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Women who support abortion rights have issued a call for a boycott, and we can only hope that they actually carry it out.

As a form of retaliation against men for the upheaval caused by Roe v. Wade, incensed feminists on the political left are calling for a nationwide sex strike.

During a demonstration in New York City, a young woman of 24 years of age made the statement that she will not have sexual relations with a man unless he is willing to have a vasectomy.

“If you’re a man who won’t get a vasectomy, even though it’s reversible, and you’re not out in the streets fighting for my rights, you do not deserve to have sex with me,” she stated.

“I think it’s absolutely valid for us to be withholding the Holy Grail that men seem to think is important,” Caroline Healey, 22, a pro-abortion organizer told the New York Post.

“Why shouldn’t we withhold it if we’re always worried that they’re not going put a condom on, that they’re going take one off after we ask them to.”

“If this world thinks that they can oppress women forever, then we close our legs.” she added.

The irony in this situation is very funny.

This lady must not realize that the religious conservatives don’t want anything to do with these liberal wackos.

I truly believe that children are a blessing from God, but honestly, these liberal nut cases do not need to be spawning children who will be raised to be just like them. Eventually, they’ll weed themselves out because while Christian families continue to procreate and have lots of children, they will easily outnumber the wicked left who refuse to have children. Eventually, they will be few in number.

Conservative author Rod Dreher also had a little fun with the idea that leftist women were going to go on strike.



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  • In this co6if you have any intelligence their is no reason to get pregnant if you don’t want to their are measures both can take and birth control for women is really available in most states in reality their should be very few abortions in this country if you are intelligent also this whole industry set up to control black population

    • Sounds like there will be a huge demand for cucumbers and sex toys! But I am sure they have a huge supply!

  • The libs have to be dumber than we even thought. They cannot understand the spoken or written word. The court did NOT outlaw anything. They merely threw it back to the states. Abortion is not birth control. If you don’t want the chance of pregnancy, don’t screw around. This sex strike is the best thing I have heard of in a long, long time.

  • Good for them. They don’t get pregnant, they don’t need an abortion. Go on strike, enjoy your little boycott, see if I care. An abortion is a poor excuse for contraception.

    • maybe they will finally take responsibility for their combined actions and stop screwing everything that walks by.

  • Caroline Healey, 22, a pro-abortion organizer told the New York Post, “If this world thinks that they can oppress women forever, then we close our legs.” she added. I hate to say it but that’s what you should have done in the first place. Remember the old saying “a woman can run faster with her dress up than a guy can with his pants down”.

    • I totally agree with you. In this day and time, there is no reason for an unwanted pregnancy. There are too many ways to prevent yourself from getting in this position. It’s your own darn fault if you wind up in the family way. Keep your pants on and your legs together. Think about other things than sex, find a cause that will help others, get off the streets, out of the bars and up in a man’s face. The more educated a woman is in the world today, the more stupid they get. God will attend to you for killing your baby in due time!!

  • I doubt the seriousness of this boycott. This whole issue of abortions revolves around the fact that these Democrat skanks find it totally impossible to keep their legs closed if a man is around.

    • Remember they believe a man can give birth – do what you want with your body just do not do it on my dime and do it quickly – they pushed the limit to infanticide and that goes way too far and it should be too much for any person to condone – but hey what about their dogs when they are pregnant. These same people will cry about an animal and laugh about human life – what hypocrites. It’s up to the individual states now and birth control is free at most health clinics. Just more propaganda so they do not have be responsible – gee an hour every 6 months at the clinic for bc and condoms is just too much hard for these inbreeds

  • That is funny as if you look at the ones say that are the SAME WOMEN nobody wants to have sex with! For the rest the hookers will be making a killing! I always ask them if we can use the exact same reasons to abort them! Instead of a divorce just abort them! No money ! No splinting everything ! They are just gone! I mean if they can kill an helpless baby! Why can’t we do the same to them? Farmers did say they needed formalizer! Sounds like a win win for America! Is it to late to have their mother abort them?


  • Praise God and Thank you Jesus.
    FYI: Any Real Men arent married to you anyway, and if the one you are married to wanted sex Its just a wrist bend away.

    Apparently and Obviously as we have stated for years: Your pregnancies weren’t rape, or done for health reasons and the Cat so to speak is out of the perverbial bag because you were using them for Birth Control.

    Praise God, No Sex For the barbarians and insects

  • In Addition: Chucky Cheese the big loaf in the picture only dreams of turning someone down ^5

  • most of them are fat ugly old cows that NO ONE would f**k on a dare. Not in to livestock or saquatchsnatch

    • The girls all get better looking near closing time. If it weren’t for drunks, these bitches would never get laid. Fact!

  • Sounds like a win win for the forces of right. Libnut women won’t have sex and won’t produce babies that they can kill. And they won’t produce any future libnuts, which is great for freedom and liberty. Thanks libnut women, we forces of life appreciate it.

  • I’m not against early abortion, but I’m beginning to get tired of leftist whiners. Although I’m an atheist, I think I’d rather associate with Christians than Leftists.

  • These ignorant women are finally taking the right action. The fewer that get pregnant the fewer ignorant liberals will be dumped on the world. A great way to eliminate the gene pool of ignorant loud mouth, liberals.

  • This is good news. If all liberal women stop having babies, maybe the liberal movement will die on it’s own. And, if they refuse to have sex, abortions won’t be an issue.

    • What’s more, it’s 100 PERCENT effective than even the pill and it’s absolutely FREE! Then again, it costs getting dates, but it’s best not to get involved with some loser who wants one thing and one thing only and deems one not good enough to be his wife. Those sex strikers need to stop being tramps and be ladies instead.

  • Ummm This is where the problem started Liberal women not wanting to accept the results of sex….

  • Women have always had the CHOICE. If they don’t want to have a baby or get pregnant then keep your legs closed. Works every time. This is the most obvious solution. Not only that but it will take a whole lot of prostitutes off of the unemployed rolls too. What a plan.

  • Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Idiots! Ya could have picked a better picture. Only an idiot would use a picture of some “really” fat pig lying on her back to say that no man can have sex with her. To me, that would be a blessing for men. Yeuch!!!

  • Gee,if they give up having sex they’ll have no chance of getting pregnant in the first place! Imagine That!!

  • To a drunken sailor, and four months at sea they would look like queens. I mean drunken, really drunk. I’ve seen women overseas arm in arm with one of this kind woof with drunken sailor

  • These women are so ugly that a boycott would be a public service to the rest of the country.

  • These green haired elephants don’t know they are untouchables? who in their right mind would copulate with these blank brained idiots?

  • About 99.9% of the Abortion Hoes would be off the list of possible sex mates for the entire Male population !

  • Talk about some ugly women. Not to mention they are not much in physical appearence either.

  • By the looks of some of those “women” They’d have a tough time getting anybody to have sex with them! LOL
    Do they realize that the overturning of Roe vs Wade, does NOT prohibit abortion, it puts the abortion decisions back at the state level?
    OPPS! I forgot, they are liberals, and they watch cnn news all-day!
    If they no longer have sex, they won’t need an abortion! and NO MORE libtards! Looks like it’s working!

  • Part 2
    Dirty Democrat run War Zones in these Dem Sewer States & Cities just like New York & Chicago too. Disgusting really.
    We need to decrease these rats & other Il*egal Crim*nal Slime Potus joke Joe Biden Imported from the Third World Country’s Slums Prisons & Sewers: because we have Enough Homegrown Lazy dregs in America already. These Useless Leeches & lazy Dregs with their hands out & diseased human cows with their legs always WIDE OPEN. This Bad Stock should not breed more Bad Stock. Cull the Dem Lemming Sl*ve Herds & other lifelong Dregs. No baby murd*ring abort*ons needed if they NEVER BREED.
    Slime begets more Slime. Filth begets more Filth. Culling these herds is great. Let these herds dwindle & then disappear from America. They will Self Destruct. Brilliant ! Go Team Dem Morons go!
    No more inferior crim*nal slime breeding like rats, that WE Decent Americans have to support & Pay For! Finally an End to these Dirty Dregs of Society. Great idea!
    Mexico’s & other Third World Courtiers will be very envious. This may actually END these dregs breeding in America just like the monkeys & baboons do in the zoos.

  • Great Idea! Less sub humans born from low IQ ignor*nt Inferior Diseased Stock (The Dregs of Society). The garbag* really aka the brainwashed dense owned Lemmings & other useless ITS like The Democrat OWNED & CONTROLLED Sl*ves & Cattle aka these screeching Fatted C*ws of the Dem owned herds
    Look at California is one of the worst Democrat Run Puss Pitts breeding animals & dregs indiscriminately! A horror show really. The Diseased Woke Garbage & Sewer Rats. Lawless anarchy & Gavin Newsom’s Slime herds of drug addicts: homeless, Illegals & S*x Trafficking Crim*nal Pedoph*le Child Hunting monst*rs/animals! Enough Dem Dirt !
    ALL these Dregs are rotten to the core & Evil irredeemable Diseased Crazed wild animals aka Sick Insane & Rotten.
    Hate Filled Rac*sts & RIO*ING CRIM*NAL MOBS: these Crim*nals that Hate America & Democrat Politicians USE & Control. The Typical Democrat Wok* Monsters & Be*gars.
    Again Democrat Run Pure Puss Pits. The Horror! So be gone Dregs ASAP
    See part 2



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