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As the world attempts to crawl out from under a devastating global pandemic, millions of people have questions. Some question the mechanics used by governments to lure people into getting a rapidly approved vaccination that’s supposed to protect you against COVID.

But what if you’ve already recovered from COVID, and therefore have a level of natural immunity far superior to what the vaccination provides? Why do you need a jab? Others have sincere questions about potential side effects from a rapidly released new drug.

Still others have personal health and ethical reasons for feeling that the vaccination may not be in their best interest. However, the politically driven message from the radical liberals is, if you’re not vaccinated you’re in essence a potential murderer. The unvaccinated are deplorable.

It’s completely crazy. Why are any and all facts about preventive medicines and natural immunity never discussed? Why aren’t the growing numbers of potential health risks resulting from having taken the vaccine not being openly talked about?

One NBA player wishes they were. Brandon Goodwin was a promising young member of the Atlanta Hawks. That is, until he took the COVID vaccination. Goodwin experienced dangerous blood clots. The 2021-22 season is now over for Goodwin and maybe his career as well.

The 26-year-old point guard out of Florida Gulf Coast University, who signed his first NBA contract with the Memphis Grizzlies in 2018, experienced debilitating side effects after getting “the jab”. He wishes someone would have shared the potential risks with him first.

Every medical professional he consulted said he was young and healthy, and the vaccination presented little or no risk. Nevertheless, young and healthy also reduces the risk of serious illness from COVID to virtually zero as well.

But facing the knowledge NBA executives were most likely going to mandate the vaccine anyway, Goodwin consented. He wishes he wouldn’t have. Goodwin said, “I got sick, and never quite recovered from it”.

A once vibrant and healthy young professional athlete began to experience agonizing back pain and felt unusually tired all the time. Goodwin insists that he was perfectly fine until immediately after he received the COVID jab.

Now, he has blood clots that may very well have brought an abrupt and unnecessary end to his budding NBA career. This has to be a traumatic experience for Goodwin. Last season, he was gradually becoming an integral part of the Atlanta Hawks’ regular rotation.

He played in 47 games last year for a team many feel could challenge for this year’s NBA Championship. Goodwin will not get that opportunity because no one told him about the inherent risks of taking a shot.

Another disturbing aspect of this story is how the leftist liberal mainstream media have buried it. Even the NBA told Goodwin not to talk about his dreadful experience. All these liberal propaganda machines want to do is reinforce the lie.

There is no compassion for what happened to this young man. The mainstream media continue to splatter Americans with false information, regardless of how many lives are destroyed as a result of submitting to the “COVID jab”.

The left wants everyone “to get the jab”. They don’t care if there’s growing evidence that the COVID vaccine may create irreversible health damage for certain people. The message is that you’re a bad and evil person if you unvaccinated. The NBA is complicit.

It’s a sinister political game of manipulation with potentially deadly consequences for some. As more so-called breakthrough cases emerge, cases where COVID has attacked the vaccinated, the level of vaccine effectiveness becomes increasingly more suspicious.

With an obvious decline in efficacy, and a growing number of dangerous health consequences from it, the COVID vaccine lie spewed by the Biden administration becomes suspicious as well. Everyone keeps telling us that the vaccine works. It obviously isn’t working very well, not even as well as natural immunity.

Biden and his purveyors of unfounded science preach about how safe the vaccine is. Wonder if any of these supposed experts have taken the time to talk to young people like Brandon Goodwin. Somehow we doubt it, because these corrupt clowns might have to admit the truth.

Photo Credit: Dan Fornal


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