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Joe Biden recently gave a headline speech at an AFL-CIO labor convention in Philadelphia. He has set a new benchmark for even himself with how many lies he told. It was painful to watch someone trying to insist that his policies were working when everyone can see they’re not.

When Americans finish filling their gas tanks, if they even have enough money to do that, they see how abysmal Joe Biden’s economic policies are. Every time someone pulls a gallon of milk out of the cooler at their hometown grocery store, they feel Biden’s inflation.

The United States is staring down a debilitating recession. Some contend that things are worse economically than at any time since the Great Depression. More cautionary economists do not discount the grave prospect that our nation could plummet close to that somber point again.

But what does Joe Biden do? The clown keeps spewing out one lie after another. His speech before labor members and officials was another Biden pity party. Biden insists that he’s “changing people’s lives.” Yeah, for the worse!

Biden claimed that his policies have put Americans in a better position than any other country to combat inflation. During his speech in Philadelphia, Biden claimed inflation is “worse everywhere but here.” He’s lying.

Inflation in the United States is multiple points worse than in Australia, Canada, and South Korea, among other nations. The “clown prince of poverty” went on to insist that his policies were working to improve Americans’ lives. They’re not.

Since the Biden administration pumped trillions of dollars into the economy, Federal Reserve analysts estimate that this cash influx automatically added 3 percent to the inflation rate. Furthermore, the Federal Reserve has pumped 40 percent into the U.S. money supply.

This has triggered price surges on virtually everything. Now we’re watching as the other shoe drops. Retail sales in May fell. Sales of automobiles are dropping as well. The U.S. economy is like a train wreck headed for a colossal crash.

Amid Biden’s bogus claims of strong employment numbers, more than 30 companies are reportedly set to announce massive layoffs. There is a recession on America’s horizon. Most hope that it won’t be an economic collapse worse than a recession.

But as financial experts predict a gloomy future for Americans; Joe Biden keeps saying everything is fine. He insists that his policies are working. Go tell that to the mother who has to decide between milk and a loaf of bread for her children. She doesn’t think they’re working.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • I can’t even believe anyone would invite Joe to mumble as a speaker. I won’t even listen to him anymore. He’s just a total failure. He’s so bad he can’t even trust his own fart, for fear he’ll shit his pants.

  • Like the NYPD turned their backs on Certified communist Mayor DeBlasio, is exactly what the membership of the AFL-CIO should have done to Lying Corrupt Quid PRO KING Joe. If the membership hasn’t figured out by now that Corrupt Quid Pro is a pathological liar, then the Unions deserve all his B.S. Don’t believe the B.S. from Corrupt Quid Pro, that Corrupt Quid Pro is for the Unions, that corrupt quid Pro is a Union type of guy, B.S. Corrupt Quid pro could care less about the Unions. If Corrupt Quid Pro is for the Unions, is that why Corrupt Quid Pro cancelled the XL Pipeline, because he is for the Unions. A lot of Union workers lost their jobs working on the pipeline, because Corrupt Quid Pro is for the Unions. The only reason Corrupt quid Pro plays up to the Unions, Corrupt quid Pro is after the Union money for the liberal commie Democrat coffers.

  • Everything’s fine, in Joe’s LA-LA Land, our economy is booming, to beat the band. He refuses to admit, that anything’s wrong. and as always, it’s the same LA-LA song. He must be nuts, to believe his own LIES, maybe one day, he’ll open his eyes. How can his script cards, ever be wrong, he wrote them himself, To prove that he’s strong.

    • Don’t you know, Biden is senile and is a puppet whose string are held by Obama and the other “elite”. They want to turn our country toward socialism and then on toward the World without countries, one big world all thinking alike, acting alike, speaking alike, all in lock-step with everyone else for the glory of the One World Country.

  • Joe Biden is literally the meanest President we ever had. The high gas prices were planned by him and his Administration. They knew the high gas prices would drive up the cost of food and everything else. They knew everybody would suffer but that the people who would be hit the hardest would be the poor and those on fixed incomes. They knew many small businesses would be going out of business as people started to cut back on all un-necessary spending and even put off buying things they needed and wanted.
    The Biden Administration doesn’t care about how much citizens and immigrants get hurt in this failing economy. We know that because they are doing nothing to fix the problem, instead they are doubling down on the things that are hurting us while they do nothing but play politics

  • I suppose most of these companies are WOKE and will not mind. After all, implementation of a Marxist agenda requires anarchy and revolution.

  • Net fix works because it was an OBAMA Front and Rice wasn’t it who went as CFO, One of his henchmen women

  • Netflix works for me because it was an OBAMA Front and Rice (wasn’t it) who went as CFO, just another one of his hench women

  • When supply and demand are reasonably in balance, inflation is due to age increases followed or preceded by price increases. If wage increases are not caused by or result in production increases, in the long run, they are offset by price increases. This is traditional wage/price spiraling inflation. If wages and prices increase by 10% the average buying power of wages remains the same (If an automobile costs $2,000 and a worker earns $2,000 a month, an automobile costs one month’s wages).

    If the demand for automobiles increases but the supply does not (or decreases) buyers will ‘bid’ up the price until supply and demand balance. If the cost to produce a product increases because the cost of raw materials to make the product increases due to scarcity of raw materials this is not inflation, it is a cost increase that cannot be offset by wage increases.

    The supply of energy has been reduced by Biden’s policies and actions. This has driven up the cost of energy, hence production. This cost cannot be offset by printing more money. If there is no water all the money in the world will not quench your thirst. The Fed raising interest rates will make it even more difficult to increase production. A wonderful way to stop price increases.

  • The MSM ability to lower the bar for SloJoe means they’ll continue trot him out. His stumbling, bumbling, stair slipping and falling off his bicycle will be looked at as ‘Oh, we’ll, it’s just Old Tippy Cup Joey’, nothing new, move along. Look how they covered for BJ and Barry.



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