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In an interview with Fox News earlier this week, former Vice President Mike Pence said that he believes the Republican Party has plenty of good choices besides President Trump when it comes to the 2024 presidential election.

“I honestly believe that we’re going to have better choices,” Pence said. “I hear people saying that they would like us to move forward with leadership that will unite our country around our highest ideals and reflect the kind of respect and civility that the American people demonstrate to each other every day.”

Pence’s comments come as many Republicans are grappling with how to move forward after the events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. Trump has been widely condemned for his role in inciting the riot, and some Republicans have called for him to be expelled from the party even though none of it was actually his fault.

Now, that President Trump has announced his bid for the White House once again, Fox News wanted to get Mike Pence’s opinion on the matter which is why he said what he did regarding other candidates.

“Candidates that were focused on the past, on re-litigating the last election, did not fare so well,” Pence said. “There’s a real affirmation here that the Republican Party needs to be focused on the future.”

Pence’s remarks come as the Republican Party is struggling to figure out its next steps after doing poorly in the midterm elections. It remains to be seen how this internal conflict will play out, but one thing is certain: the GOP will have plenty of choices when it comes time to pick a nominee for 2024.

Pence is one of the names that is also being tossed around as a potential candidate for 2024 in which he said that he’s giving the thought a “prayerful consideration.”


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • How bigoted and Condescending of the republican party to blame President Trump for Jan. 6th. while knowing he was not responsible for it. Before Jan 6th. ever came about President Trump had called for the National Guard to provide security during the certification of the 2020 Presidential Election. If the people and government officials recall and can admit the truth you all know it was pelosi the callled the National Guard off.

    It was pelosi and liz chaney that initiated Jan. 6th. and has continued it unsuccseefully to the present day due to lack provable evidence
    (accusations) are not evidence.

  • Pence is the sanctimonious one. He will never be the GOP nominee. He is an Establishment Republican spouting the Establishment Republican nonsense.

    • Exactly and was only a Mole playing the Establishment game they wanted him to play! Just a loser button man!
      As Phony as they ever come!

  • Mike Pence is the establishment and his powerful ambition is what this is all about. He wants to be president at all costs not unlike Obama, Hillary, or Biden
    He will make deals with anyone who gets him what he desires.

  • I would never vote for pence for anything he is like my dog nurtured and barks at his own shadow all he does are eat, sleep and crap and dig holes and bark all night

  • Go “F” yourself Pence. If you did chicken out on Jan 6th, maybe the truth would have come out. It did come out, but our corrupt Judges and media swept it under the rug. We ALL know what really happened, and you went along with it, and we won’t forget. Go ahead and
    run dickhead, I won’t feel sorry for you!

  • Mr. Pence, he was sooooo
    nervous he put his leg out pat, pat, pat along with twist
    his fingers and hands. Lie’um ???? ?

  • Pence is a traitor who needs to be rounded up along with the likes of Barry, Pelosi, Obama, Bidumb, Harris, and the other RINOs and Democrats!

  • Daniel, most of the time I like your articles. This one not so much. Trump didn’t incite any riot and there was no insurrection. What a crock. You give it credence here with your verbiage. As far as the lofty rhetoric about “uniting our country” and all that twaddle, I’ve heard it all before. Didn’t even Biden do that, before he took to the blood red stage, waved his feeble fist in the air and went on a diatribe about MAGA supporters? My goodness how inclusive. Biden’s words were a balm for my soul…not. Pence is giving a thought for a run his prayerful consideration? Gag me. I won’t vote for him, which will give a win to the democrats. Sometimes one can only hold their nose for so long.

  • I blame Pence for the horrible situation America finds its self in today. If he were a stronger man, he could have found a way to make a better decision when times were tense. He crumbled and took the easy way out, not the way that would best serve the USA.

      • George, Every Vice President has the final word. They go by the electoral college. If they didn’t they’d be lynched. There was objections and he knew exactly why and did nothing. It only takes one to object. Then VP can decide.

  • I can’t understand some people, after MR President DJT MADE THEM FAMOUS ,they come shamelessly and attacked him .SAD.

    • The RINO is Trump who actually voted for Obama in 2008 and didn’t become a Republican until 2012. Pence is an honorable man who did the right thing by upholding the election. I voted twice for Trump, never again. He incited the mob to riot and they were no better and actually worse than the BLM and Antifa punks. All of them, BLM, Antifa, and Trump’s Jan 6th brigade all should have been put down like the dogs they are when they committed violence whether to people or property. And before you call me a RINO, I have voted in every election, local, state, and federal since 1972 and have always voted Republican of which party I have been a member sine 1972 and have never ever voted for a Democrat in my life. Trump is the latecomer to the GOP and you probably are also.

    • You wouldn’t have to since you can’t even spell his name, his name is Vice-President Pence. I now hate Trump after voting for him twice but the loser Trump has lost three straight elections after winning in 2016. I will never vote for him. I am all in with DeSantis. Ef #WhineasaurusTrump

  • Trump has everything to do with January 6th. I voted for #WhineasaurusTrump twice and I will never vote for him again. I am a lifelong Republican having been a member of the party since 1972. I have voted in every election, local, state, and federal since 1972, having never missed a vote, and I have never voted for a Democrat in my life. I voted for the RINO Trump. After January 6 2021 I will never vote for him again. I hold him 95% responsible for the horrendous action of the rioters. The other 5% is for the idiots who listened to Trump.

    I also hold #WhineasauruasTrump 90% responsible for the losses we had election day. He has now lost in three straight elections. He is a loser.

    • George You’re not too smart then. You call Trump a RINO. You think he is really a Demonrat? …. No, you’re not too smart then.

  • President Trump and selection of the Cabinet were united by leadership, accomplished a positive out come Presidency without question as to putting America and its citizens first.
    Elections do have consequences and 2020 was one for the History Books but is over and the goal is to move forward and not continue with worn out dialog and set in motion the importance of the USA and its people and the “establishment” with its worn out rhetoric and ” same old” needs to recognize a paradigm shift needs to happen and leadership needs to prevail without ego but with a plan for a positive outcome for this great country and it’s people to accomplish what America stands for which is life, liberty, rule of law and a Constitution created by our” Founding Fathers” that has stood the test of time and made it an example and not forfeit that success .

    • RINOS are compromisers. The right has compromised with the left from day one and look where it got us. Our Country went in the crapper and all the people followed. How can we redeem ourselves?

      • either secede from….. or shoot the communist. No other cure is known. IF you negotiate with the communist, you will lose or die. Play by your rules, not theirs



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