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We’re in the 21st Century and some places are trying to get more acquainted and adapted to the times we’re living in.

We live in a digital world where we can use our phones to do almost anything. We can control the locks on our homes, control our thermostats, order food, control TVs, and much more. I can start my car with my phone no matter how far away it is.

Now, several states are taking the next step and have started to adopt a new form of driver’s license that comes in a digital form.

At first glance, this seems like it would be a pretty good idea, right? It’s convenient and you likely don’t have to worry about forgetting your ID at home because it’ll be on your phone and we all know that people don’t forget their phones…unless you’re my wife.

But this is just the next step towards an authoritarian government.

** Your health records including vаccine stаtus
** Your financial reports
** Credit scores
** Travel records
** Vehicle registration
** Spending
** Voting
** Sex offender status
** Licenses and Permits you have
** Parking Fines
** Social Credit Scoring

This is getting a little too 1984-ish. There is no reason that the government should have any knowledge of our health records, our credit score, our voting records, our spending, or any of our finances. And what the heck is “social credit scoring”?

Well, I’m the type of person who will look something up if I don’t know what it is just because I’m not content with not knowing something and the answer to the question of what social credit scoring is may shock you.

“The Social Credit System is a national credit rating and blacklist being developed by the government of the People’s Republic of China,” according to Wikipedia.

Diving down further into it, it’s basically a way of creating second-class citizens for doing something that they’re “not supposed” to do. So what can this affect? Geez…this is where it gets crazy…

They can restrict your traveling, keep you from getting accepted to colleges, they’ll throttle your internet speed, take your pets away, prevent you from getting a job, or publicly shame you.

And what are some of the things that could lead to this negative social credit score?

Well, maybe you smoke a cigarette in the wrong place or walked your dog without a leash. Maybe you looked at websites that they don’t want you to look at or played too many video games. Make sure that you don’t drive badly or share something that they claim is fake news on social media or they’ll get you for that also.

Yeah…all of that. Is this what’s coming to America? We’d better do something and do something fast before we have zero freedoms left and we’re competing in deadly games for money.

Photo Credit: Beachfront Solutions


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