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Liberal big government bureaucrats continue to push authoritarian compliance. The COVID pandemic, the deadliest virus in over a century, has provided radical socialists a weapon to exercise control over the American people.

Quarantines, mandates, executive orders, and other types of Draconian rules continue to chisel away at our most cherished freedoms. America is beginning to resemble dictatorial societies that have squashed free speech and the obliterated the democratic process.

One tool abused horribly by radical liberals is the Center for Disease Control (CDC). This government agency became critically important when COVID escaped China’s borders. The CDC should have been dedicated to providing honest direction to help protect the health and welfare of the American people.

However, CDC officials have not been consistent, nor honest and trustworthy. What few sensible recommendations the CDC made have been purposefully used to politicize a deadly pandemic.

Frequently, CDC guidelines have completely ignored the science, while their talking heads insist we need to “follow the science”. The CDC has created confusion and distrust among the American people.

Now they are doubling down with another untrustworthy Draconian recommendation. This week, the CDC proclaimed that they will send CDC Quarantine officers to spot-check travelers. These “Nazi-like” officers are not being asked to simply report various policy violations.

The CDC is instructing them to check for compliance. This echoes the practice used in Nazi Germany to ask for anyone for their “papers” at any moment and for any reason whatsoever. It is not a policy to help combat a deadly pandemic.

This is another bureaucratic big government over-reach into personal freedoms. They are using COVID, despite a steady decline in new cases, to violate passenger privacy. In addition, why are they calling them “CDC Quarantine Officers?”

These “CDC cops” can indiscriminately request COVID paperwork from any passenger without cause. The idea isn’t so much the problem as the concept is. In yet another bogus attempt to make Americans think they are doing something to protect their health and welfare, the CDC is taking a huge overstep into authoritarian control.

One consequential outcome of this new policy will be the ability to target any unvaccinated passenger, regardless of any proof of a negative COVID test. Under the guise of public health, this latest CDC guideline is just another in a long line of excessive Orwellian big governmental power grabs. What comes next, “paper’s please?”


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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