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Liberal bureaucrats continue to devise schemes to circumvent the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment. They want to erase American’s right to bear arms. Their tactics are sneaky. One dirty trick liberals try to use is the “gun buyback”.

Recently, one such buyback scheme was tried in Pensacola, Florida. However, wily Second Amendment advocates turned the tables on the event. Gun rights activist got the best of their anti-gun opponents.

While liberals hoped the event would consume a number of legal firearms, it accomplished nothing. The reason was because of a rather ingenious counter strategy. Seems law enforcement representatives coordinating the event were only able to buy limited items, most worthless.

The buyback haul included a bunch of BB guns and even a boat flare gun. However, it was another item they had to purchase that helped “break the bank”. One local man showed up with three homemade “Boom Stick 1776” pipe guns.

This purchase, along with the other meaningless buybacks, caused the event to run out of cash less than one-half-an-hour after it started. It appears that the Biden administration’s sneaky attempts to carve away at American’s Second Amendment rights are triggering pushback.

Escambia Carry’s Jeremy Bosso said that many individuals took old junk guns and BB guns to the event. They took the profits to purchase new firearms. Second Amendment advocates are outsmarting the bureaucrats trying to seize their rightfully owned guns.

Most have been preparing a strategy since Biden announced the radical Merrick Garland for U.S. Attorney General. Garland has a documented history as someone who advocates for seizing guns. His positions are clearly anti-Second Amendment.

Well, it seems like, at least in Pensacola, Florida, gun owners are firing back. This time, they flipped the old liberal gun buyback ploy right back on them. Eventually, these radical liberals will realize that their feeble attempts to erase the Second Amendment are going to get shot down.


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