolutely correct. I am a 75 years old member of the working Middle Class, and EVERY President that has raised my taxes was a Democrat. EVERY President that has reduced my taxes was a Republican. I never bought the BIG LIE that the Democrat Party is the Party of the American worker. That is pure Socialist bulls–t, always was, and always will be. VOTE Republican to restore America’s dignity and prosperity.

  • I disagree with the assessment that the democrats are solely to blame, both parties are.

    We sit on the side lines like watching a football game. Democrats vs Republicans, each fan rooting for their own team.

    Yet both parties have failed us, the American people. Both sides continue to siphon funds from social security, pass no border security legislation , waste tax payers money, provide no balanced budget, etc., etc..

    Congress receives pension and healthcare that we as Americans do not. It is time to strip that away and bring them to the peoples level.

    We need to start acting like Americans and those who came to this country assimilate into our ways.

    Not the ways of not enforcing the law. Most importantly we need to hold both parties accountable including the president who takes an oath to follow the constitution and yet doesn’t seem to understand it.

  • I love the open honesty the Senator John Kennedy is willing to say out loud. We all know how stupid and anti-American our current administration is. Why most of our police/law enforcement agents haven’t retired or quit is beyond me. Who would want to work under those conditions, the poor families. I feel sorry for our Military for the same reasons.
    Keep up the great ads of exposing the greedy criminals who are in charge. This is not a democracy any more. It is truly sickening how the president and his party and I don’t know how they can call themselves Christians or live with themselves.
    Keep it up Senator!!

  • Well You know.they Democrats and President say that Common Sense Gun Laws should be for it and I say the Same thing too about the Democrats if anybody does not use Common Sense and Vote the Democrats out is just Plain Stupid and not have Common Sense Period

  • Over 1 million registered Republicans did not vote in the last election or maybe they did but their votes were “LOST” or changed to not valid! If you care about your families and their future get out and VOTE !!!

  • John Kennedy, a man who appreciates our nation and its people. A man on a mission to alert Americans to the very real domestic danger to the United States: the corrupt disgusting, and perverted Democrat Party. Our sworn enemies from within.



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