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Many Americans may not pay close attention to presidential cabinet appointments. The Senate must approve each of these positions. Recently, one such nomination received some well-deserved scrutiny.

Joe Biden attempted to appoint Saule Omarova as comptroller of the currency. This might not be something many paid attention. However, Saule Omarova was Soviet-born. Again, this is not a problem in and of itself.

However, the radical socialist wrote numerous academic papers proposing a shift away from consumer banking. Omarova advocates for the shifting of all Americans’ finances from private banks to the Federal Reserve.

It would be a gradual federal takeover of the banking industry. The next step would be a communist-controlled government having access to everyone’s money. This is a real and dangerous threat to American capitalism.

Even though Omarova withdrew her nomination, faced with the unlikely prospect of being confirmed, the issue of federal banking corruption is still happening. One ardent supporter of President Donald Trump just experienced how scary radicalized banking practices will be.

Remember, in a socialist government, a single federal banking agency oversees all publicly held money. The government essentially owns every dollar. This federally controlled type of banking, where political views are scrutinized, struck Mike Lindell.

Many know Mike Lindell as the “My Pillow” guy. He has made a nice living selling one of the most comfortable pillows in history. He is a prime example of how capitalism and hard work will pay off. However, his support of President Trump essentially got him blackballed from his bank.

Undercover audio footage caught Lindell being essentially “debanked”. Lindell’s bank, Minnesota Bank & Trust, feared a liberal left backlash because Lindell had an account with them. Lindell supports staunch conservative beliefs such as voter integrity.

Likewise, his support for President Trump was certainly a problem for the woke culture police. When anyone disagrees with the liberal left’s woke agenda, they get cancelled. This time, it was a bank account.

The woke targeted a conservative’s ability to conduct banking transactions. This is beyond just news. This should shock every American. In one of the audio recordings, a representative from the bank exposed the obvious. This was not about bad banking, but about wrong opinions.

The rep said, “We fired the client, and that is kind of what it feels like we are doing to you, even though you have not done anything illegal.” The rep continued that the bank wasn’t actually closing Lindell’s account, but he was being asked to do so voluntarily. How convenient.

A Lindell representative agreed that nothing had been done wrong. The account was managed perfectly according to banking rules. This wasn’t the closing of a bank account for bad accounting. It was a shutdown of a conservative voice. There is no other explanation.

This is socialism at work. Every American should demand accountability for this. If we allow this to continue, no one will be safe from such corrupt practices. Our great nation stands at a crossroads. This is just another prime example of how critical things have become.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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