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Journalist Matt Taibbi was called out by Democratic Delegate Stacey Plaskett (USVI) on Sunday, after the latter suggested that no one was interested in revealing Taibbi’s sources.

The whole controversy stemmed from the conflict between Taibbi and Rep. Sylvia Garcia (D-Texas) at a hearing of the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government last Thursday, where Garcia accused him of propagating “extreme MAGA Republican lies, misinformation, and outright conspiracy theories”.

He was referring to the tense exchange between himself and Garcia at the committee hearing in which the congresswoman pressed him to expose the source of his access to internal Twitter information, which became the focus of his famous “Twitter Files” investigations.

At the subcommittee hearing, Garcia denied that she was pressuring Taibbi to expose his sources.

But Taibbi turned the tables back on her. In response to her charges, Taibbi rebuked her for “badgering a non-MAGA, non-Republican journalist to give up a source”.

Plaskett then defended her fellow Democrat at the subcommittee hearing by claiming that no one had any interest in revealing Taibbi’s sources.

However, video evidence from the hearing clearly demonstrated otherwise — during it, Plaskett had asked: “Who gave you access to these emails?

Who is the individual that gave you permission to access the emails?” Additionally, she followed up by inquiring if Elon Musk is his source.

Taibbi maintained his commitment to journalistic integrity and refused to answer any questions regarding his sources. In order to counter Plaskett’s claims, he used her own words as evidence against her; responding to her with: “Your direct quote was, ‘Who gave you access to these emails?'”.

See, this is something about Democrats that just gets on my nerves. They’re just the biggest hypocrites.

They claim something like this where they say that they’ve never asked for sources when they clearly have in front of everyone.


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  • Democrats are liars and the is no changing them. The blacks are the worst because if you call them on their lies they will hollar racism.

    • They’ll run through their whole list of -isms & -phobias, if necessary, trying to stop you calling them on their hypocrisies. By admit them? Not a chance!

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  • Most of the DNC congress are products of equity and diversity and have little to no qualifications to do their jobs!!!

  • The conniving Demmunists are SO stupid that they repeatedly tell lies that can EASILY be debunked by simply replaying video of what they said. They don’t seem to understand that if you’re gonna lie, it better not be about something that directly contradicts what you said that is on the public record!

    • Ain’t it the truth! Biden’s entire administration is a perfect example… “FUBARB” — pervasive ineptitude — the only place you can find more “zeroes” than the national debt!

  • Being a Democrat must be a mental disease. How can a President go after the most popular gun in history? How can they (Dems) keep wanting to cancel an amendment to the constitution? They want to dismantle the constitution altogether, Joe Biden is basically brain dead.

    • Why “Yes,” yes he is; but those pulling his strings are a clear and present danger to our constitutional republic

    • Democrats do tend to emphasize their bias, rudeness, pettiness and ignorance on a daily basis. They lie repeatedly, we know they lie, and they know we know they lie…but they don’t care!



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