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For various reasons, a bunch of people decide to vanish from society. Certainly, if asked personally, each would support their decision based on merits. In some instances, the only way to truly “get away” is to fake death.

Well, eventually life circumstances have a way of “bringing the dead, or not-so-dead, back to life. What’s truly bizarre about this story is the part COVID-19 plays. It seems that this deadly virus can do a lot more than just make you sick or kill you.

A serious case of the COVID might just get you busted. Nicholas Alahverdian, who has the real last name of Rossi, landed in a Glasgow, Scotland hospital. His COVID-19 symptoms were so severe, Alahverdian ended up on a ventilator.

Arthur Knight, the name Alahverdian assumed, was wanted by Interpol police. Hospital staff was taken totally by surprise. A bad case of the COVID nailed a fugitive from justice. Alahverdian had warrants for criminal sex abuse charges in both Utah and Ohio.

To avoid sexual assault charges, plus a couple of fraud allegations for bilking money from his foster mother and ex-wife, Alahverdian decided to fake his death. Apparently, he even had the help of someone, supposedly a wife. The alleged child predator set up an elaborate scam.

There is even a heart-wrenching obituary peddling Alahverdian as some kind of role model for children’s advocacy. Like his final demise to cancer, it was a big hoax. Alahverdian even tried to get Rhode Island reporters to fall for his scam.

He urged them to write about how he was a champion for children, crusading against the child welfare system. Journalists declined to write the story, and some said this appeared to anger Alahverdian. However, no one really questioned that he was dying.

Local lawmakers were also asked to contribute to the sham. However, a series of elaborate memorials for Alahverdian were nixed because some people spread a rumor he was still alive. It appears that these rumors were true.

Thanks to a bout with the COVID, these rumors proved quite accurate. Alahverdian wasn’t dead. Even COVID didn’t kill him. However, it got him busted. Alahverdian is facing extradition proceedings in the United Kingdom.

Most likely, he will be brought back to the United States to face charges in both Utah and Ohio. If so, Alahverdian will become one fake death, which goes from a fictitious grave to a real life prison cell, all thanks to COVID.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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