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If you’re even vaguely familiar with Joe Rogan, you know that he is the type of person he is. He’s not someone who buys into propaganda nor does he care if people like him or what he says.

He’s very straightforward and honest, a perfect example of how people should be in this regard.

Rogan’s not perfect, but he’s all about freedom of speech and makes sure that he practices it.

He’s the type of person who is 200% for free speech and exercises it regardless of the outcome.

Rogan may have received backlash for things that he has said in the past and sometimes he offers clarification if they misunderstood him, but he’s not going to cower and apologize for what he says.

Recently, Rogan came down with the dreaded virus and within three days, he said he was back to normal operating capacity.

He said that on Saturday he was “feeling weary” and soon developed a fever and had a headache. He said he knew what was going on and then he said they “threw the kitchen sink at it, all kinds of meds”.

But among all the things that he did mention that he did, one of them has the mainstream media in an uproar. He said he took monoclonal antibodies, Z-pak, prednisone, a vitamin drip, and of course, the dreaded Ivermectin.

I’m not going to give any information about Ivermectin good or bad. You can do the homework yourself. But Rogan said, “…and here we are on Wednesday and I feel great. I really only had one bad day – Sunday sucked, but Monday was better, Tuesday felt better than Monday and today I feel good.”


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According to The Hill,

The former “Fear Factor” host has come under fire multiple times in the past for spreading misinformation. In April, he sought to clarify remarks he made earlier casting doubt on the need for young, healthy people to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, saying he’s “not an anti-vax person.”

“I’m not a doctor, I’m a f—ing moron, and I’m a cage fighting commentator. … I’m not a respected source of information, even for me. But I at least try to be honest about what I’m saying,” he said on “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

I’ve already seen multiple videos of YouTubers including doctors on YouTube and the mainstream media slamming his taking of the controversial medication and it doesn’t surprise me a bit.

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