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The problem of homelessness across the country as only been increasing over the past few years, especially in Democrat-controlled cities.

They are the ones who really enable the problem instead of trying to do something to actually solve the problem.

Residents of Venice, California have had enough of the problem of homelessness in their city.

If you’ve ever been to Venice California then you know that it can be a gorgeous place. The beaches are amazing the atmosphere is amazing but the homelessness is a crisis and residents have decided that they are no longer going to stand for it.

The president of the Venice Stakeholders Association, Mark Ryavec, stated, “There’s almost no police presence or fire department presence down here overnight.”

“We’re putting the city on notice, that, if there’s loss of life, if there’s a structure, they are clearly already negligent, and they already will face a huge settlement,” he said.

“It’s illegal to camp on Venice Beach,” he added. “And we want that message established by enforcement of the rules that exist.”

“Last week, an attorney for the stakeholders group sent a letter to several Los Angeles city offices, once again pointing out the dangers, and warning that continuing to ignore the overnight camping problem in Venice could lead to expensive legal payouts,” ABC 7 reported.

They really do see homelessness as a major, major, major problem in Los Angeles. In fact, according to the Los Angeles Business Council Institute in a poll that they conducted In which they asked residents of Los Angeles what they felt were at some of the biggest problems 94% of them said that homelessness is a serious problem. This one issue was at the top of the list even above affordable housing traffic an air quality. They should tell you just how big of a problem this really is.

“Two homeless men were caught on surveillance cameras last week allegedly lighting fire to 15 trash cans along the boardwalk overnight and setting a cardboard box on fire, destroying a park bench,” Fox News reported. “Since then, residents have grown increasingly concerned of a repeat of a January 2021 incident where a fire at a homeless encampment spread to an unoccupied two-story building. The massive blaze took more than 200 firefighters to put out, the structure was destroyed, and the owner is suing Los Angeles.”

Family Venice is not the only city that’s having these problems. There are several places even in California that have serious problems with homelessness. The biggest one that comes to mind is San Francisco but we also know that if it’s a problem another liberal cities to such a Seattle and New York City.


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