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After nearly two years in office, Joe Biden has finally admitted what we all knew to be true: life under his leadership is absolute hell.

At a rally in Florida on Tuesday, Biden said, “Look, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine sent gas prices soaring around the world. But because of the actions we’ve taken, gas prices are coming down here at home.”

“In the last six months, while the rest of the country was going through hell, six of the largest oil companies made more than $100 billion in profits,” he added.

Well, that’s the truth, but it’s not the whole truth. The oil companies are not the reason why gas prices have been high, Joe Biden is the reason why they’re high. Joe Biden single-handedly killed out energy independence. He is the one who shot us all in the back then turned around and pointed at Russia and the oil companies.

People say that presidents don’t have the power to control gas prices, but in a sense they do. President Trump kept prices pretty low and then they IMMEDIATELY started going up after Joe Biden was sworn in because he shut down much of our oil production. It was a stupid move, but Democrats are completely incapable of taking responsibility for their own actions.

Keep in mind that Joe Biden and the Democrats want to shut down the oil industry. They act like they are the demons of the earth. Think about it…if you called me names, spat in my face, and threatened to do the same thing to me the next time you see me…if you did that do me every single day, do you think that I would help you out anyway?

What I mean is that with Democrats threatening to come after the oil companies all the time, it makes perfect sense to hold on to as much profit as possible. They have an obligation to shareholders and just because they thrive in different times than the rest of the economy, that doesn’t mean they’re bad. They may do worse when we’re doing better. It’s a give and take.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • It’s the absolute truth. It’s Biden and the Democrats that wanted our energy shut down and that’s why we have high prices. We now have to beg for oil and gas. What kind of sense is that? Then they spend multi billions on buying solar and wind turbines, which don’t exist for the time being and those billions will be stolen by all the corrupt people in charge, while their wind turbines kill hundreds of thousands of birds and wreck sea life and the fishing industry. They don’t give a damn about environment or “climate change”, they prove that with their actions, which speak louder than their empty talk.

    • Unfortunately the requirements to be President of the most successful country in the world are many and complicated. Through no fault of his own, Biden has lived past his prime and now depends on the far left movement for his every prepared action. Too much to expect from a 78 year old.

  • Every day with this PATHETIC administration holds another disaster.
    Pray that we are all given the strength to drag ourselves over the finish line. ????


  • The CommunistcRATS rule,
    with a dictators fist,
    where we were once first,
    we’re now LAST on their list.
    Illegal invaders,
    are welcomed and paid.
    as they surrendered OUR border,
    for ALL to invade!

  • If the Nov8 “ballot box” doesn’t save America, it might mean the only thing left is the “bullet box”. That will cleanse out the vermin, sucking the blood out of American lives. We’ve been here before with an overseas tyrant, now it’s the tyrant(s) within. Slay the dragon, or tame the beast.

  • Climate Change is a bunch of “hooey”. All countries must participate in CC regulations or it is all for naught.

  • Biden is the living example of the old story. A guy sees water coming in to his boat and immediately starts drilling holes in the bottom to let it out.

  • Oil companies make just a few cents per gallon sold. Their profit numbers come from the massive amount of gallons that are sold. Senile Joe doesn’t have to pay for HIS gasoline (or anything else)!

  • Oil company making huge profits ? Do you understand the term “corporation”? It means owned by stock shareholders. Millions of everyday Americans invest and risk their funds, to divide the profits. Commies will never understand. Don’t bother explaining.

  • From the start the woke brainwashed Democrats have tried to kill the oil companies! Maybe they need to look around at all the thing made from oil! As those electric cars are going nowhere if you add another 1500 pounds of steal to replace all the plastic! And they won’t be making steel without Coal! Same with shoes since they killed all the leather! Do to cow farts! Proving again just how stupid and ignorant the Democrat is! There seem to be no brainwashed BS the Democrats toss them that they are not dumb enough to swallow!

  • Either Joe Biden is totally insane or his handlers are not telling him how things really are out here in the real world. Here in the deep south, gas, food, rent, well almost everything has gone up since September. It may fluctuate a few pennies one way or the other, our gas prices are again rising to another uncomfortable cost. We are having to choose between eating or buying fuel for us to get to work. It’s shameful.

  • First off, he is NOT the legit POTUS. He is a placed into power f#cking idiot that needs to go along with the stupid clueless bitch he ran with. Call me an election denier or whatever but at least I have the balls to say the goddamned truth unlike so many weak supposed “patriots” out there!

  • Quid Pro Joe Xiden is a Fking Traitor actively protected by the DNC/GOP-RINO /CIA/SCOTUS/FBI/IRS/DHS Deep State Cabal.

  • That maggoty twit hasn’t a clue how bad he’s been.

    Jerk Biden is STILL walking around bragging on the misery he’s brought us all.

  • Third time he’s told the truth, I didn’t think he was capable, neat trick, known to be a compulsive liar right before midterms he thinks he can win House and Senate by telling some truth, all it does is that he just meant to lie all this time. He can tell truths, it just doesn’t fit his ideology.

  • Ya know, Joe, lying never impressed anyone but democrats. For some odd reason, they have backed their party without regard for the candidate’s history as a politician- just because someone told them to do so. Now the “woke” generation and coming out of their years long nightmare to put everything into perspective reality. IOW, the WOKE are WAKING up, the blind are beginning to see, and the deaf are beginning to hear. Remember, Joe, just because something is said in secret or loudly proclaimed, doesn’t make it true, just because something is done ( finished or unfinished) doesn’t make it right, and just because one has the power , doesn’t give him/ her wisdom or knowledge to use it.



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