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No matter what this president does the media will never give him the proper credit, so then why do we even listen to them anymore?

The very idea that President Donald Trump is “anti-military” and is suspicious of US intelligence agencies is an false “media narrative,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo instructed Fox Information’ “Life, Liberty & Levin” in an interview that aired Sunday night time.

Expect at least a dozen October Surprises by the Left before November 3rd.  The NY Slimes just launched another one, claiming Trump is a crook by only paying $750 in taxes when he made millions of dollars.  The Left wants voters to think that because they pay more in taxes off their measly salaries, the president paying such a small amount must be criminal, right?  Wrong.  Strategically using income taxes to be offset by depreciation, mortgage interest, etc. is all part of real estate being a business.  Once again, the Slimes tries to make Trump look bad when he did absolutely nothing wrong.

“There’s an effort underway before this election to try and paint the president of the United States as anti-military, and it is shocking to me, absolutely shocking to me,” host Mark Levin said to Pompeo. “I know him, you know him. He adores the military. As you go around the world and you see our military personnel, are they proud of this country? Are they proud of this president? Are they proud to see you?”

“Absolutely. Every day, always …” Pompeo said. “This week, I’ll head to Souda Bay in Greece to see some more of our armed forces. I am confident that they will welcome this administration.”

I am stunned whenever our media and prominent leftist Democrats make claims like the United States is a laughing stock because President Trump, when the exact opposite is true.  Some countries may not like us because Trump made them pay their fair share in NATO dues after the United States had the majority of them for decades, but that doesn’t make us a laughing stock.  It makes us respected.  The fact that Trump is bringing peace to the world instead of endless wars is another reason countries have respect.  The media lie and that’s that.

Pompeo, if you recall, was the Director of the CIA for the first 15 months of the Trump Administration, so he should know how his own people responded to this president.  The Secretary of States remembered traveling with the president to CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., the day after Trump’s inauguration in January 2017.

“The storyline [of the mainstream media] was, ‘The president hates the intelligence community. He despises them. He doesn’t trust them.’ … On a Saturday morning, after the inauguration, hundreds and hundreds of intelligence professionals came out and cheered this president,” the secretary recalled.

“They cheered this president because they knew he was going to select a CIA director that was going to give them the authority to do what it is they needed to do to perform their mission. That’s what these young patriots … that’s what they want,” Pompeo added.
“They joined the intelligence community, they joined the military, to go out and be able to use their power in a way that delivered good outcomes for the American people.”

The host asked Pompeo if he thought the media understood the Trump administration’s foreign policy or even recognized their accomplishments, which are many.

“I couldn’t tell you if they understand it,” Pompeo said. “If they do, it’s willful deceit to the American people in terms of how they speak about this. I’ve watched the accomplishments we’ve achieved. I could tick off half a dozen here as we sit.”

Mike Pompeo, Boris Johnson
“29/01/2020. London, UK. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson hols Bilateral meeting with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in 10 Downing Street.” by UK Prime Minister is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The secretary of state cited Trump’s actions against Iran, notably “the strike against Qassem Soleimani that changed the Middle East,” and in support of NATO, pointing out that the alliance “is stronger as a direct result of what President Trump and our team has done.”

“President Trump has grabbed the right end of the stick on these problem sets and made America more prosperous and benefited the world by doing that,” Pompeo went on. “We don’t hear that story very often in the traditional media outlets, whether that’s The Washington Post or The New York Times or wherever it may be, but I’m confident that the American people will come to see that the world is safer and their lives are more secure as a result of the way President Trump has done it.”

The president has been nominated not once, but twice so far for a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in the Middle East with the peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, and for brokering another historic peace deal between Serbia and Kosovo. The media went out of their way to insult President Trump, the Nobel Peace Prize itself, and those who nominated him, completely obfuscating the accomplishments of the administration that brought the nominations.


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