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If you’ve been following my articles for any length of time, you’ll know that I’m a firm supporter for removing children from public schools.

I realize that this isn’t something that everyone can do at the drop of a hat, but in the end, I don’t see any advantage in making a purposeful decision to continue sending children to public school if the parents or guardians have the means to do otherwise.

There are various reasons why I believe this is the case, which include America’s dumbing down and the liberal agenda being pushed on children, but the most important one is safety.

It is not a safe environment to be in these days, what with school shootings and some kids being raised in a bad environment and raised to be cruel and increasingly violent against their peers.

People always say that stuff like that wouldn’t or couldn’t ever happen in their area, and that’s what everyone says until it finally does. Well, I want to give a little more reasoning as to why this sort of attitude is illogical.

I have a buddy who says the same thing. He sends his kids to school claiming that nothing like that would ever happen there, and to be sure, it hasn’t yet. Praise God for that.

However, I live in an area where people say the same thing. Both about the big towns and the small towns because the schools are so good in the big towns that nothing like that would happen, and in the small towns everyone knows one another and nothing like that could ever happen in those small towns.

Well, something did just happen in one of these small towns in Alabama, not very far from where I actually live.

A man in Gadsden, AL was shot and killed by police who was trying to enter an elementary school. The man wasn’t even from the area, he was from North Carolina.

The man wasn’t stopped by gun laws or signs that said “Gun Free Zone”. He was stopped by a bullet.

Fox News reported,

The gunfire erupted outside Walnut Park Elementary in Gadsden around 9:30 a.m. after the individual showed up and attempted to gain entry into vehicles and buildings, Etowah County Sheriff Jonathan Horton told WIAT.

“I got a call from the principal, who’s really distraught, and I really couldn’t make out what was happening,” Tony Reddick, superintendent of Gadsden City Schools, told the station. “But I knew it was something pretty bad.”

A school resource officer who belongs to the Rainbow City Police Department reportedly responded to the scene and called for backup. The individual – who has not been identified — was shot after a physical altercation ensued, according to WIAT, citing police.

The man repeatedly tried opening doors while children were inside for a summer camp.

Don’t ever believe the hype that it could never happen in your town. If it could happen in Gadsden, AL, trust me, it can happen in your town, too.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • The DNC/FBI groomed proxy forces have been unleashed on the school children, subways and moms in parking lots!

  • It is hard to understand. We have many men who have fought and died fighting against communism in other nations and saw how it works yet in our own nation today those very same things are working to destroy us . We have watched as they from the first thing when they took the White House with openly fraudulent votes obvious from the beginning by the fence put up to preventing observation by poll watchers. From the first move they made they put into motion the destruction of our economy by closing down the oil pipe line and opening the border, removing sanctions from our enemies, putting down police protection and allowing the communities of unparented un-American believing people to burn and destroy business’s without one move to stop them. If you watched you know who they were. The excuse they used about a criminal , thief, dope addict, they could actually care less about. I watched as these concerned people stole from one of their own had a stuffed car of stolen goods. This should tell you what Black Lives Matter is all about. They and other organizations are and have been for many years promoted by the communist movement in this nation. they have used Biden and Harris to mouth out these things to make us look stupid when in fact everything that has been done has exactly been planned for the destruction of our nation. When will our people realize that if we don’t rise up and let them know we are coming for them and wait till they get their most damaging plan in effect the disarming of the people their most dangerous enemy. IF THEY EVER WAKE UP AND REALISE WE ARE ABOUT TO LOSE THIS WAR!!!! WE HAVE NO LEADERSHIP SINCE WE ALLOWED THE COMMUNIST TO TAKE THE ELECTION AWAY FROM OUR PRESIDEN DONALD TRUMP. Too many traitors in the Republican Party like Cornying and many others. I wonder are they that stupid or are they actually communist workers??

    • To answer your last question, they are just that stupid. I have to say, that gun free zones don’t work. I say that because we have seen over and over again that these people that enter these gun free zones, know that they will not be confronted by anyone trained to use a gun. These bleeding heart liberals and rino’s keep saying it’s the guns, it’s the guns, it’s the guns. Here’s a little something to contemplate; IF GUNS KILL PEOPLE THEN,

  • Keep on shooting these murd*rers & monsters the Democrat Politicians are Creating & Inciting to commit MURD*R. This New Evil Democrat Communist Crim*nal Political Party of monsters & pure slime. Hat*e filled rac*sts & abom*nations ALL WOKE DEM POLITICAL DIRT Destroying America & all her legal citizens of all Colors
    You must keep shooting all these murd*rers. DOA is best because then the hated Dem monsters in power cannot get the MUD*RING FILTH LET LOOSE TO KI*L Again. Dems Defund the police AND Because ALL the George Soros elected bought & paid Democrat Filth using his blood money, Dirty Dem Attorney Generals, Lawyers & judges along with the rest of the dem slime like in the CA & NY Slime Pits with mass murders daily or like the Chicago & Mayor Lightfoot’s polluted WAR ZONE where Democrat slime insure all their habitually Dangerous Criminals are armed with illegally obtained weapons & set loose to murd*r again & again. Dems Set Them Loose to hunt rap*e & murd*er decent Legal American Citizens.

    I intend to defend myself & END any il*egal alie*n crim*nals or any other crim*nal murd*ring DIRT. I will defend myself, my family & any weak innocent victims with extreme prejudice & no Dem Paid dirty AG Lawyers Judges or other Democrat political SLIME will get them released or decline to prosecute because that filthy CRIM*NAL MONSTER will be DOA & only a body bag will be needed for the slime!
    I intend to Take Out the TRASH. No cheating dirty Dem backed Attorney Generals, Judges, Lawyers or other Criminal Democrat Officials will be needed .
    And I Repeat Only BODY BAGS will be Required to bag the TRASH .

  • It seems that when the Communist Democrats are in power there’s mass killings and rampant street violence? I actually believe that George Sorros and the Communist Democrats are behind all this just to attack our 2nd amendment rights. They could care less about the lives of our children just for total control over our nation.



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