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The Democrats have always denied that they own the votes of felons, but we can now say it is true. But now we have proof. Failed presidential candidate, Michael Bloomberg has paid the fines of 32,000 felons in order to allow them to vote. I assure you, Bloomberg did not pay their fines because he thought they would vote for Trump.

Bloomberg raised 16 million dollars and contributed five million of his own money in order to pay the fines. Those 32,000 will probably get notices on who paid their fines and to remind them to vote for Biden. But this is a prime example of how desperate the Democrats are to win the presidency. They are grasping at straws.

The ability to vote for felons was set up in 2018. Once a felon is out of prison and has paid their fine, they can then vote. Whoever thought this was a good idea is seriously disturbed. The fact that this was achieved because of Republicans makes this a head scratcher. How many of those 32,000 that will vote is anyone’s guess. But some of them could vote for Trump if they were released from prison due to the First Step Act, initiated by the president.

From The New York Post

In a statement to the news outlet, a representative for Bloomberg said, “The right to vote is fundamental to our democracy and no American should be denied that right. Working together with the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, we are determined to end disenfranchisement and the discrimination that has always driven it.”

On Monday, the FRRC shared a New York Times op-ed titled, “This Is How Bloomberg Can Help Biden Win Florida.”

The piece praised his decision to spend $100 million in the Sunshine State to boost Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden as he fights a neck-and-neck race against President Trump.

However, it also urged Bloomberg to spend some of his money paying those fines and fees.

New York Times op-ed 

“An even more politically effective, and charitable, use of those dollars might be to help pay off the debts of Floridians who have financial obligations related to a felony conviction — as LeBron James and the group behind More Than a Vote did this summer.”

“Because of an 11th Circuit appeals court ruling on Sept. 11, an estimated 774,000 Floridians who have already served their time in jail or prison are not eligible to vote in the 2020 election until they pay the fines and fees associated with their sentences.”

It is not known if the op-ed in the NYT influenced Bloomberg, but the timing is on the money. Bloomberg paid off the fines the day after the op-ed came out. There could be a connection.

Bloomberg has promised to spend $100 million in Florida to move it into the Biden column. If President Trump wins Florida again, it will be a major blow to the Biden Camp. But it would not be a shock. Biden and Harris are very unpopular in the large Cuban community. Trump has several paths to reelection. Losing Florida would nhurt but remember,m they have 29 electoral votes and Trump won in 2016 by 34 electoral votes.

But the real embarrassment would be for Bloomberg who would have spent over 1 billion dollars on his presidential campaign and in trying to help Biden win. That would make him look like a fool. But I should have said a bigger fool. Remember when he outlawed large sodas in NYC? “When Big Gulps are outlawed, only outlaws will have Big Gulps.”

I am hoping for a big win for the president in Florida and a landslide victory in order to erase all doubt about his victory. But the possibility of large scale voter fraud is lingering about. Make sure you vote and make sure your conservative friends do too.

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