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School shootings are a tragic reality in our day and age.

It has been noted that there has been an increase in school shootings not just in the United States but worldwide.

However, it would be incorrect to claim that school shootings are on the rise due to stricter gun control laws being introduced across America. There are other factors involved when looking into school shootings. A report released by Northeastern University stated that homicide rates have dropped while school shooting rates have increased annually. The report also indicated that guns used in school shootings were obtained legally 90% of the time.

Looking into each school shooting can help understand what factors are at play. The school shooting in Parkland, Florida was an example of a school shooting that had stricter gun control laws introduced and yet the school shooter still managed to obtain guns legally.

The school shootings in Nevada and Texas were carried out by students who obtained firearms from their family members. It is evident that stricter gun control laws do not prevent school shootings where the guns are obtained legally.

Now that school is back, shootings are back as well. Police had to respond to a shooting in Newport News, Virginia which resulted in what they’re referring to as a “mass casualty event”.

WAVY News reported,

Newport News police say two students who were shot Monday at Heritage High School are expected to recover, and the suspect is now in custody.

Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew said both victims were 17 years old. A boy was shot in the side of the face and a girl was shot in the lower leg. Drew said both of the two victims’ injuries were not believed to be life-threatening.

So two students were shot. Let me ask you something, did you actually hear about this in the news? I’m willing to bet that you didn’t. And do you know why? IT DOESN’T FIT THE NARRATIVE!

The shooter was black. It was more black on black crime and the media can’t let you know that black people do wicked things like this.

You know where school shooting don’t happen? At home when you homeschool your children. It is definitely the best option for educating your children and preventing them from being indoctrinated. I know that not everyone can do that right this moment, but it’s something that people should try to work towards. It’s the best investment into your children that you can make. It might take some sacrifice, but it’s well worth it.


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