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The liberal left, supported by their parrots in the mainstream media, constantly distorts things that conservatives say. The stronger the patriotic conservative viewpoint, the more ardently they attack. President Donald Trump is a constant target of the disconnected progressive left.

However, almost every Republican and conservative alike can point to an example. The liberal left uses lies and deceptively parsed quotes to portray an inaccurate narrative. Most of the time, it’s disgusting. Nevertheless, sometimes their antics are turned back against them.

One conservative congresswoman did just that. Back a few months ago, Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene wrote an opinion piece. Taylor Greene made compelling arguments for what she termed the need for “a national divorce”.

Taylor Greene got the idea for her story from a Sarah Silverman podcast about Democrats and Republicans breaking up. It seems logical for the Georgia congresswoman to draw a direct correlation between Silverman’s theories and the general definition of divorce.

No one argues that liberals and conservatives are in the middle of a rather rocky relationship. In a two-party democracy, the stability of this relationship is critical. There can be differences. However, when the differences gouge a gorge between ideology and efficiency, it’s dangerous.

That’s exactly the premise for Taylor Greene’s argument for a “national divorce”. Like a loving marriage, invariably both parties want to find an amicable solution to problems. However, they often envision far different paths to attain these end goals.

Both liberals and conservatives want clean air and clean water. Nevertheless, though they have the same logical ambition, they envision different ways to reach this aim. Like the parties of many rocky marriages, usually political antagonists work things out.

However, despite a common desire to fix America’s rocky political marriage, progressive liberals ignore the idea of “common ground”. To obtain clean air and clean water, radical progressives insist that transgender men should be allowed to “go potty” in the girls’ restroom.

Progressives think we can stop crime by tearing down century-old statutes. Any sense of racial inequality can be solved if we use the correct pronouns, or eliminate some entirely. Books are the problem. Pancake syrup is the problem. However, there is zero correlation between the two.

Taylor Greene’s recommendation involves a “cooling off” period between political separation and total divorce. She points to liberals, tired of tyrannical laws and government overreach in their blue states, who are moving to conservative red states.

Taylor Greene suggests a time to “cool off” before these blue state displacements are allowed to vote. It would be ironic if blue state loyalists, who flee because of blue state policies, turn successful red states blue.

No proud conservative from Texas or Florida, or any other conservative state, would find the irony very funny. However, that’s the worry shared by Taylor Greene, and a huge number of conservatives are watching their state population bleed more liberal.

Conservatives, who cherish the freedoms their votes have insured, watch as disgruntled progressives ignore the reasons they moved in the first place. Liberals leave one cesspool, only to vote ignorant progressives into office who turn their new home into yet another liberal cesspool.

Conservatives like Taylor Greene think the liberals need time to allow the “big government brainwashing” they’ve been exposed to dissipate. Many conservatives feel threatened by the thought of welcoming their liberal fellow Americans only to watch them destroy their state.

This is where Taylor Greene’s epic reply to those who attacked her suggestion of a national divorce goes viral. She insists, just like in a real marriage, when one spouse asks for a divorce, it should be a “wakeup call” to the other.

Here Twitter account has been suspended so I can’t share the tweets, but here is what she said:

All possible in a National Divorce scenario.
After Democrat voters and big donors ruin a state like California, you would think it wise to stop them from doing it to another great state like Florida.
Brainwashed people that move from CA and NY really need a cooling off period.

— Marjorie Taylor Greene ?? (@mtgreenee) December 29, 2021

“1. You know what is necessary about threatening a divorce? It’s a wake up call to the one offending the other that they’ve had enough. And if the other party cares at all, they look at what they are doing wrong and care to fix it. National Divorce is not civil war. Cont’d,” Greene began her thread, which was followed by other tweets.

“2. Divorces happen in court or perhaps for a country can happen in Congress. I’ve been married 26 years, clearly I’m not in favor of divorce. Happy marriages are the result of 2 committed people working together resolving differences and changing behavior that hurts the other.”

“3. But the state of our union is currently far from happy, and I really don’t care how many Democrats I offend by calling it out. For your information, you like our red states BECAUSE of our politics and it’s OUR Republican politics that create the very environments you like.”

“4. So I will NOT apologize when I muse or discuss ideas that stop Democrat voters and donors, who are moving out of the s**tholes they created with their Democrat votes and donations, from ruining GREAT red states by bringing your disastrous ideas and destructive votes with you.”

“5. For your information, we Republicans don’t want your blue votes ruining our red home states! We don’t want high taxes, high crime, high amounts of perverse school curriculums, loss of freedoms, & AUTHORITARIAN big government in our red states! That’s what you Dems vote for!”

“6. If you are so offended by my comments about #NationalDivorce then take a real hard look inward and ask yourself why it’s sadly such a popular idea with Republicans. We are serious about our freedoms and we feel very threatened by Democrats that constantly tread on them.”

The congresswoman wants liberals to take a long, hard look at the role they play in our nation’s marital discourse. She refuses to sit idly by while liberals bleed into red states, running away from blue state policies; to turn around and vote for these same destructive policies.

Patriotic conservatives are tired of watching liberals cheat the American democracy. They demand accountability from radical progressives who are abusing our long-successful two-party marriage. If differences cannot be reconciled, we want a divorce.

Hopefully, moderate Democrats will see this as a wakeup call. Nevertheless, in lieu of a total upheaval within the progressively radical side of the Democrat party, a return to political marital bliss seems unlikely. Conservatives must demand custody of our freedoms.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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