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If there is one thing that the pandemic has done to those who have made it through the pandemic so far is it’s made some liberals absolutely insane.

To be quite honest, if you look at who it is that’s gone crazy the most, it appears to be white liberal women. These are what we typically refer to as “Karens”.

I mean really though, this is the second time that I’ve written an article about crazy white women going ballistic over someone else not wearing a mask.

This one really tops them all though it seems because these two women are absolutely batty.

A black man was assaulted on an elevator by two old white women because he wasn’t wearing a mask. They yell at the man, start sticking their hands in his face as well as their phones and then they even hit the man.

But what happened next was even more insane. After hitting the man, one of the women repeats what he said and then yells “black lives matter”.

They’re literally yelling black lives matter while attacking a black man! What kind of craziness is this?

Honestly, I’ve got to give credit to the man because most people would not have taken it as well as he did. Here’s what some other people are saying,

“Sorry but if someone touches me like that I don’t care who they are… but they won’t be yelling after…”

“They’re really yelling “Black lives matter” as they literally attack a black man for not conforming to them. Wow”

White libs have lost the plot. What a weaponized propaganda machine that they chant this phrase while actually abusing a black man. It’s not a protective armor that negates personal responsibility to treat others with dignity.”

“I was told mass formation psychosis isn’t real.”

“Lmao where did the black lives matter come from all of the sudden”

“Every. Single. White. Progressive. Woman.”

“Its the flared nostrils and crazy eyes for me”

“If they are so worried, why don’t they just exit the elevator? Looks like there’s lots of safe, uncontaminated air in that hallway.”

“This is going to confuse the purple haired on which side they are supposed to take.”

“There’s a lot wrong in this video, but when she pulled down her mask to yell it defeated the purpose of her wearing it in the first place.”

“I love how they yell Black live matter in self defense haha like all of the woke corporate media”

“I love the part where the realized they f-d up. They start chanting nonsense, like a woke prayer might help.”

So, like I said, kudos to the man for standing his ground and not handling these women the way they deserved.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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