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If anyone wants to explore the ramifications of how a radically liberal government model works or doesn’t, just take a look at California. California’s beautiful cities are ridden with homelessness and crime. Taxes and living expenses are out of control.

Each problem plaguing the Golden Gate State can be directly traced back to preposterous liberal policies. Thousands of long-time California residents have had enough. Along with its fellow liberal New York State, more and more people are packing up and leaving.

They’re tired of having their personal freedoms encroached upon. They’re tired of being forced to comply with regulations that their own elected officials ignore. In short, Californians are tired of California’s failed liberal policies.

However, not all of them are packing up and leaving. There’s an ever-increasing push to sever ties with the radical portions of the state. This push to split California into two parts has been going on for about five years. While not terribly feasible, it is real.

Recently, as the policies and living conditions grow worse, the New California push has gained momentum. Proud Americans are fed up with outrageous taxes and a high cost of living. Each of these problems is the result of unbearable and excessive state regulations.

They claim they can get the results they want by using the same plan used by West Virginia used to become the 35th state admitted to the Union. The relationship between the New California and West Virginia idea has a similar political foundation.

West Virginia is a predominately conservative state. The bulk of West Virginia’s conservatives lean towards being moderate. The Mountain State elected a Democrat as U.S. Senator. Joe Manchin is one of the most moderate Democrats on Capitol Hill.

Manchin’s devotion to his moderate base has proven to be a thorn in the side of the progressive liberals. His common sense approach to government has derailed numerous far-left socialist policies. This is probably a key reason behind the push to divide California.

Conservative Californians don’t aspire to have their way or else. They just want a fair balance. The more moderate portions of California are tired of being overwhelmed by hard-left policies they do not believe in.

There are also some aspects of the West Virginia statehood model that the plan’s organizers believe can help to turn their hope into reality. They insist that Article IV, Sections 3 and 4 of the U.S. Constitution, support their plan.

But we’re not so certain this will play out as they hope. First, West Virginia’s case was during the time ahead of the Civil War, when Virginia had seceded from the Union. California hasn’t seceded from the United States, although many Californians wish it would.

Without that happening, any vote to split the state would require a vote in the California state legislature. Since California is overrun with liberals, you can bet they will never allow a separate conservative state to breakaway. This would hand Republicans two more U.S. Senate seats.

The logic is the same as any argument made by conservatives who refuse to allow Washington, D.C. statehood. The reasons are the same. But nevertheless, the idea is refreshing. Don’t expect a statehood petition from angry conservative Californians any time soon.

For the moment, they’ll just have to satisfy themselves with the state’s appealing climate. Maybe someday, a famous folk singer will pen new song lyrics, “Almost Heaven, California.” Until then, Californians will have to settle for “wagons east!”


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • I doubt if “New California” would accepted as a name,so I have two suggestions;Jefferson or Pacifica.



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