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Retail theft has always been a problem for businesses. However, over the last few years, stealing and shoplifting have skyrocketed. It’s out of control.

Much of the blame lies at the feet of radical progressives who have gutted the U.S. criminal justice system. Thieves are no longer considered criminals. They’re now “misunderstood victims of an impoverished society.”

Invariably, the number of people caught stealing, those who actually steal out of need, is minimal. Most thieves rob and steal because they somehow feel entitled to own what someone else has but not have to pay for it. This used to be an uncommon way of thinking. However, because of a bizarre plummeting of moral fiber, more people think it is okay to steal.

In fact, many walk right in front of surveillance cameras, proudly proclaiming their ill-gotten haul like a fisherman boasting of his prize catch. Businesses are experiencing a crisis! Why have retail theft and shoplifting spiked?

Again, progressive ideology insists these poor people are the victims. But the left’s push to essentially legalize stealing has consequences.

These consequences are first borne by businesses, and then by honest consumers. When businesses have to account for massive losses due to retail theft, they must adjust the price tags on their merchandise. Honest people pay for the self-entitled bad behavior of others. No, it’s not fair. However, there may be hope.

One major U.S. corporation may have discovered a successful way to stop retail theft without locking down inventory or inconveniencing the honest shopper.

While not everything that thieves may target would fall into this category, Lowe’s new system will help deter the stealing of a number of items. The technology is actually quite remarkable.

It wouldn’t do a thief much good to steal something that wouldn’t work once they got it out of the store. Lowe’s new technology places a low-cost radio frequency chip inside things such as power tools.

If the tool is stolen, it will not work. Project Unlock, which uses blockchain and RFID technology, renders tools inoperable and essentially worthless if they are stolen.

This is bad news for home improvement store thieves but great news for the consumer. The idea that the technology is relatively inexpensive is huge. Project Unlock will not add a lot of money to a company’s expenses. The cost of this theft-preventative technology won’t be as readily visible on the price tag as, say, wages for expanded store security, for instance.

This new method to deter thieves is a win-win for both businesses and consumers. As helpful as these new strategies are for reducing retail theft, it would still be refreshing to see the criminal justice system rejoin the conversation. When the risk again outweighs the reward of stealing, stealing will no longer be appealing. Until then, Lowe’s tells would-be crooks, Good luck getting that power tool to work if you got it via the “five-finger discount.”


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Unfortunately hackers or smart mechanics will figure a way to disable the chip so that the thieves will soon be back in business. They will pay a small price to get the tool working and then sell it on the black market for half price.

    • I respectfully disagree. The majority of these thieves are as dumb as a fire hydrant, with little knowledge of chips and computers. You can’t fix it with a big hammer!

      • You are so wrong. Not dumb at all. Misdirected intelligence. They just go on ebay at 1/2 the price for parts. with zero cost of acquisition the profit is still 100%.

      • I agree, for the most part. At least for those who loot during a crisis. But on the other hand, there will be some smart privilege-addicted thieves who will find a way to use their tools. But it won’t be easy. Yet this technology is the best tool yet. And there’s always ways to improve it.

    • And our educational system. Our Founding Fathers knew religion was important to maintain high morality in the USA. We have all but banned Christianity from our public high schools, colleges, and universities. We are now paying the price with high divorce rates, high murder rates, and high theft rates.

      • I agree. But even many of the Christian Churches will not speak out from the pulpit on abortion, theft, lack of any morals, etc. We all msut Pray more for Gods’ Help and intercession.

  • The failed American IN-justice system, hard at work to protect American criminals and dope addicts. “SCREW the law-biding citizens” is the motto for the corrupted United States’ worthless IN-justice system..

  • I guarantee there will be instructions on ytube a few days after they start selling the power tools with that new tec.

  • Business creates.  Government destroys.  This is a win for business, and consumers.  “it would still be refreshing to see the criminal justice system rejoin the conversation”  Yes, indeed. 

  • Unless the thieves are aware of this technology, they’ll steal anyway and when the stolen item doesn’t work they’ll trash it. It’s still something out of Lowe’s inventory, so Lowe’s needs to advertise this theft deterrent.

  • My biggest complaint is the more gizmos on a tool the less reliable it is. I bet several legally purchased tool will break down when needed because a defective chip. Nothing like being ready for a job and the new tool doesn’t work

  • I personally think it cheaper to have armed security guards just outside the door and when the scumbag walks out with his stolen treasures in his hand, just shoot the son of a bitch. The cost of a single bullet or two is pretty cheap.
    And if you accidentally kill the motherfuckers, just plead innocent like a Democrat and tell them you continually failed your target practice courses.
    Oh Woo is he or she!!!

  • My ex was smart as whip, but couldn’t work for a living, she was the best flim-flam artist I have ever seen. No, some are dumb as a rock, but most should have a PHD hanging.

  • Love it, but, crime could be massively reduced by adding a large capacitor, or a thimble-sized plastique charge, and take the thieves out permanently.

  • Your chain saw illustration – the electronics, the entire ignition system, as a unit including the spark plug wire, is cheap and probably takes fifteen or twenty minutes to replace.

  • Home Depot has it too for power tools. Next in line is to register the serial number on the tool, the other scam is to steal stuff then do a no receipt return to the same store, but if the serial number on the tool is not registered as a paid for item, the crook cannot return it.



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