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It’s probably safe to conclude that President Trump and Mike Pence are no longer close friends.

I would be shocked if they had spoken at all, given everything that has happened since the election, unless it was required of them to act cordial for some reason.

President Trump is actively campaigning for other Republicans to try and flip the Senate and the House and help Republicans regain control in order to put some restraint on the Biden administration and the Democrats while we are all still debating whether or not he will run for office again in 2024.

However, he is no longer the only one who endorses and campaigns for other Republicans. Mike Pence has recently started campaigning for rivals to President Trump’s picks.

Like it or not, President Trump’s endorsements seem to go a long way as he has a very good record when it comes to who he’s endorsing and them winning. Currently, he has endorsed Kari Lake and Black Masters and they are doing well and leading their competitors by double digits with primaries coming up very soon in Arizona.

Establishment Republicans are pulling for Karrin Taylor Robson, who is just another RINO now has the backing of Mike Pence. I think that establishment Republicans thing that the opinion of Mike Pence carries more weight than what it really does. There’s no way his endorsement of Robson is going to push her ahead of President Trump’s endorsement of Kari Lake. I’d be willing to bet money on this race.

We’re only four months away from establishing a new Congress and a new Senate and I hope that the thing that everyone is expecting to happen actually does happen. Let’s take back Congress and let’s do so with an overwhelming majority.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • I am disappointed in Mike Pence. Where would he be if not for Donald Trump. Still an unknown !!

    • i like trump…by time everyone says it like it is,,,,,so carry on with the mealie mouthed politicians and human rights and liberals who sit back and watch countries being overun by illegals whom you have to support who pay no tax….so why dont they go to russia or china or iran why to western countries, why,,
      it is by time the west woke up especially the kids at varsity who are at the forefront of demonstrations and start thinking of the future of their country and what they are doing to it, now.,our country now a mess,,,,thousands upon thousands of corrugated shacks everywhere, when jobs advertised whites excluded, this is south africa today that they demonstrated against all over the world,.,a once well run country now a mess
      and beingfilled with the rest of africa, we do not know what the future brings,,,,,and i see the thousands in long lines on tv crossing into usa,,,,yeow ,,,you have a problem,,, and the white race in danger,,,,,so young puppies from the varsities,,,,carry on support things like black lives matter,,,,but what about white lives,,,,,oh no,,,,,that would be racist,,,,,,black lawyers associations you will not have white lawyers associations,,,get my drift

  • Only anti-Trumpers would follow

    Only anti-Trumpers, a small minority in today’s GOP, would be influenced by
    Pence. He is as effective as a fart in a windstorm.

  • It is starting to appear that Pence is not the all American he professes to be. If he is considering a run for the presidency he doesn’t have a chance!!

  • This is why we should not be messing around with dna experiments. Cross a rino with weasel dna, you get Mike Pence.

  • Mike really shot himself in the foot! Claiming he could do nothing! If that were true the Democrats would not be trying to change the rule so he couldn’t! And America knows it! I like mike but he has gone over to the dark side! In the end he turned out to be just another same old do nothing ! While the people know Trump is doing his best to clean out the DC SEWER! And if he wins I hope he hires the biggest junk yard dog DOJ that investigates them all! And pay back all the money they wasted on witch hunts! That goes double for the corrupt judges! And he won’t have to put up with RINO Paul Ryan The Democrats best friend!

  • pence you coward you stabbed president trump in the back you coward i would not give you one penny or a vote you are a liberal rino coward

  • We’ve got enough TURN COATS and Traitors in the GOP. I wouldn’t vote for Pence if my life depended it. And neither would any other TRUMP SUPPORTER. #TRUMP2024 !! Pence should give up even thinking about the office of president !!

  • I once thought well of Mike Pence. But his actions on Jan 6, 2021 convinced me that he is a coward and is unfit to lead the USA. He far overreacted to a situation that was not fundamentally threatening. In international relations that could be devestating.

  • I wouldn’t ever vote for Pence. He didn’t stand with Trump, because, as we can see, he wanted Trumps job. Add to that he very weak.

  • you are absolutely right the media like cnn all they do is hammer away at the republicans,,,hell bent on destroying trump. an d replacing him with a man that should be retired,,,,

  • How do you trust a back stabber? Pence belongs to the RINO bosses republicans. Don’t trust these RINO people. They have been helping the democrats stop Trump. They are afraid Trump will stop the “One World” movement.

  • Yep..pence showed his true colors when he refused to question the election or have the states investigate this bullish-t election of a pervert basement dweller..who barely had 200 people show up for a rally anytime…while Trump would have in the thousands upon thousands..some vote counter must have counted those 200 votes a thousand times in order to screw our country it’s time these vote counting places were watched for illegal tampering I know I am not the only person to see Trumps tally of votes runn in reverse on t.v….so..Biden is nothing but an imposter for cowardly Obama to hide behind



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