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The state of affairs in Eastern Europe is in chaos. Vladimir Putin has launched a needless invasion of Ukraine. As the Russian war machine has stalled, more dangerous whispers have surfaced out of the Kremlin.

Russian leaders are making innuendos about a nuclear war. These types of alarming insinuations haven’t troubled the world’s population since the Cold War ended. They’re back. They are truly disturbing.

However, there have been other recent developments that are equally disturbing because of how bizarre they are. Kevin Westley has a YouTube channel. Westley has recently posted a pair of videos about the 9/11 attacks in the United States.

One was titled a “A 9/11 Tribute”. This video was relatively benign. The second is an extremely raw video of the actual attacks. Furthermore, it’s never been seen publicly. There is actual audio of the penetrating astonishment of onlookers as the first plane struck the World Trade Center.

It’s the second video, “9/11 Kevin’s Video with Raw Audio”, that is so bizarre. Many question the timing of its release in relation to the catastrophe in Ukraine. Westley’s video shows another, previously unknown, showing the attacks from a different angle.

Some more conspiracy-oriented types are wondering at the timing of this video’s release. A few comments wondered where this video had been for the last 20-plus years. Westley’s video shows some of the clearest and most concise footage of the second plane ever seen.

The videos provide a window back in time. It was a point where the world was changed forever. Many believed the first plane was a horrific accident. When the second plane struck the other tower, it was clear this was no accident.

An attack on the Pentagon minutes later fueled paranoia across the nation. Some ardent conspiracy theorists aren’t sold that Westley’s timing doesn’t have an ulterior motive. Westley has tried to explain the rather bizarre gap between 9/11 and the release of these videos.

He insists that, after more than 20 years, he just realized that the videos were set to private only. That seems logical, if not at least plausible. But that hasn’t stopped the conspiracy minds from racing.

What the story does show is that the world is slowly drifting back towards an unhealthy state of paranoia. We can thank Vladimir Putin for that. As horrifying as 9/11 was, it will pair in comparison to a nuclear war.


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