I think that most men have had the conversation about what sort of animals they could beat up with their bare hands. I know that I certainly have, on multiple occasions.

Some of the common responses as to what the largest animal that they could prevail against would be a bobcat, some might even say a mountain lion. Very few would venture to say that they could defeat a bear with their bare hands, but it wouldn’t be the strangest thing I suppose.

Most people will never encounter a moment in their lives where they would actually need to defend themselves against a wild animal like this, but there have been times, even times caught on video in which an individual has been forced to fend off the unwanted aggressor.

A couple of years ago a video surfaced of a young man who was being chased off by a mountain lion for what seemed like forever. Thankfully, he wasn’t forced to try and defend himself in a physical battle with the beast.

However, a man recently was put into the position to defend himself and his dogs by fighting off a bear that was in his yard.

In a video that has gone viral on TikTok, you can see a man bravely confront a bear by slapping it right in the face.

You’ll see that the dogs seem to be reacting to something and when the owners go over to look, the man sees a bear. He then starts making noises and yelling at it to sound more fierce than the animal in order to try and scare it off, then when the bear gets too close, the man sucker punches the beast in the snout. A good call, I think.

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This isn’t the first video I’ve seen with someone fighting a bear either. Take a look at this.

Once again, this was to protect his dog. What do you think you would do in this situation?


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