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Jose Ometeotl, the city manager of Lynwood, California made a post on social media where he stated that the chickens had come home to roost. Accompanied by a picture of Malcolm X. He was referring to the ambush shooting of two officers in Compton, California. But does anyone really believe that a city manager should make such a post?

He did not mention the fact that the Nation of Islam was suspended for saying that Malcolm X was speaking about the assassination of JFK to a city. Police leave a bigger mark than presidents.  They are there day and night to protect and serve. But implicating that these officers deserved what they got is heinous.

The chickens Ometeotl was speaking of are two Compton police officers who were gunned down, but were those officers responsible for police brutality? Neither has ever been charged with it. But facts are fairly unimportant to liberals. In fact, they avoid them as much as they can.

After the officers were taken to the hospital, BLM came out to protest. They blocked the entrances and exits at the hospital and chanted, “Let them die..” Both officers who were shot multiple times in the head are expected to live. They are in critical but stable condition after surgery.

BREAKING: Two LASD Transit Security Bureau deputies have been shot at the Compton PAX station. I’m told by LASD that both were shot in the head by a male who got off a bus, then fled. Both hospitalized, Sheriff Villanueva at hospital now. @FOXLA — Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) September 13, 2020

From Breitbart News

Ometeotl previously worked for the Speaker of the California State Assembly, Anthony Rendon (D-Los Angeles), according to the City of Lynwood website.

The original context in which Malcolm X used that phrase referred to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. Ironically, Malcolm X was suspended from the Nation of Islam for his comment.

As he recalled in The Autobiography of Malcolm X, the leader of the radical religious group, Elijah Muhammad, admonished and punished Malcolm X for his statement.

The crisis marked the beginning of Malcolm X’s alienation from the group. He eventually left and adopted a somewhat more moderate course.

The city of Lynwood is putting as much distance between his words and themselves. Ometeotl says that shootings are horrendous but that gangs of officers terrorize the public there. The officers were shot as they sat in their police cruiser. The female officer was somehow able to use the radio to call for help for herself and her partner. Considering her condition, that was a major feat in itself.

Joe Biden, who remained quiet about the left-wing violence until it hurt his poll numbers said:

“This cold-blooded shooting is unconscionable and the perpetrator must be brought to justice,” Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden tweeted. “Violence of any kind is wrong; those who commit it should be caught and punished.”

Welcome to the prom Joe, but that was the last dance.  If Biden doesn’t stop trying to steal credit for Trump’s actions, the voters will make him pay.  Violence against police officers has become commonplace with many liberals cheer them on. But the American people do not agree. They actually like the police.  That includes many Blacks who are scared about what would happen to them if the police are disbanded. But they don’t matter to Democrats reaching out for the domestic terrorist vote.

The city does not agree with Ometeotl’s assessment but they are not taking any disciplinary actions against him.

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