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Since Joe Biden and his leftist allies assumed power, Americans have found themselves in the crosshairs of a profoundly anti-free speech regime.

This is exemplified by the countless social media accounts that have been either restricted or eliminated for posting opinions that contrast with the radical left’s talking points, especially during the pandemic when individuals spoke up to criticize Biden’s lackluster performance.

What’s more, even comedians who dare to make fun of high-ranking Democrats like Hillary Clinton are being targeted by the Biden administration.

One man is even facing a decade in prison simply for making lighthearted jokes about her blunders. Hillary Clinton can provide fodder for anyone to poke fun at her. It’s kind of in her DNA to say stupid stuff. But when someone chooses to make a few innocent jokes about her blundering personality, the Biden regime “goes for blood.”

This is nothing less than an assault on democracy and free expression, bolstered by a federal law enforcement apparatus that appears to be weaponized against anyone who holds beliefs contrary to those in power. It seems as if no one is safe from this authoritarian regime, not even those who choose to express their opinion through comedy or humor.

The result? A political climate that punishes any form of dissent, where citizens can’t speak freely without fear of retribution from their own government – something that goes against everything progressive ideology stands for.

Even Hillary Clinton has acknowledged how damaging this type of censorship can be, yet Joe Biden and his cronies continue to impose these draconian rules with impunity.

It’s time for all Americans to stand together and demand an end to the attacks on freedom of speech, before we find ourselves living in a country where expressing one’s views honestly becomes a crime punishable by law.

Douglass Mackey is a 33-year-old man who has a Twitter account called “Ricky Vaughn.” Vaughn was an endearing, quirky fictional character from the movie Major League.

Vaughn was nicknamed, “the Wild Thing.” Mackey used the name for his Twitter account. Most of his content was political humor. He didn’t threaten anyone or post hateful tweets.

He simply found humor in a few easy targets. Many of his jokes focused on crooked Hillary herself. Again, she’s an easy target for jokes, being one herself.

But what might happen to Douglass Mackey for finding Hillary Clinton funny isn’t. Staring down a decade in prison for posting a few memes has to be scary.

Despite amassing thousands of followers, the popular social media influencer is being targeted as a criminal. He’s not. But this should be more concerning to other Americans than they realize.

If people like Hillary Clinton can order a hit-job prosecution against someone like Mackey, what’s to stop them?

If Americans don’t wake up and shut down the left’s abusive weaponization of federal law enforcement, nothing will prevent them from coming after any or all of us for anything and everything they don’t like.

Nothing will stop them if we don’t. This is how tyranny and dictatorships fester.

The powerful elite subdues the masses with force. Douglass Mackey’s case is more than just a fun social media dude making fun of a politician.

It’s the start of a looming crisis that Americans will find virtually impossible to recover from – a tyrannical, authoritarian government. Does “Big Brother” ring a bell? It should, because it’s here, and it’s metastasizing!


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • They have already done enough to have been executed years ago if the original standards of our Forefathers and the US Constitution were adhered to and carried out! Our system of government is OFF the rails!

    • Nothing will happen to these people as long as democrats have the WH and the Senate. It will be hard even if the GOP is in charge of the WH, the Senate and the House because the “deep state” is entrenched in the Department of Justice and the Intelligence communities as well as other government agencies.

      • But taking the WH and Senate and House ensures that appropriate “cleansing actions” can be taken to thoroughly clean out those agencies by force!

    • Had to look it up story, NY Post, 27 Jan 2021 by Rebecca Rosenberg. He was busted in Florida for spreading disinformation in the 2016 election by telling blacks to vote by txt msg and faces a 10 yr sentence. Sounds more like a prank, but you know how mean and vengeful dem o rats are. You’ll have to look it up for the details.

  • Just one more step…..

  • How can it all of a sudden be illegal to make a joke about a joke? The socialist liberal (communist) dumbocraps are hell bent on the destruction of this once great country.

  • A (stronger) case would be made if the article contained a fact (data) or two such as where and when the case was filed against Mackey and a copy or link to the complaint.
    What is he being charged with doing? When no facts or data are provided to support assertations, we call it propaganda.

  • What a bunch of bullshit, the Communist Democrats say racist sh** and have made comments about President Trump, how they hoped he would die, and the Communist News papers always drew up Mems about Trump and other Republicans, but when the tables are turned those Communist Democrats have very Thin Skin.!
    Hillary ( Hitlery ) is a very thin skin bitch who’ll go out on a speaking platform and make all sorts of shit up about President Trump and his supporters, in that worthless Traitorous POS eyes I’m one of those basket of deplorables.
    I’d love to hear that someone shoved a barrel up her ass and pulled the trigger, and call it a suicide by anal explosion.

  • “The result? A political climate that punishes any form of dissent, where citizens can’t speak freely without fear of retribution from their own government – something that goes against everything progressive ideology stands for.”

    On the contrary, “progressive” is just a euphemism for the totalitarian Socialist/Fascist Globalist ideology being driven by power-mad Demmunist who hate this country and want to see us defeated and enslaved. They believe THEY will have a seat at the table of power if they sell out the rest of us, but I guess they haven’t read the history of what happens to the “useful idiots” of these “progressive” ideologies once they are no longer useful.

  • If this were me, and I HAVE posted some GREAT Killary memes, and this 1A-infringing CRAP isn’t dropped in the first hearing, my lawyer would be arguing his first SCOTUS case!



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