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The United States is experiencing one of the worst crime waves in its history. Many will immediately assume we’re referring to the rampant violence in most of America’s major cities. While crime in Democrat-run big cities is an escalating issue, we’re talking about a more sinister spike in crime.

The criminal activity that will have the most devastating effect on the nation as a whole is happening inside the White House. One of the most deceptive crime families in U.S. history has seized control of the sacred Oval House. At the center of the corruption is Joe Biden. The initial thought is to focus on his drug-addicted son, Hunter.

Sure, Hunter Biden has been exposed as a worthless puppet in a much larger scheme. Despite all the evidence of shady international connections, Hunter Biden is nothing more than a scapegoat. The true crime boss is Joe Biden himself. America essentially has a mob boss running our country. What could possibly go wrong?

Dedicated conservative congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) believes she has concrete evidence to prove it. MTG is investigating a series of financial documents from the U.S. Treasury. She insists that she has uncovered a convoluted network of LLCs and wire transfers originating from foreign nations.

Collectively, these transfers form a business that is hiding criminal activity. MTG is urging potential whistleblowers to come forward with evidence that she believes will incriminate Joe Biden. The Georgia congresswoman is promising protection for anyone who comes forward and testifies under oath.

That may be doable, but Taylor Greene and others need to be well aware that the Biden criminal machine is also in control of the U.S. federal justice system. Americans can see how Biden has manipulated both the FBI and DOJ against anyone who questions his administration’s authority. That’s how mob bosses operate.

They have a series of thugs and fixers who do their bidding. Anyone who disagrees with or threatens their power structure is in danger of being eliminated. If proven true, this bombshell could produce proof that America was tricked into voting for the biggest crime lord in U.S. political history. MTG is confident she has the proof.

Collin Rugg tweeted a statement from Taylor Greene that read, “I just walked out of the Treasury after reviewing financial reports on the Bidens and their web of LLCs and wire transfers from MANY foreign countries that created a vast criminal enterprise bigger than anyone can comprehend.” If this proves to be true, Joe Biden will make Al Capone look like a patron saint!


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • get rid of this alleged leader
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  • Well, he is certainly certifiably. He and Harris my not have destroyed the United States as yet. But they are working on it. In a recent opinion poll comparing Biden to Trump, Biden placed second while Trump came in next to last. Wow, that is amazing.



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